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If you’re a BMX rider, your fitness, talent, and skills can take you far, and win you many fans! A time comes when you have to up your game and think of investing in high-quality riding shoes. Why exactly must you get suitable BMX riding shoes? Which are some of the best BMX shoes in the market that will boost your performance?

bmx riding shoes

BMX riding demands that you are in the right physical and mental state. You should be able to change your stunt directions and momentum when needed.  To achieve this, your feet must be comfortable in the pedal. This can only be achieved if the shoes you wear offer a perfect grip and superb balance. After our long and extensive research, here as the top best BMX riding shoes worth investing in to perfect your art:

  1. DC Trase TX  Vans Old Skool BMX Shoes –
  2. Etnies Swivel BMX Riding Shoes
  3. Nike SB Air Jordan 1 “Craig Stecyk” Shoes
  4. DC Pure Action BMX Riding Shoes
  5. DC Court Graffik BMX Shoes
  6. Spartan DC Shoes
  7. Osiris Men’s Protocol
  8. Globe Motley Mid Men’s BMX Riding Shoes
  9. Adidas Men’s Seeley BMX Shoe
  10. Vans Authentic Core Classic BMX Riding Shoes
  11. Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe

How Do You Choose a Suitable BMX Riding Shoes?

Knowing the best brand of BMX riding shoes to buy is positive. However, being able to make the right selection can be a challenge. Therefore, you should not make a wrong choice of the best shoes!

You should focus on BMX shoes that fit you comfortably, goes with your style, and sturdy enough to serve you longer.

While different shoes come with different features, your focus should be only on the features that matter to you the most.

For instance, you should consider the BMX shoes with an enhanced grip on your bike’s pedal. From this perspective, shoes with rubber soles will serve you much better.

Wearing shoes that slip when you’re doing your magic can spoil both your performance and your mood!

Quality BMX shoes are designed to last. You don’t have to keep replacing your shoes frequently. You must get good value for money.

Therefore, consider shoes with materials that can withstand tear and wear and hence able to serve you better and longer.

10 Top Best BMX Riding Shoes To Invest In

1.  DC Trase TX  Shoes

If you’re looking for a simple slim and casual BMX shoes that can easily match with your clothing, DC Trase TX is your champion! This unisex collection comes in different colors to choose from and feature a rubber outsole for a perfect pedal grip.

The shoe has a base material with a mesh lining and padded collar for enhanced comfort.

Due to their light fabric, they are very flexible. When riding on hot days such as during summer, they’ll effectively keep your feet both dry and comfortable.

Sometimes all you need is quality shoes that not above your budget. DC Trase is relatively cheap. Here is an affordable selection with excellent performance especially during summer.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight for perfect riding in hot weather
  • Rubber sole for enhanced pedal grip
  • Affordable but still an excellent performer
  • Unisex and available in different colors
  • Simple and with go well with your clothing
  • Comfortable to wear with a superb feel on pedal!
  • Padded collar for enhanced comfort and stability

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2. Etnies Swivel BMX Riding Shoes

The stylish Entnies Swivel is in the top list of the best BMX rider shoes for a good reason. Available in a variety of cool colors, they boast of suede material and leather fabric, and exude style!

 It has a unique rubber sole that makes it very noticeable. Its outsole is perfectly crafted from natural rubber. Because of this, you’re assured of a superb bike control while pedaling your BMX toy!

The shoes’ high-quality material makes them very durable and worth investing in. For ultimate comfort, this shoe has its secret!

It comes with a specially designed Foam Lite 1 insole for your extreme comfort.

That’s not all, the shoes have multiple inner padding for the stability and cushioning that your feet need as you do your thing. No doubt a high-level BMX riding shoes that you’ll love to ride in.

Key Features

  • Unique design that’s stylish and fashionable!
  • with premium quality material for durably
  • Natural rubber outer sole for maximum pedal grip and enhanced bike control
  • Foam Lite 1 insole for enhanced comfort
  • Inner multiple padding for feet stability and satisfactory cushioning
  • Suede and leather fabric for durability and better feet support

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 3. Nike SB Air Jordan 1 Shoes |  “Craig Stecyk” BMX Rider Shoes

 Nike SB Air Jordan BMX shoes surely deserve its place in the top best BMX riding shoes. This special collection is made of rubber and boasts of a high-top for unique and perfect support above your ankles.

The shoes’ unique craftsmanship makes it stand out. With Air midsole technology, you’re assured that this Nike brand will provide all the comfort and stability you need as a BMX rider.

Its white rubber sole will provide maximum pedal grip for your enhanced riding and stunt performances.

The cool shoes may be costly but worth having if you truly need quality, and being in a fashion class of your own.

Key features:

  • High-top design for unique support above ankles
  • Stylish work of art that will manifest your good taste of fashion
  • Rubber sole for enhancing pedal grip and performance
  • Air midsole feature for feet comfort and stability
  • Rubber material for durability
  • Lace-up closure for perfect fit and feet stability

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4.       DC Shoes Pure Action

Another cool and stylish top BMX shoes are no doubt DC’s high-quality Pure Action BMX riding shoes. Available in different appealing colors to select from, they are made of 100% leather and come with a rubber sole for excellent pedal grip.

The shoe’s collar and tongue have padded-foam for guaranteed comfort and support. Both the sole and padding ensure good impact absorption and satisfactory feet cushioning.

Key Features:

  • 100% leather for durability and comfort
  • Rubber Sole for effective pedal grip
  • Abrasion-resistant outsole for durability and stable pedaling
  • Adequate padding for improved shock absorption and cushioning
  • Stylish quality design with DCs Trademarked pattern
  • Foam padded and, therefore, comfortable with maximum feet support
  • Upper made of leather, nubuck and or suede for

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5.       DC Court Graffik DMX Riding Shoes

DC Court Graffik is yet another very popular BMX rider shoes designed with either nubuck or leather upper fabrics. They are available in a few color options to choose from based on your taste and style.

The shoe’s collar and tongue have foam pads your guaranteed riding comfort. Due to these as well as the mesh-lining, your feet will remain stable, dry, and well-cushioned as you manifest your riding prowess.

Due to their materials, DC Court shoes are awesomely light and hence your feet will no doubt be flexible for efficient pedaling. Being affordable and very easy to maintain, these can as well be just the right BMX riding shoes you need to shop for.

Key Features:

  • Rubber sole for good pedal grip
  • Lightweight for desired pedaling flexibility
  • Foam padded  tongue and collar for comfort and stability
  • Affordable and easy to maintain
  • Mesh-lining to keep your feet dry and comfortable
  • Available in different colors that match your style and taste
  • Has vent holes to facilitate breathability
  • Leather or nubuck upper for the desired durability

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6. DC Shoes Spartan

Sometimes all you need is a tougher and robust BMX riding shoes for your jumping stunts.

DC Spartan shoes are designed for Downhill Mountain riding trails, parks, and even streets. No wonder they look bulky and sturdier than their precious brothers!  Now you have shoes that you can use to skate, ride MTB, and for your BMX riding!

To provide you with the necessary ankle stability and protection, they are rightfully designed with high-tops. The collection has more improved padding for improved riding experience, and especially if you love dirt jumping.

The shoe has a foam padded tongue and collar for comfort and good feet support. Its upper is made of a mix of both Nubuck and leather for durability and flexibility. With robust robber sole, you’re sure of excellent pedal grip during your rides

Key Features:

  • Sturdy and stylish design in many colors
  • High-top design for effective ankle protection
  • Rubber sole for enhanced pedal grip
  • Comfort and foot support by foam-padded tongue and collar
  • Leather and nubuck upper for durability and support
  • Mesh-lining to keep your feet dry

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7. Osiris Protocol BMX Riding Shoes

Osiris Protocol shares a close look with DC Pure Action but with a slimmer sole design. When your tricks and landing don’t deserve thicker soles, Osiris will just provide the comfort and the riding flexibility you need.

This affordable BMX riding shoe is crafted with synthetic nubuck with a mesh upper for comfort and breathability. 

The shoe has a VLKN cup sole design and Eva drop-in midsole with a special heel insert. Therefore, you’ll surely experience excellent comfort and maximum feet support wearing these.

It’s covered with full latex for the desired durability and enhanced riding performance. With a well-padded tongue and collar, you are guaranteed comfort and adequate feet support.

These excellent features, therefore, makes Osiris Protocol a suitable selection for your BMX riding performances.

Key Features:

  • Heal insert and EVA drop midsole for feet comfort and support
  • Full latex covering for improved durability
  • Rubber outsole that is resistant to abrasion hence durable
  • VLKN cup sole feature for enhanced feet support and comfort
  • Nubuck fabric, canvas, and mesh upper for style and durability

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8. Globe Motley Mid Men’s BMX Riding Shoes

Coming last but not least in our top list is Globe Motley Mid BMX riding Shoes. It features durable suede uppers, lace-up closer, and rubber outsole which comes with herringbone patterns for enhanced pedal grip.

For your needed feet comfort and support, both its collar and tongue are well padded. For additional ankle support, the shoes come with a mid-height ankle design.

 To ensure that you feel comfortable during your performances, it has a textile lining for enhanced breathability. The shoe toe area is seamless for improved durability while its vulcanized design improves the BMX pedal grip.

Key Features:

  • Durable suede Uppers
  • Lace-up closer design for perfect fitting
  • Padded collars and tongue for increased comfort
  • Toe design is seamless to boost durability
  • Enhanced breathability due to its textile lining
  • Rubber outsole and herringbone design pattern for enhanced pedal grip

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9. Adidas Men’s Seeley BMX Riding Shoes

Adidas has been known as one of the top sports shoe brands for many years. Their men’s Seeley BMX shoes are designed with synthetic sued that’s known to resist abrasion.

With its lace closer for easy fit and textile lining, you’ll experience both the comfort and stability you need for your BMX riding.

The shoes’ rubber soles and lightweight provides the desired pedal grip and your needed flexibility. With various colors to choose from, you’ll surely get your style to match with your clothing.

Key features:

  • Quality and trusted brand from Adidas
  • Textile lining  stability and comfort
  • Lace-up design for stable wear and fitting
  • Sturdy rubber sole for enhanced pedal grip
  • Ideal for uphill cycling. Thanks to its laid-back design!
  • Textile upper for durability
  • Vulcanized outsole rubber for durability

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10. Vans Authentic Core Classic BMX Riding Shoes

Vans Authentic Classic Shoes are made from 100% canvas and loved for their superior comfort and durability. If you love riding either downhill or uphill, this is your best BMX riding shoes to go for.

It boasts of suede upper which adds to its stylish look and also makes it easy to clean. Its cotton lining provides for the breathability that your feet need for enhanced comfort.

The Authentic shoes have gum rubber soles with waffle treads for ultimate pedal grip. The classic shoe is lightweight and comes with canvas upper fabric for guaranteed flexibility.

Key features:

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Suitable for both downhill and uphill BMX riding
  • Cotton drill lining hence breathable
  • Die-cut EVA sole insert for maximum comfort
  • Gum rubber outer sole for  improved pedal grip
  • Sturdy design for a stable riding experience

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11. Etnies Jameson 2 Eco BMX Shoes

Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Shoe is a special BMX selection made from recycled rubber and plastics. The uniqueness of this selection is linked to Etnies’ new afforestation policy in which a tree is planted for each pair of shoes sold.

But if you think this shoe is only on the top list due to the noble afforestation program, you are mistaken. It comes with a low top design which makes the shoes rigid and stable.

It’s lightweight with tongue and collar padded to protect your feet and to provide comfort. With Foam Lite level 1 footbed, it offers extreme foot protection and padding that you need in BMX riding shoes.

Key Features:

  • Eco-friendly and made from recycled rubber and plastic
  • Its tongue and collar are padded for comfort and cushioning
  • Made of 100% Canvas and other synthetic fabric hence durable
  • Has rubber sole for maximum pedal grip
  • Faux vulc cup sole for stable and rigid shoe body

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Tips for  Beginner & Experienced Riders

If you are a beginner BMX rider, your main focus should be on ensuring that your feet are well-protected. This is because you are likely to be exposed to more risks during your learning stage.

Therefore, during your shoe selection, focus more on the shoes with adequate padding. You’ll achieve more feet protection from shoes with thicker outer layers which may be made of either leather or canvas.

If you’re already an experienced rider, you may need to focus more on improving your flexibility. Lighter BMX riding shoes may be more appealing.

However, it’s important to note that whether you’re a beginner or highly experienced, comfort and effective feet protection is always important.

Because of this, your selection should focus on the quality of the shoe sole including its softness. The shoe size and durability cannot be ignored.

Lastly, your style also matters. You should, therefore, select the shoe colors and designs that will boost your confidence and blend well with your clothing. If you feel well about your style, you’ll be motivated to perfect your performance.

Final Word

While there are several factors to consider when selecting your best BMX riding shoes, the most important factor is the shoe sole.

Other factors constant, the ideal riding shoes should have a thick sole with an enhanced pedal grip.

These will ensure that while riding, you have maximum pedal grip, and should you strip and fall, the thick soles will cushion and protect your feet.

The thick sole will provide maximum feet protection should you fall from your back during your magical stunts!

Further, when you love to ride brakeless, the soles of your shoes will come handy in offering feet protection in case you accidentally fall.

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