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Choosing the right shoes is vital since it does not only offer comfort but also protects you from injuries. For instance, if you work in a slippery environment, it is advisable to get non-slip shoes. Non-slip shoes are common in restaurants and eateries, where the probability of falling down and getting injuries is high. Which are some of the top best non-slip shoes in the market and where can you get them?

non-slip leather shoes

This article reviews the best eight non-slip shoes currently in the market. Our buyer’s Guide will help you choose your most suitable shoes among the best. Listed below are some of the top best non-slip shoes in the market today:

  1. Skechers Men’s Rockland Systemic
  2. Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 2.0
  3. Skechers Men’s Flex Advantage Non-slip Shoes
  4. Dockers Men’s Society Non-slip Shoes
  5. AVIA Women’s Avi Union Service
  6. Dansko Women’s Elise Oxford Sneaker
  7. Skechers Women’s Soft Stride-Softie Non-Slip Shoes
  8. SafeTstep Slip Resistant Women’s Sasha Quilt Bow Flat

How Can You Tell if a Shoe is Non-slip?

The material type of the shoe-sole and the pattern are some of the factors that can determine if your shoes are non-slip or not. To be certain that you’re making the right decision, you can do the following simple observations and test:

1. Check the Shoes’ Lugs

While many shoes may have lugs at the bottom of their soles, they may not qualify as effective non-slip shoes. The most effective non-slip shoes are designed with fine slugs.

2. The Texture of the Sole

Shoe soles that are soft and are made of rubber material have better non-slip properties that hard or stiff ones. Shoes with softer materials have perfect grip on both wet and dry surfaces hence qualify as non-slip.

3. Outsole Material

Find out if the outsole of the shoes is constructed from either rubber or other compounds such as PU. For effective non-slip properties, choose shoes with rubber soles because rubber is known to have a superior level of slip resistance.

4. Test Using Soapy Water Or Liquid Oil

You can practically test if the shoe is indeed non-slip by pouring some soapy water or even oil on a floor surface.

You can then try the shoes to assess their level of slip resistance. If the shoes are indeed non-slip, it will not easily slip on such a slippery surface.

The 8 Top Best Non-Slip Shoes Worth Buying

1. Skechers Men’s Rockland Systemic Non-Slip Shoes

Skechers is a big brand, not a hype but because it understands the importance of quality.

The Men’s Rockland is not an exception, and there are several reasons to support the claims. First, Rockland takes a casual look, making them admirable. The shoes have a lace-up closure, which means you can adjust them according to your comfort.

Rockland Skechers have passed the Mark II and EH standards. The two measures of the standard apply to non-slip and safety, respectively. There are several features which make this pair of shoes, a masterpiece of non-slippery.

First, the outsole is made using a rubber material. This is to ensure that you don’t slip while walking on slippery ground. The unique pattern in the shoes makes them even more effective in offering traction.

Key Features

  • A rubber outsole for extra grip against slipping on wet or oily floors.
  • Compliant with the Mark II and EH standards for quality and safety.
  • Treads spread across the shoe for maximum grip.

Final verdict: Rockland has a stylish feel which makes it classy. The low-profile and outsole made of rubber makes it safe to put on. If you are looking for non-slip shoes with a casual touch, Skechers Rockland has the right solution for you.

2. Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 3.0 Non-slip Shoes

reebok men's non-slip shoes

Working in a casual environment can leave you physically drained. The worst mistake you can make in this case is putting on shoes without a guarantee for safety.

That is why Reebok developed a pair of shoes with a combo for safety and class. The upper of the shoe is made using leather which gives it a formal look. Besides, the leather makes Reebok Men’s shoes durable than its non-slip peers.

The outsole is made of rubber, which makes the shoe non-slippery. This means you can walk on slippery or oily services without worrying about getting injured from falling down.

If you work in an environment where the risk of falling sharp objects is high, this shoe assures you protection.

The shoes have a wider sizing which provides enough space for the feet when working.

On the other hand, the insoles are made using the DMX Ride Technology, whose main purpose is to provide extra comfort.

The insoles also allow for moisture absorption, which is very effective for people who sweat while working in a warm environment.

When you work in the kitchen, in a construction site or anywhere where the ground is slippery, Work N Cushion is the best shoe to choose.

Key Features

  • Leather upper for durability and protection from injuries.
  • DMX Ride Technology and wider sizing for maximum comfort.
  • Low-cut, bevelled heel made from oil-resistant rubber for no-slippery.

Final verdict: A combination of non-slip rubber outsoles, DMX Ride Technology, and classy looks make Work N Cushion the right companion for hard-working men.

3. Skechers Men’s Flex Advantage Non-slip Shoes

Do you work in an environment where slipping and falling are the order of the day? The period of agonizing is over, thanks to Men’s Flex Advantage, another product from Skechers.

There are a ton of benefits which you can only get from this shoe. For instance, the upper is made of leather which increases the durability of the shoes.

In addition, the upper is also fitted with mesh and synthetic fabric which allows free circulation of air and also increases flexibility.

The soles are made using rubber which makes the shoe lightweight. Besides, the treads have a top-notch pattern to increase grip and minimize the risk of tripping and falling.

A lace-up design protects the feet from slipping out, especially when walking on a delicate slippery surface.

Other outstanding features are the inner parts of Men’s Flex Advantage. For instance, the insole is infused with a gel memory foam.

The insole ensures optimal comfort, especially if you stay in the shoes for a long period. You can also replace the insoles with customized to reduce injuries, especially under the advice of an orthopaedic.

Key features

  • Leather upper infused with synthetic fabric for durability and comfort.
  • Lace-up closures to protect the feet against slipping out.
  • Customized tread pattern to maximize grip and minimize falls when walking.

Final verdict:Skechers has never failed its customer base, and Men’s Advantage is not an exception. The sturdy design, lightweight and classy design make the shoes the right choice for people who work in the service industry.

The unique pattern of treads also makes the shoes the best solution for slippery floors. Men’s Advantage should be on your bucket list for the best non-slip shoes in 2020.

4. Dockers Men’s Perspective Leather Oxford None-slip Dress Shoes

When non-slip shoes are mentioned, most people think of a big, heavy pair of boots with an awful look.

But a simple look at Docker’s Men’s shoes will give you a different view of what non-slip shoes should look like. For instance, the shoes have a sports design, which makes them attractive.

The upper is made using leather, which is rare to find in most non-slip shoes. The leather is also treated to repel water and oily materials, which may cause discomfort

The toe area of Docker has a square shape and a 1-inch heel, which gives the shoe a unique yet admirable shape.

Besides, the shoe has an elastic and goring tongue for ease of wearing. The upper and outsole have a double row stitch with a textile lining to make the shoes strong.

Besides, the insoles have a gel heel pad which ensures the feet are comfortable. The absence of laces makes the shoes very comfortable, especially among the elderly who do not have to worry about tying the laces from time to time.

Key features

  • Leather upper with a water repellent coating makes the shoes good to use.
  • Insole made using gel heel pad for maximum comfort.
  • A slip-on design to ease putting the shoes on and minimize injuries.

Final verdict: Docker’s takes a simple, elegant, and top non-slip features. The presence of a water-repellent upper makes the shoes effective for use in the service industry.

You can also trust these shoes when it comes to non-slip ability. Docker’s shoes should be in your bucket list of non-slip shoes for 2020 and beyond.

5.  AVIA Women’s Avi Union Service Non-slip Shoes

avia non-slip shoes

Have you ever imagined of getting a pair of effective non-slip shoes for a budget? This is not a wish anymore, thanks to AVIA Women’s shoes, a feminine collection of classy non-slip shoes.

The shoes are customized to serve women who work in the service industry. The outsole is made using a lightweight which makes them easy to wear.

Besides, the outsole is also oil resistant, and its treads offer optimal grip on different surfaces.

The upper is made using synthetic leather for several reasons. First, the leather makes the shoes durable. Second,synthetic fabric makes the shoes resistant to both water and oil. Besides, the upper is stretchable, which increases comfort.

The midsole and insole are also created to offer maximum comfort. The midsole is made using EVA soft gel heel, which acts as a shock absorber in case the feet come into strong impact with the ground.

The sock-liner used on the insole is also removable, and therefore you can replace it with orthopaedic ones.

On the other hand, the collar and tongue of the shoe are padded, with a mesh for allowing circulation of air for increased air supply and comfort.

Key features

  • Customized treads with a great pattern for optimal grip on the feet.
  • Water and oil resistant uppers and outsoles to minimize slipping.
  • Removable sock-liner and soft gel heel insole made out of EVA for optimal comfort.

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6. Dansko Women’s Peggy Waterproof Outdoor Sneaker

The ability to infuse a classy non-slip touch to the old-school sneaker makes Dansko Peggy a unique pair of shoes.

Dansko features a non-slip rubber outsole with high-quality standards which makes it the perfect choice for women who work in slippery environments. Besides, it has a heel measuring 1.5”, which gives it a touch of class.

The upper of the shoes is made using leather, making the shoes highly durable. The closures have laces which means you can adjust the shoes for comfort.

The collar is made using neoprene and is padded, which means you can adjust them. On the other hand, the sock-liner is elastic and soft to maximize comfort and ease, putting the shoes on or off.

Main features

  • Leather upper with different colours for durability and style, respectively.
  • Lightweight and flexible for comfort.
  • Non-slip rubber for optimal safety.

Final verdict:Dansko Women’s Peggy features almost everything a woman in the service industry would look for. The ability to protect you while working on slippery grounds, provision of maximum comfort, and a large collection of colours to choose from should not be overlooked.

7. Skechers Women’s Soft Stride-Softie

A 1.5” heel height, OSHA-compliant, and a rubber non-slip outsole. Aren’t these qualities enough for Soft Stride-Softie? First, the pattern of treads on the rubber outsole gives the shoe a firm grip hence minimum falls.

What makes the outsole even more interesting is that it is removable, especially after it has lost the non-slip treads.

The insole used in the shoe is made using a foot-hugging PU, which makes the shoe very comfortable.

The insoles are also removable, which means you can replace them with orthopaedic ones.

The collar and tongue are padded with a mesh for extra comfort and the free circulation of air, especially if you work for long hours.

Key features

  • Removable lightweight outsole for longevity.
  • Removable PU insole for flexibility.
  • Compliant with OSHA standards hence the assurance for quality.

Final verdict: Meeting the OSHA standards is not a mean feat, and Soft Stride-Softie has managed to achieve. You are assured of safety working in these shoes, and therefore you should not overlook this ability.

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8. SafeTstep Slip Resistant Women’s Sasha None-slip Quilt Bow Flat Shoes

Non-slip shoes do not have to be enclosed if the design of SafeTstep is anything to go by.

It is one of the best things the elderly should consider putting on, given that it is lightweight and a slip-on non-slip. The non-slip outsole makes SafeTstep the perfect footwear to put on oily and slippery surfaces where the risk of falling is high.

The insole is padded, making the shoe very comfortable. The design of the slipper makes it suitable for formal and casual wear.

The open design minimizes sweating which occurs especially in areas where the working hours are long.

Key features

  • Synthetic sole with non-slip features.
  • Non-marking rubber outsole makes it increase its grip on the ground.
  • Lightweight for ease in movement.

Final verdict: The lightweight rubber non-slip outsole, synthetic padded sole and open design are unique for a non-slip shoe. They make Safestep the perfect pick for ladies looking for safety and style in the same shoe.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Shoes for Non-slip

Every individual has a unique taste when it comes to non-slip shoes. However, before you settle on a particular pair of non-slip shoes, you should give attention to the following features:

  • Budget
  • Design
  • Material

1. Budget

When choosing a pair of non-slip shoes, you should give attention to the budget. If you are operating on a tight budget, you will require budget shoes.

However, low-cost shoes might not be durable or lightweight. If the budget allows, you can settle for a pricey shoe with optimal benefits.

Please note: A budget shoe does not translate to subpar quality, neither does a pricey one equal to high quality.

2. Design

Different non-slip shoes are designed differently. Some contain laces for adjustment, while others are slip-on.

This wide variety of designs gives you the freedom to choose the ones which meet your needs. Choose non-slip shoes which guarantee you safety and comfort.

 If you are a sucker for fashion, you can choose shoes which are fitted with the right features. Some shoes are designed for men, for ladies or even unisex.

If you are in doubt, you can always consult the seller on shoes for the shoes which fit these categories.

3. Material

The material used to make non-slip shoes determines durability, comfort, and safety. Leather is renowned for durability and is used in the uppers of most non-slip shoes.

Some leather shoes are treated to make them resistant to water and oily substances. Other non-slip shoes are fitted with padded mesh to absorb sweat and allow free circulation of air.

The insoles might be made of PU or EVA for maximum comfort. Most of the outsoles in non-slip shoes are made of rubber which makes them durable and lightweight.

The rubber has customized treads for maximum grip and non-slip abilities.

Quick tips

There are many non-slip shoes in the market. Some authentic, others counterfeit. The list of non-slip shoes reviewed above has passed over and above the expectations of many in terms of quality.

When choosing a non-slip pair of shoes, always look at the budget, material used, and its design. Don’t settle for less, especially now that you have adequate information about non-slip shoes.

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