Best Shoes for Airplane Travel

If you haven’t been through the misery of swollen or cramp feet in your mid-flight, you should pay attention to anything that might cripple your comfort in your trip. Troubles with your shoes start as you trek to the airport terminal and through airport security. Have you ever thought about the best shoes for airplane travel?

shoes for airplane travel

You won’t be surprised to spend more time on your feet before you catch your flight. The last thing you will want to have is an uncomfortable shoe. The micro-climate on the plane also demand that you have an appropriate shoe. So, to save on space and perhaps cost, you should go for a shoe that will take you through to your destination without any problem. Here are the top best shoes to consider for your airplane travel:

  1. APL TechLoom Bliss Knit Airplane Travel Shoes
  2. Merrell Gridway Moc Airplane Travel Shoe
  3. Nike Air Force 1 Airplane Travel Shoes
  4. NOBULL training shoe
  5. Skechers Segment The Search Slip-On Shoe
  6. Nike Air Max Command Airplane Shoes
  7. Vans Classic Herringbone Slip-On Shoes
  8. Converse Chuck Taylor Shoe For Flying
  9. Allbirds Urban Fox Parker Wool Shoe
  10. Adidas Originals Ultraboost Travel Shoe

The Top 10 Best Shoes for Your Aeroplane Travel

1. APL TechLoom Bliss Knit Travel Shoes

The best you can have for a travel shoe is a combination of classic style and comfort throughout your flight.

APL TechLoom Bliss Knit is one of the shoes to take you off-grid in terms of comfort and style. This versatile shoe is available in trendy colors, and you won’t miss one to march your favorite outfit for the trip.

Slip-on shoes are easy to take on or off, especially when passing through airport security checks. The shoe is slip on and will save you the time of undoing myriad of laces or straps.

The fabric knit TechLoom uppers are breathable and feature an elastic band across the arch that allows the foot to move freely. 

Key Features

  • Premium foam for cushioning and shock absorption
  • It is lightweight
  • The shoe is slip on for easy take-on and take-off
  • It features breathable upper
  • A satin elastic band across the arch makes the shoe snug and flexible.
  • Available in trendy colors

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2. Merrell Gridway Moc Airplane Shoes

Whether you are on a trip to a business meeting or a casual weekend break, Merrell Gridway Moc is a shoe that goes with every attire. Moreover, this shoe guarantees comfort to your last destination.

It is a flexible slip-on shoe, and you will not have the trouble of putting on or off at the security checks or while onboard the plane.

The upper of the shoe features a breathable textile lining with leather trim at the heel for support. Your feet will be fresh and dry as you step off the plane.

The shoe has EVA midsole for cushioning and comfort. Vibram outsole makes the shoe lightweight and durable to give you easy kicks as you move from one terminal to another.

Key Features

  • Breathable yam knit upper and leather trim at the heel for support
  • Features EVA midsole for comfort
  • It is a lightweight shoe
  • The shoe is slip on
  • Vibram EcoDura outsole is both lightweight and durable

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3. Nike Air Force 1 Airplane Travel Shoes

Nick Airforce 1 is a comfortable shoe that you will not feel like taking off mid-flight.

The shoe has a classic and modern design with well-cushioned and flexible inside, which allows room for a swelling foot. Nick Airforce 1 has flexible foam insole for extra cushioning and rebound. The shoe has a low design, which improves stability.

The upper of the shoe features a leather perforation at the front to allow airflow to the toes. The inserts are also perforated to keep the foot fresh all the time.

The combination of fabric and leather upper improves the durability and support of the shoe. The rubber outsole provides good walking traction both on the ground and onboard.

Key Features.

  • Leather upper with custom perforation
  • Flexible foam insole for cushioning and rebound
  • The low design and rubber outsole for traction and stability
  • Padded collars and cushioning for support and comfort.

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4. NOBULL Trainer Airplane Shoes

If you are one of the efficient travelers looking for versatile shoes, then NOBULL is what you should have for your next trip.

This shoe is sleek enough for a business meeting as soon as you step out of the plane. Still, it is comfortable enough to have in your foot throughout the flight and durable for meandering around at the airport.

The shoe has a very smooth inside that feels very soft and comfortable on your foot. The upper is made of mesh SuperFabricmaterial with added rubber texture guards making the shoe strong and durable.

The tongue features a thin suede with perforation for ventilation. The upper and midfoot is loose to give room for the swelling foot. This shoe also has padded collars and rigid heel counter for support and stability.

Key Features

  • Mesh upper for improved breathability
  • The shoe has a padded collar and rigid heel counter for support.
  • Flat sole for walking stability

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5. Skechers Segment The Search Slip-On Shoes

Loafers give you the best worlds of business and leisure travel. If you have a meeting immediately, the plane lands, and no time to change your shoes, Skechers Segment Slip-on can be a suitable choice.

This shoe is comfortable and matches well with professional attire. Sketchers have an excellent history of producing a comfortable shoe, and you can bet on Segment Slip-On for a smooth trip. 

As they say, comfort is the king when it comes to airplane travel shoes. Segment Slip-On has a gel-infused memory foam insole for cushioning and shock absorption.

The shoe also has a padded collar with elastic gores that help when taking the shoe off. The upper is made of leather, which is both durable and lightweight. The outsole provides good traction on various surfaces.

Key Features

  • Memory foam and padded collar for support and comfort
  • Elastic gores for easy slip-on and slip-off
  • The shoe is lightweight
  • Rubber outsole for traction

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6. Nike Air Max Command Airplane Shoes

Nike Air Max is another versatile and comfortable shoe to consider for your airplane travel. This shoe is on-trend and is suitable for many outfits.

The shoe is amazingly lightweight and airy for your optimal comfort. Nike Air Max has a midsole incorporated with flexible urethane pouches with gas for cushioning.

This sneaker features breathable upper material and fits nicely into your foot. It also has overlays placed strategically to improved durability.

The shoe features a padded collar for support to the ankle. Rubber outsole has waffle and flex grooves to provide traction and comfort. It also features additional lacing holes for an individual fit.

Key Features

  • Air max element for superior cushioning
  • PU midsole for comfort.
  • Breathable Upper
  • lightweight material

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7. Vans Classic Herringbone Slip-On Shoes

You will need a lightweight and comfortable shoe as you find your way through the airport terminals.

Vans Classic Herringbone is an extremely comfortable flat shoe good for airplane travel.

It is suitable for walking, in queues and sitting on a plane. You will also need a slip-on shoe as they are easy to take off and on at airport security points.

The upper of the shoe features low profile textile with padded collars for comfort. The elastic seam of the shoe provides flexibility for swelling foot and also gives room for compression socks.

The outsole is made of durable rubber. You also need a shoe that feels gentle and lightweight. This shoe is available in a variety of colors to enable you to choose a favorite color that goes with your outfits.

Key Features

  • The upper is made of lightweight canvass.
  • A padded collar and cushioned footbed provide mas 
  • They are easy to put on
  • Durable signature waffle rubber outsole

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8. Converse Chuck Taylor Airplane Shoes

Air travel begins when you hit the tarmac as you head to the airport. Traveling in a bit of style while keeping comfort is everyone’s dream.

You can maintain the comfort and avoid problems with the foot during your flight by using Converse Chuck Taylor All Star.

This shoe will keep fresh and dry as you head to the airport and also keep your foot cozy throughout your flight.

This shoe has an iconic design and can go well with almost anything. The upper features flexible canvas fabric that gives room for the swelling foot.

The eyelet lacing system allows you to adjust the fit while assisting in ventilation. It also features OrthoLite insole for proper cushioning. They have high tops for support.

Key Features

  • It features medial eyelets for ventilation
  • The shoe is light and breathable
  • OrthoLite insole for cushioning
  • Durable rubber outsole for traction
  • Soft canvas allows for foot movement

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9. Allbirds Urban Fox Parker Wool Airplane Shoes

If you want to avoid chills while on the airplane, then the best shoe to have is Allbirds Urban Fox Parker.

This shoe is warm, and you don’t have to wear a sock. It has moisture protection and looks stylishly suitable for trekking to and from the airport, especially during cold weather.

The shoe feels comfortable that you may not take them off even in the long haul.

Urban Fox Parker is constructed with a Merino wool and water repellent shield to keep your feet dry and warm. The Merino wool also helps in moisture-wicking to minimize odor.

The inside feels soft and well-cushioned. The shoe features insole EVA SweetFoam while the outsole is made of natural rubber treads for better traction.

Key Features

  • Merino wool upper
  • Natural rubber for traction
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Flexible and conforms to foot movement

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10. Adidas Originals Ultraboost Shoes

You need practical and comfortable shoes as you find your way around airports. Adidas Originals Ultraboost is one of the best shoes for airplane travel.

It is a versatile shoe that is comfortable and supportive both on the ground and on the plane.

The shoe is made with running shoe design to improve your kicks as you move from one terminal to another.

This shoe features a Primeknit and synthetic upper for excellent breathability.

The upper is flexible to allow for free movement of your feet. It is the best shoe if you are looking to use compression socks to control feet swelling. The shoe is well cushioned and feels comfy from the inside.

The running shoe design gives the shoe good traction, support, and stability that prevent foot aches.

Key Features

  • It features breathable Primeknit upper
  • Molded heel counter and a sock-like fit for support
  • Elastic rubber outsole for traction and flexibility
  • It is a lightweight shoe

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Features To Look For In Airplane Travel Shoes

In-flight shoes are different from regular shoes. The temperature changes on the flight require that you have the appropriate shoe to adapt to a different condition.

Even before you are on the plane, you face long periods of standing, sitting, or trekking and may require the right shoes.

Some people prefer to stay barefoot on the airplane, which many travelers find disgusting.

You cannot remain barefoot when it is cold; you need shoes to warm your feet. Having the right shoes is an assurance of the comfort that awaits you on the plane.

Below are a few features to check when finding the best shoe for airplane travel

1. Comfortable Airplane Travel Shoes

Whether you are crossing over to the next stage or on a long haul, you need a comfortable in-flight shoe. Be keen on the features that make a shoe comfortable.

Shoes with a flat sole are must in a plane to reduce strain on your feet and legs. You need to create stability when walking or standing on a flight. For this reason, you should avoid wearing high-heel shoes.

You also need well-cushioned lightweight shoes with arch support as you will spend a lot of time seated. The shoes should also be flexible to accommodate swelling feet or compression socks. Comfy shoes enable you to relax during your flight.

2. Easy Take-on and Easy Take-off

You are subjected to security clearance at the airport, and you are required to take off your shoes at the entrance.

Of course, it would help to have easy take-off and take-on shoes as they save time and those of other travelers behind you. You will not have to be bending all the time to undo the myriad laces.

Slip-on shoes are the best if you want to get through the security a breeze or in case you want to remove your shoes while in flight.

3. Lightweight

You will do a lot of walking to and out of the airport. A light shoe is preferable and will save you energy.

Having a heavy shoe will make you uncomfortable even before you get to the flight. A heavy shoe is difficult to walk in and may delay you.

Since you are trying to reduce the weight of your luggage, a heavy shoe may later add weight to your suitcase when you replace it with sandals. Flats are the best shoe to go for, as they are usually lightweight.

4. Breathability

The last thing you will want to have is a too-tight synthetic fabric shoe that allows little breathability.

You should shun any shoes that have poor breathabilities such as nylon or leather shoe. Breathable shoes will save you from sweaty feet in sunny weather or a hot cabin.

A shoe with less breathability allows sweat to accumulate on the skin. When sweats build up in your feet, it can cause itching and blisters.

Sweats also make your feet smelly with can ruin your comforts and those of other travelers. The best shoe, therefore, is one which with synthetic and mesh fabrics or ventilation holes.

Final Word

No one can predict the micro-climate of the airplane cabin at any time. If you want to be sure of your comfort during your flight, grab a shoe that works best.

Sometimes it may be hard to leave behind your fashionable shoes. However, for the sake of your comfort, you should look for an appropriate substitute.

Fortunately, most airplane travel shoes come in comfortable and stylish designs. Be sure to have the best world on your feet and stand out as you step out of the plane with classy airplane travel shoes.

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