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Every summer season, spending plenty of time outdoors sounds just about the perfect thing to do. For some of us, enjoying a run down the boulevard or walking by the beach are only a few of the effective ways to burn calories and improve cardiovascular health. The season to get outdoors and get moving is very much inviting for toddlers, teenagers, athletes, and even seniors. No matter which age group, getting out of the house is a comfortable affair and something to look forward to. The best outdoor experience, however, can be hindered by ankle weakness, injuries, and conditions. Fortunately, we can reduce these risks using shoes with ankle support. 

shoes for ankle support

To understand all the features that make up an informed decision before you venture into the market, we have provided a buying guide. Based on specific deciding factors, the ankle support shoes that best serves the needs of women, men, and toddlers are:

  • Brooks Addiction Overpronation Stability Shoe
  • RYKA Women’s Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe;
  • New Balance Women’s WX608v4 Comfort Pack Training Shoe
  • Skechers Women’s Sure Track Trickle Slip Resistant Work Shoes
  • Propet Tour Women’s Walking Shoe
  • Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoes
  • KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe
  • ASICS Men’s GT-2000 4 Running Shoe
  • Vans SK8-HI Casual Core Classics
  • Orthofeet Glacier Gorge Men’s Boots
  • Saucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker
  • KEEN Chandler CNX Shoe
  • New Balance Kids’ 680V5 Hook and Loop
  • pediped Grip Nikki Sandal
  • Stride Rite Kids’ Made 2 Play Cannan

Since incorrect shoes do not only cause weak ankles but also aggravate existing ankle-related conditions, invest in shoes with supreme support in and around your ankles. In reality, you cannot walk, run for miles, or play basketball at a better endurance if you are struggling with pain. Thus, ankle care in the here and now, as well as prevention, help make your suffering ankle a thing of the past.

The Role of an Ankle Support Shoe

An ankle support shoe is specifically designed to protect you from overpronation by stabilizing your steps. Overpronation, sometimes called flat feet, often results when you excessively roll inward or downward the arch of your foot and damage your joints. The degree of overpronation differs from one person to another, but moderate to severe forms such as athletes can put them at an increased risk of developing specific injuries.

Not only will it disrupt a body’s natural alignment but also foster an increased impact every time the foot strikes the ground. The common symptoms for people who overpronate are chronic heel pain, metatarsalgia, posterior tibial tendonitis, and Achilles tendonitis. One of the treatment options available for this condition is to wear shoes with ankle support. Activities that demand repetitive foot strikes call for shoes that offer stability and extra support. With such supportive shoes, the impact of each step can be minimized.

Besides, seniors with weak ankles and balance problems can benefit from shoes with ankle support. As they walk and put stress on their ankles, ankle instability becomes a primary concern. Just like athletes and other outdoor enthusiasts, the shoes they wear must provide adequate ankle support.

Features of an Ideal Ankle Support Shoe

Picking out the ideal ankle support shoe involves digging a bit deeper than its initial packaging. More than the great style and color scheme, the shoe’s support system should be your foremost consideration. The following are the features that you should look out for when shopping for a supportive shoe:

  • Fitting – The best ankle support shoe should give you a maximum snug effect. Its tongue should go beyond proper fitting instead of reducing the level of support. Avoid shoes that are overly big enough for your feet as such increases the risk of an ankle injury.
  • Stability – Your chances of having ankle injuries can be minimized with stable ankle shoes. Those with great midsoles provide more stability, decrease pressure, and lower the force of impact as you step down.
  • Durability – Go for shoes that are made of quality materials and construction so that you do not have to make repeated purchases. A durable pair of shoes will not tear up within a few uses.
  • Airflow – Even when the shoe can provide maximum ankle support, easy airflow should not be compromised. A breathing foot is always healthier, especially during summer. Otherwise, blisters and trench foot can be the end-results.
  • Wide Toe Box – Ankle support shoes with a wide toe box rehabilitates your feet and restores the natural alignment and shape of toes.
  • Cushioning – Enhanced cushioning should do the following: reduce the load rate of impact force in the joints, keep the mid-stance in a fluid motion, reduce discomfort in the ankles, and support your pronation type.
  • Shoe Weight – If you want to stay on your feet for long hours, lightweight shoes would be the best option. They are easier to walk in and run around with.
  • Great Lockdown – Invest in a shoe that locks down your feet securely and holds your feet during aggressive movements. With a great lockdown, it would be difficult for the shoe to roll hard during crossovers and hard cuts.
  • Ease of Putting On and Off – Go for shoes with a wider entry so that you do not have to spend too much time just putting on and putting off the shoes.
  • Orthotic Support Features – Shoes with orthotic support features allow a better sense of balance and promote the foot’s natural state.
  • Extra Features – Depending on your needs, added features such as skid resistance, water resistance, and secret pockets for holding valuables could make a significant difference.

Best Supportive Shoes for Women


If you have extremely flat feet, the Brooks Addiction Overpronation Stability Shoe makes a great purchase. The pair has a sound reputation for limiting excessive pronation. It features an extended progressive diagonal rollbar that helps limit pronation. Meanwhile, the padded tongue and super smooth lining provide all-out comfort. It also features a heel segmented crash pad for smoother landings, BioMoGo DNA midsole for long-lasting cushioning, and removable foam insoles.


The Ryka Women’s Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe maintains a top ranking in stores along with very strong customer support. It is a lace-up cross-training shoe that you can use for various reasons. You can wear this pair while running or while dancing. The higher lace-up enclosures and noticeable higher uppers relieve pressure on your ankles. Compared to other competing shoe styles, this one has better design qualities. The additional layers of direct fuse and flex foil promote greater toe to heel support while the pivoting design of the rubber outsole makes better traction on dance studios. You can spin and turn without worrying about losing your balance and injuring your ankle. Interesting color variations are also made available for you during purchase.


For women, shoes complete a particular look and outfit. If you are one of those women who are glued to running or working out with fashionable shoes, the New Balance Women’s WX608V4 Comfort Pack Training Shoe is perfect for you. This pair can be worn for a multitude of purposes, receiving higher marks from customer reviews. It has double interior foams and protective layers that allow a comfortable level of ankle support. It also features rugged, leather uppers with synthetic overlays and padded collar and tongue. With a range of available colors to activate the higher level of passion in you, the New Balance Women’s WX608V4 Comfort Pack Training Shoe can fulfill all your set expectations.


Backed by a trusted name in the production of quality footwear, the Sure Track Trickle Slip Resistant Work Shoes are close to perfection. This pair is made from genuine leather, which means that you can count on it for durability. The smooth, side perforated panels keep your feet cool throughout the entire day. For a variety of fitting options, the memory foam footbed is specially designed with removable insoles. Based on customer reviews, the quality of this pair can be noticed the very first time it is worn while the price is only reasonable for high-quality ankle support shoes. Extra features include padded tongue and collarstitching accentspull tab at the heel, and excellent arch support.


Just like the previous option, the Propet Tour Women’s Walking Shoe is also made from hundred-percent leather. It comes in various colors with taupe and black as the most popular ones. The sole provides good traction for wet and dry surfaces. Moreover, the two Velcro straps make these shoes an ideal option for seniors to put on and off without so much struggle. Although the pair is initially considered a medically-approved diabetic walking shoes, there is no reason why healthy women should not use them. Propet Tour Women’s Walking Shoe’s high-density EVA midsoles provide excellent ankle support and stability.

Best Supportive Shoes for Men


The first one on our list of best shoes with ankle support for men is symbolic of a great player in basketball named Stephen Curry. It is crafted with synthetic Thredborne upper with carbon shrank for stability during longer than expected games. While on the basketball court, the multidirectional pattern on the outsole will give you a snug fit. These shoes are also capable of absorbing shocks from a rebound. Accordingly, years of forethought and planning were invested in designing and engineering the Under Armor Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoes. The extra features are comfortable neoprene uppers, die-cut EVA sock liner, and UA charged cushioning.


Another great option when buying shoes with ankle support is the Keen Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe. What you can expect from this one is four-wheel-drive performance for your feet during a hike. It is water-resistant and has a hydrophobic mesh lining. Even when you take on the roughest of trails, the shoes’ breathable membrane can keep your feet dry and comfortable. You will stay secure from slips because the shoes have an aggressive lug pattern that digs into rough terrains for increased arch support. The anatomically engineered support mechanism is intended to cradle the contours of your ankle even while climbing steep trails. Most importantly, the Cleansport NXT™ technology reduces odor, leaving you with a fresh interior at the end of a long day.


A flawless mixture of balance and stability, the ASICS Men’s GT-2000 4 is perfect for running. The pair is integrated with a dynamic DuoMax posture for enhanced efficiency. The Rear and forefoot get cushioning are responsible for absorbing shocks while the fluid midsole is designed to offer a unique running experience. These shoes are considered to be one of the most stable running shoes that provide great ankle support. With the heel clutching system and exo-skeletal heel counter features, you can run further than you previously thought possible. For added comfort, the Rearfoot Gel® technology will keep your feet dry and comfortable at all times. 


These casual shoes for ankle support from Vans are targeted at young men. The Vans SK8-HI Casual Core Classics is trending in the world of fashion for the younger generation. You can wear these shoes to school, to basketball games, and even to a casual meeting with friends. In the case of false reproduction and marketing, you can easily recognize these shoes because of the logo on the heel. If you are inclined to the Vans SK8-HI Casual Core Classics, rest assured that your ankles are protected from sun-up to sun-down. The collar paddingdie-cut EVA inserttriple stitching on collarhigh-top silhouette design, and cotton drill lining comprise the shoes’ salient features.


The Orthofeet Glacier Gorge Men’s Boots is ideal for seniors who are suffering from various conditions. It is skillfully engineered with advanced therapeutic qualities to support diabetic feet, plantar fasciitis, ankle pain, arthritis, flat feet, bunions, and hammertoes. The non-binding leather eases the pressure on the feet while walking. Similarly, the lightweight cushioning sole with Ergonomic-Stride design helps propel the wearer’s feet forward with comfort. If you are aiming for unsurpassed comfort and protection, the Orthofeet Glacier Gorge Men’s Boots works just perfectly.

Best Supportive Shoes for Toddlers

Due to the greater flexibility, foot problems in toddlers are less common than in adults. However, this does not mean that there is no need to protect them from foot pain and injuries. Prevention in the early stages of development is particularly important. Just like adults, active toddlers need shoes that provide adequate ankle support.

For particularly tall and slightly heavy toddlers, the length of the shoe must not obstruct foot growth. At the same time, the flexion point of the shoe should be positioned correctly to the metatarsal joint. Additionally, the instep of the shoe should follow the toddler’s natural foot line, just enough to support the foot’s arch area.


The Saucony Jazz Hook and Look Sneaker fits toddlers with flat feet perfectly. It promotes overall stability while your toddler moves as needed. With the shoes’ flexible soles, solid heels, and heightened roominess, they are just what your toddler needs. The outsole is made of rubber with triangle-shaped lugs while the upper material is a mix of nylon and suede. For even more comfort, an extra padded cushioning is provided. 


A sneaker by KEEN, Chandler CNX features a contoured arch to increase support at midfoot. It also features a lug pattern at the bottom to prevent unnecessary slips and falls for your toddler. A determining factor for these shoes’ maximum security is the elastic laces. There are vibrant color options- tango red, magnet, viridian, berry, and jasmine green to name a few.


New Balance Company has successfully developed footwear for toddlers that can best absorb impacts and shocks. The 680V5 Hook and Loop features an injection-molded EVA midsoles and ABZORD heel that acts as crash pad cushions. From a wide variety of color schemes, you can choose the style of your preference.


Unlike the previous options, the Pediped Grip Nikki Sandal is not particularly gender-neutral. It is more suited for girls due to the small flower designs. The overall design gives your toddler a barefoot feeling. If you are looking for leather material and lining that are highly breathable, this one is your most ideal option.  


The Stride Rite Kids’ Made 2 Play Cannan can effectively protect your toddler’s feet and ankle from the harshness of the ground. In anticipation of microbes, these shoes are designed with anti-bacterial insoles that eliminate microbes. Also, the insoles are scented to keep the feet fresh and odor-free.

While the best shoes with ankle support provided above can help reduce the symptoms related to ankle conditions, these shoes are, in most cases, just part of the overall treatment plan. If you are a basketball player, your supportive shoes might not be enough as you still need to wear ankle braces or get your ankles taped before every game.

Other than that, training modifications, rehabilitation exercises, proper orthotics, and other treatments are necessary if you have an ankle condition. Understand that even when your shoes with ankle support can be used regularly with success, it is still much safer to see a medicine-oriented podiatrist near you.

Related Questions

What is the difference between low-tops ankle support shoes and high-tops ankle support shoes?

High-tops are best suited for the prevention of ankle-related injuries and conditions while low-tops are best suited to strengthen the muscles related to inversion prevention. If you are suffering from an ankle injury or condition, opt for a high top. But if you want to work on your muscles and decrease the chances of potential injuries, definitely use a low top.

What are the risks of using my hiking shoes like running shoes?

Not all shoes can be used for various uses. Even when both hiking and running shoes offer ankle support, possible damages are still possible. This is because what you may encounter while running is not generally the case while hiking. Therefore, only use your hiking shoes while running if these shoes are specifically designed to be used other than what they are intended for.

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