Best Collection of Camping Shoes to Pair Up

When backpacking or hiking, every ounce that you pack counts and matters. One might wonder why carry another set of footwear when you already paid so much on a pair of hardcore hiking boots? Sure, your best hiking shoes do all the job, and more, as you brave the long, arduous trek, cross a couple of rivers and climb a mildly strenuous hill. But, at the end of the day, you would want to give your tired feet some rest. That is when the shoes for camping come in. 

shoes for camping

There are countless brands of shoes for camping you can find in every store corner. But these are the top picked best collection of camping shoes you can pair up.


  • Astral Filipe Water Sandal
  • Chaco Z/2 Athletic Sandals
  • KEEN Uneek Flat Sandal
  • Unshoes – Pah Tempe Sandals
  • KEEN Clearwater CNX Sandal

Closed Shoes

  • Vivobarefoot Ultra 3 Water Sports Shoe
  • The Original MuckBoots Unisex Edgewater Camp Shoe
  • Sockwa G4 Barefoot Shoes
  • VIFUUR Water Shoes
  • Aleader Mesh Slip-on Water Shoe

Boot Type

  • Baffin Base Camp Slipper
  • Bogs Bozeman Tall Men’s Insulated Waterproof Boots
  • Tretorn Gus Waterproof Boot

Importance of Bringing Camp Shoes

There are only two important reasons why bringing shoes for camping is necessary- foot comfort and foot care. These two factors are necessary, especially if you are going on at least a couple of days’ hike. Looking after your feet is of utmost importance since those are your only way of transportation. What it does for you:

  • Lets Your Hiking Shoes Dry – Your hiking shoes could be wet, muddy, or full of dirt after that long day of the tumultuous hike. You will want to clean it up and let it breathe so you can have a dry pair of hiking boots the next day. But, in order to set it aside, you need another set of footwear to use around as you do some errands. That’s when your shoes for camping become handy.
  • Enables Your Feet To Breathe -Just like your hiking shoes, your feet most especially need to breathe. With the help of camping shoes, you can do that while completing other tasks to maximize the time, especially if you have little daylight left. 
  • Chance to Clean Your Feet – After giving your feet some time to breathe, you can continue cleaning and drying it before putting on a pair of dry socks. This will keep your feet healthy and prevent it from any case of trench foot or immersion foot
  • Comfort – While sturdy boots are great for hiking, it can get heavy from hours of walking, especially when it gets soaked in the water. Putting on a new set of shoes for camping as you reach the campground can give, not just your feet but also your knees, the rest they deserve. 

Features to Look For When Choosing the Best Camping Shoes

When buying your extra pair of shoes for camping, there are things you need to consider when choosing one. You don’t just bring with you any random slip-ons or extra sandals from home. Although it may sound like it’s no big of a deal, your shoes for camping can actually affect your trip greatly. And what type of shoes for camping relies heavily on what type of outdoor activity you’re up to. Nevertheless, these are what you need to look for:

  • Waterproof – When you know that your activity involves stream or river crossings, look for a water-resistant shoes. Shoes tend to become soggy when wet and can add extra weight to your load, so it is best to pack shoes for camping that do not absorb water. Especially in wet seasons, drying a wet shoe can be a pain.
  • Lightweight – If you are trying to cut the weight of your load, choose a pair of shoes for camping that is lighter. Although most camping shoes are already light, some weigh ultralight under 10 ounces. 
  • Easy To Slip-On – The reason you have camping shoes, aside from health and comfort, is for you to have alternative footwear you can easily change to as you go around your errand. That extra minute you spend lacing up your shoe can be of great use on something else. Find something that you can easily slip on or strap. 
  • Suitable for Hiking – Your errand doesn’t just revolve in your campground. You will still need to do some distance walking. For instance, you are getting water supply from a water source that could be half a mile away. You will still need reliable and stable shoes for camping to do that. Doing number 1 or number 2 will also require you to walk several feet away from your tent or any water source. 
  • Easy to Pack – This extra pair of footwear will go to your load, and as much as you don’t want to add more weight in it, you also don’t want it to take up so much space to an already dense camping bag. Look for a pair of shoes for camping that is compact. Ideally, one that has soft walls and can fold flat against its sole so you can just insert it like it is never there. 
  • Stable – As mentioned, there will still be things you need to do that will require for you to veer away a little from your campground. This will prevent you from accidents you may overlook, such as slipping on wet surfaces. This is most crucial for campers with fallen arches to avoid risks of any injuries.
  • Dries Quickly – The last thing you want to pack the next day in your camping is another pair of wet camping shoes. It defeats the entire purpose of you having an extra pair. Shoes made of plastic, mesh, or neoprene are perfect materials in this regard.
  • With Toe Protection – As much as possible, choose a shoe that protects your toes. Most camping or hiking areas have a lot of stones, sharp rocks surfacing on the ground or tree root, which can stub your toes and expose your nail bed. If you cringe just by thinking of it, imagine having to walk miles of trail with it. But if you take a simple trail, there are flip flops specially designed for camping.

Best Collection of Camping Shoes

Happy feet mean happy camper. These are the best collection of shoes for camping ranging from sandals, closed-toe shoes, and boot type. Since camping does not choose any season, manufacturers are generous to give outdoor enthusiasts limitless choices of shoes for camping at any given season. Moreover, there are also various activities one can do during camping. These are the best shoes for camping, great to pair up with your main hiking boots.


Astral Filipe Water Sandal, among all the models under this brand, are all vegan. This open toe camping shoe is made of recycled polyester. It is cushioned with synthetic leather with a toe post made of soft nylon. It has a wide forefoot that lets your feet and toes sprawl out to promote proper balance. G-rubber outsole is razor-siped for that extra grip, especially on smooth surfaces or walking on rocks. This is also waterproof, so this can also be worn when crossing a body of water. The added adjustable straps provide additional support and are removable. It is not bulky at 6oz weight; you almost will not notice its existence. 

Chaco Z/2 Athletic Sandals are another pair of shoes for camping that you can use all around. May it be crossing bodies of water, hiking calm trails, or just simply chilling in your camp. The straps are made of polyester jacquard webbing for a durable hold. There is also a toe loop on this design, which can be adjusted as part of the overall strap to give that right grip. It has an antimicrobial application to prevent any unpleasant odor. The LUVSEAT PU midsole allows you to move confidently without fearing you might slip on the footbed.  

KEEN Uneek Flat Sandals’ boating roots highly manifested in their design on this model. The majority of the upper part is composed largely of knitted 8mm cords tied together to form a shoe structure. The style gives you breathability and the maximum freedom to move. Although eccentric from its cousin brands, this model has promising stability and support for tramping, ideally in summer weather. You can sense from that alone the uniqueness of this brand. 

Unshoes – Pah Tempe Sandal is your best pick if you want to go minimalist on your trip. This is perfect for weight-conscious campers, for it only weighs 11oz. There’s an absence of straps between toes, yet it is still designed to give enough support if you want to take it for a hike. It is literally made of a sole and strap that you can just easily slip it on the pockets of your bag.

KEEN Clearwater CNX Sandal is a closed-toe sandal that just by the look of it, you can see how durable and sturdy it is. It can be worn when you either cross streams or go on long treks. When it comes to support and protection, this guy never fell short. It has a lacing system, toe guard, pull-on loop, contoured arch for arch support, and razor siping on the outsole. It is easy to wash, you can just throw this in a washing machine with little soap, and it will be grand.

Closed Shoes

Vivobarefoot Ultra 3 Water Sports Shoe is a men’s outdoor shoe. The shoe is flat, giving off that barefoot runner vibe when you use them. This zero-drop shoes for camping enable your body to function naturally as your feet move naturally within the shoe as well. It is waterproof with an upper part full of holes, making it breathable for your feet.

The Original MuckBoots Unisex Edgewater Camp Shoe is an easy slip-on shoe for camping with rubber as its main material. That makes this shoe 100% waterproof and safe from the muck. The outside sole is also specially designed to give that stable grip when you encounter muddy and wet trails. It can also weather sub-freezing temperatures of up to 85F. 

Sockwa G4 Barefoot Shoes was created in the form of a sock, hence the name, to give that barefoot feel experience. It is breathable and flexible because of its lycra tongue, and the 2mm neoprene is responsible for its warmth. It is squishable, so you won’t have to worry about squeezing them into your bag. The TPU sole has an excellent slip-grip though it is thin. Above all, it is machine washable.

VIFUUR Water Shoes are soft and flexible all-around shoes. It is ultralight at 9.6 oz, which you can roll up to store in your bag without damaging them. The outsole is made of rubber for that secure grip. The lycra elastic fabric and mesh cloth material makes this selection breathable and dries quickly. It is available in different colors, perfect for fashionable campers.

Aleader Mesh Slip-on Water Shoe is another shoe for camping made in heaven. The upper is made of open mesh and holes distributed strategically on the sole to provide your feet extreme breathability. What comes along with that is the quick dry factor. Cushioning inside is great in providing a healthy shoe environment. It is a safe haven for your feet. 

Boot Type

Baffin Base Camp Slipper is made specially for winter campers. The upper is built of sturdy nylon for durability and faux shearling for warmth. Physically, you can already tell that this boot can give your foot that warm, crisp feeling. It is built with two drawcord locks, one on top and the other on the instep, to keep the boots firmly on your feet as you stride along. The Cordura nylon reinforcement also gives added protection on your foot. It weighs 6 oz per item, but they are easy to slip on.

Bogs Bozeman Tall Men’s Insulated Waterproof Boots is a high cut insulated boot. Its height is approximately 13 inches with a boot opening of an estimated 13 inches and a circumference of 13 inches. It is 100% waterproof from 7mm Neo-Tech waterproof insulation. Footbed doesn’t just give support to your arch but is also eco-friendly made of algae-based EVA. Although tough on the outside, it is as comfortable on the inside, plus it is easy to slip on and off.

Tretorn Gus Waterproof Boot is a highly functional and stylish boot. The slide-on rubber is 100% waterproof and environmentally friendly. It has a textile lining and an elastic side panel, making it easy to slip on and off. Its shaft is approximately 6 inches from the arch, and the boot opening measures around 11.5 inches. The fuzzy part on the inside of the boot helps in keeping your feet warm, perfect for snow and ice. Except, since it’s only ankle-high, it won’t be a good pair for deep snow. Its rubber sole provides excellent traction. Its appearance can look posh but never doubt this high-performance sock’s durability.

Related Questions

What is an immersion foot?

Trench foot or immersion foot is a non-freezing cold injury that causes excruciating pain. This occurs when there is prolonged exposure of your feet to wet and cold conditions. The blood vessels in your foot compress when there is a lack of heat, hence, a significant reduction in blood flow that causes deprivation of oxygen and nutrients to your extremity. When that happens, your nerves will become punctiliously sensitive. The sore on your foot can go on for weeks, even months, which can bring permanent damage to your nerve and muscle. In some unfortunate cases, immersion foot can even result in disability or amputation. This is, however, preventable if you keep your feet warm and dry at night. 

Do you recommend regular flip flops for camping shoes?

Flip flops or slippers are highly discouraged when traversing rough terrain. They are, however, great for tame trails under mild climate. You need to be careful when opting for one because most of their soles are not meant to grip tightly on slippery or uneven surfaces. It’s either the flip flops break or you get injured. Regular slippers or flip flops do not work the same way as the camping slippers. They also do not provide straps or laces that support your foot and ankle. Ultimately, for campers with fallen arches condition, this is a big NO.

Overall, your pair of shoes for camping largely manifests itself entirely on what type of environment and outdoor camping you will be doing. Common sense will surely tell you that bringing a pair of waterproof camping shoes in a desert escapade is a travesty. Choosing a light, functional, and comfortable camping shoes is the main objective but do not forget to weigh the pros and cons as well carefully. 

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