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If you are a Martial Arts lover or a Martial Artist, you’re probably into it to keep fit and for self-defense. It may as well be your favorite sport that keeps you fit and focused on future combats. Do you know practicing with the right shoes can enhance both performance and comfort? In this article, we bring you some of the best martial arts shoes that can add value to your capabilities.

martial arts shoes

Martial arts footwear gives a sense of entitlement, in and outside the play area, and also provides comfort. However, choosing the right Taekwondo or Karate shoes remains a challenge for many. We’ve done extensive research for you. Listed below are the top best and most sought after Martial Arts Shoes designed for improved performance and comfort at the gym:

  1. Adidas Tae Kwan Do (TKD)
  2. ShoesOtomix Original Lite Shoe
  3. Adidas Boxing Box Hog
  4. Adidas Combat Speed III
  5. Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoe
  6. AddidasTyrint IV
  7. T.O.P ONE-Martial Arts Sneakers
  8. Mooto Wings
  9. Ace Cotton Sole Kung Fu Closed Toe Slip-on Shoes

Which Martial Arts Require Shoes?

The listed top shoes are designed for the most popular martial arts that include karate, Kung-fu, Taekwondo, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) among others. The shoes are specifically designed for use during gym exercises or workouts such as sparring.

They can also be used when practicing the various fighting techniques such as breaking or grappling techniques.

3 Benefits For Training With Martial Arts Shoes

martial arts trainng with shoes

The following are the three main and important reasons why you need to wear Martial Arts shoes when training:

1. To Enhance Self-protection

The training ground for martial arts might not be perfect, hence the need for shoes. Most trainers share with other groups, which leaves the floor rugged; hence shoes are recommended.

Training in a rugged floor might cause slipping or knocking the toes on the carpet, resulting in injuries. To mitigate these incidences, it is advisable to put on shoes during training.

Second, training without shoes leaves the person vulnerable to assault during training or competition.

2. Improved Comfort and Feet Protection

Besides, training with shoes also helps a person to pivot without worrying about injuries since they are minimal.

Martial arts shoes also allow you to take daring moves during training, which is not the case when practicing without shoes.

3. Hygiene

Walking or practicing without shoes exposes the body to diseases and infections. During training, the sweat from the feet comes into contact with infections, creating a favorable environment for the germs to attach to the body.

However, when you put on shoes during training, you reduce the chances of getting infected. If you are susceptible to skin infections, it is advisable to put on martial arts shoes during training.

Putting on shoes is also a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of diseases.

The Top Martial Arts Shoes Brands

To ensure that you get only the best and safe Martial Arts shoes, it’s important that you only consider those from reputable sports brands.

The recommended best Martial Arts Shoes and their components are crafted, designed, and perfected by the following top world brands: Adidas, Mooto, ASICS, Airesee, Century, and Ringstar among others.

The Top 9 Best Shoes For Martial Arts Training

#1. Adidas Tae Kwan Do (TKD) Shoes

Adidas Tae Kan Do (TKD) shoes are your best pick if you are a martial artist looking for a lightweight and flexible kicking gear. There are several features that make TKD the best martial art shoes for 2020.

It’s light and sturdy soles provide the flexibility you need during training your martial arts training sessions. The thick sole increases support and prevent tripping during your kicking.

TKD shoes provide minimal arc support, which is crucial in protecting the ankle against twisting.

The TKD pair is also narrow, to optimize on comfort when walking, in practice, or playing. The shoes are also highly stretchable, which takes their comfort to different levels in martial arts.  

Pros✔️ :

  • The shoes are lightweight, which makes jumping and walking easy.
  • They provide classic support to the ankle, which minimizes injuries.
  • High levels of comfort since they are narrow and can stretch to high levels.

Cons ❌:

  • The minimum curve might create some discomfort for the wearer.

Final verdict: The Adidas Tae Kwan Do (TKD) shoes are the perfect choice for any aspiring martial artists.

Save for the minimum arc level; the other factors make this pair of shoe tick all the boxes for the best martial arts shoes.Therefore, always save some money to get a pair of this pair.

#2. OtomixMen’s Carbonite Weightlifting Shoes | Otomix Martial Arts Shoes

Martial arts involve making swift decisions, which often results in sweating. To combat this, Men’s Carbonite Shoes from Otomix is a customized martial arts shoes just for you. It provides superior comfort, hence, giving you an edge over competitors.

The shoe sole is thin, which makes it lightweight. Besides, it is flexible to allow pivoting of the feet when kicking. The design of the sole also increases support to the ankle, which mitigates injuries.

The upper part of the shoe is made using a single layer of sturdy mesh. The open design allows the free circulation of air.

The upper part is made using synthetic suede, which is highly durable. The synthetic material also increases comfort. The shoe also uses laces for ease of adjusting.

Pros✔️ :

  • The soles are lightweight to ease movement.
  • The synthetic suede on the upper part of the shoe creates more comfort.

Cons ❌:

  • The laces on the shoe might create discomfort during workout.

Final verdict: The design of the Otomix shoes makes them comfortable. The synthetic material on the upper part makes it durable.

Although the laces might cause a glitch during exercise or movement, it still qualifies to be in the hall of fame for the best martial arts shoes.

#3. Adidas Boxing Hog | Martial Arts Hog Shoes

Adidas Box Hog Shoes is revered for the shape of its sole and overall design. Its outsole is made using gum rubber which makes it pretty durable.

The design of the treads on the outsole also increases the traction on the shoes hence less tripping and falling. The shoes might pass for casual wear due to the design of the treads.

The midsole of the Box Hog has a low cushion profile, while the upper has a breathable single-layer mesh to provide optimal comfort.

The mesh upper is made using synthetic suede, which makes it durable, besides making it suitable, providing a cool environment, and minimizing sweating. The customized leather also protects the feet from injuries that are common in martial arts.

Pros✔️ :

  • The outsole is lightweight to allow for swift movements.
  • The synthetic suede makes the shoes durable and comfortable.

Cons ❌:

  • The open area on the heel might make cause slipping.

Final verdict: The design of the outsole, midsole, and material used gives the Box Hog value for money. The risk of the feet slipping is almost nil, and therefore you should not overlook the shoe when shopping martial arts shoes.

#4. Adidas Combat Speed III | Combat Adidas Martial Arts Shoes

You don’t have to worry about getting the right footwear for training and casual, especially at this time when Adidas Combat Speed III is in the market. Most of the features in this make it ideal for martial arts.

First, the outsole of the shoe is lightweight, which makes them a perfect choice for your martial arts gym training.

Its synthetic fabric with leather and rubber sole design makes it a comfortable and durable martial arts shoes.

The shoe stretches and easy to put on. A perfect choice for your gym workouts.

You can also customize the shoes to have them fit you comfortably in order to reduce the risk of the feet slipping out.

Add to the fact that they are narrow, and you have the best footwear for your favorite kicking sport!

Pros✔️ :

  • The shoes are lightweight, and therefore kicking in them is easy.
  • The shoes have a customized padding system for optimal comfort.
  • You can wear shoes easily, thanks to their ability to stretching easily.
  • Synthetic material for enhanced durability
  • Leather and rubber sole for improved ground grip, and duraability

Cons ❌:

Some users have complained of the shoes pressing against their toes uncomfortably due to the thickness.

Final verdict: Combat Speed III is the right choice for both martial art players and ordinary people, which can be attributed to its design.

The lightweight design and high levels of stretching make the shoe very comfortable.

The complaints about the shoes pressing against their toes are minimal. Therefore, you can bet on Combat Speed III for its superior performance and durability.

#5. Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoes

Century Lightfoot Shoes have been praised as the right choice for martial arts artists. There are several reasons to support the claims.

Its rubber outsoles are sturdy for desired stability. The outsoles have customized treads to increase grip while minimizing the trip. The soles are also made with pivot points which will boost your ability to turn around with ease.

This top collection comes in different colors allowing you to pick your favorite style. its upper part is made of synthetic material making it durable.

The synthetic material also allows for easy circulation of air, which contributes to hygiene and comfort.

The pliable design adds to its comfort which further qualifies it as one of the top best martial arts shoes to go for.

Pros✔️ :

  • The synthetic leather material makes the shoe durable.
  • The rubber used in the outsole is lightweight to allow easy movement.
  • The shoes come in different colors, which gives them a touch of style.
  • Breathable design for improved comfort
  • Rubber soles designed with special pivots points for flexible moments.

Cons ❌:

There have been complaints of some shoes not having enough padding.

Final verdict: If you are looking for the best martial arts shoes, Century Lightfoot might meet all your needs.

The synthetic leather material, different colors, and customized rubber outsoles make shoes the right pick for martial art. The issue of padding can be solved by improvising new padding while maintaining quality.

#6. Adidas Tyrint IV Shoes for Martial Arts

Adidas Tyrint IV is renowned for its supreme features that are synonymous with martial arts. Both its outsole and midsole has EVA material for enhanced comfort

The two soles give the Tyrin the comfort you need during your martial arts workouts in the gym.

The top part of the shoe is made using a calfskin material for durability. The leather is also infused with other mesh nylon.

The combination of mesh nylon and premium leather makes this top selection easy to clean.

The open design on the shoes increases the circulation of the air, which is vital for both your comfort and hygiene.

Pros✔️ :

  • The shoes stretch optimally, which makes it easy to put them on.
  • The outsole is thicker to offer more support to the ankle.
  • The upper part is made using a calfskin material coated with mesh nylon for durability.

Cons ❌:

  • Some people argue that the thick outsole brings discomfort to the shoe.

Final verdict: Tyrint IV is customized to meet all the requirements for martial arts shoes.

The ability to stretch, calfskin material with mesh nylon and EVA material makes the shoe vital for martial arts and general wear. The complaint about thick outsoles can be justified by the increased stability.

#7. T.O.P ONE Kung Fu Martial Arts Sneakers

The outstanding feature T.O.P ONE Kung Fu Shoes as a top martial arts shoes is the design of its outsoles. The soles are thin and lightweight making it a great choice as your training shoes.

However, they are not highly padded, which makes them only suitable for use on soft ground.

The top part of the shoes is made out of soft leather for your improved comfort. Most of this selection comes with a customized size for your guaranteed best fit and comfort.

Pros✔️ :

  • The thin outsoles make the shoe lightweight and, therefore, comfortable for training.
  • The shoes are customized to ensure that they fit comfortably without necessarily tying them.
  • Unisex martial arts shoes
  • Upper canvas for enhanced breathability and wear resistance.
  • Available in white and black colors

Cons ❌:

  • There have been complaints of lack of enough padding, which creates discomfort.

Final verdict: The thin outsoles and customized shoe size makes T.O.P ONE ideal for martial arts. The complaints about insufficient padding and heavy soles can be justified by high stability.

#8. Mooto Wings Korea Taekwondo Shoes

People with wide feet struggle to get shoes. However, you can avoid this situation by getting the Mooto Wings Korea Taekwondo Shoes as your perfect martial arts training shoes.

The outsole is made using a lightweight material, which makes movement swift. The upper part is made of synthetic leather which makes it durable.

Pros✔️ :

  • Suitable for people with wide feet.
  • Synthetic leather for enhanced durability
  • The synthetic leather makes the shoe highly durable.
  • Strong material to endure very demanding training
  • Available in both white and black colors

Cons ❌:

  • There have been complaints about the soles coming off after a few days.

Final verdict: Mooto shoes are a real deal in terms of the best martial arts shoes for 2020. Their lightweight material and synthetic leather make the shoe super flexible and very durable.

Therefore, when choosing a martial arts shoe, Mooto Wings Korea Shoes should be in your bucket list.

#9. Ace Cotton Sole Kung Fu Closed Toe Slip-on Shoes

The Ace Cotton Sole Kung Fu Shoes are customized for martial arts. Its outsole is made from bubble gum for enhanced ground grip.

It comes with specially customized treads to prevent any slip or fall during your vigorous martial arts exercises.

Its cotton insoles help in absorbing sweat from your feet during your workouts. It’s easy to clean due to its upper black canvas material.

Because of its slip-on design, it’s easy to wear. You don’t have to worry about the shoelaces coming out or getting loose during your workouts at the gym.

Pros✔️ :

  • The shoes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • The black canvas top makes the shoe easy to clean with water
  • Perfect for indoor wearing

Final verdict: The shoes have not received complaints so far. The materials used to make the top and soles give the wearer an advantage over their opponent during training.

Final Word

Putting on martial arts shoes is crucial since it prevents the spread of diseases. Besides, shoes protect you from injuries, which are common during training.

There are no perfect martial arts shoes in the market. However, the shoes reviewed above offer optimal benefits for different groups. Therefore, choose the shoe which fits your budget and other needs.

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