Best Shoes for Astro Turf

The great proliferation of sports among young people today has imposed new rules on the type of footwear provided by leading shoe brands. Requirements for footwear have changed rapidly to cater to the gameplay that is constantly evolving. At present, astro turf is becoming an increasingly popular substitute for a natural sports field. Its design replicates the look and feels of natural grass, making it an ideal playing surface for a selection of different sports, including hockey, soccer, and tennis. Do you want to know about the recommended shoes for astro turf? Read on!

shoes for astro turf

In response to the rapidly growing switch to artificial grass, leading shoe manufacturers continue to provide the best shoes for astro turf. These include:

  • ASICS Gel-Lethal MP 7
  • Jazba Rattler
  • Adidas Divox 
  • Adidas Flexcloud
  • Adidas Adizero 8.0 Limited Edition
  • Adidas Messi 16.3
  • PUMA 365 Ignite ST
  • Nike Pro Combat 
  • Diadora Capitano
  • Skechers Performance Hexgo 
  • K-Swiss Defier
  • K-Swiss Hypercourt
  • New Balance Lav V1
  • New Balance MC696
  • Head Nitro Team

The huge array of positives and advantages of playing sports on astro turf makes an even bigger difference for coaches and players. While coaches can ensure reduced risks of injury, players can exhibit improved performance. With that in mind, astro turf can be viewed as an investment that pays for itself.


Hockey league matches are fast-moving in nature. As they require the feet to make rapid changes in direction, shoes with good grip such as Astro shoes are necessary. These shoes utilize rubber grip to maintain the player’s balance on the field.

ASICS Gel-Lethal MP 7

The ASICS Gel-Lethal is footwear that will allow agility and performance while you are in a hockey game. On the upper body is a breathable mesh material that will help your feet to remain dry. Since the insole is removable, you can choose to use a customized insole or dual-density insole.

wide toe box gives your toes enough room to flex and wiggle. There is a space of one centimeter provided for your toes. For shock and impact absorption during training sessions or actual hockey games, the gel cushioning effectively takes care of these concerns.

What to like: dual-density sole, removable insole, synthetic upper, wide toe-box

Jazba Rattler

If you want a more stylish hockey pair of shoes, the Jazbar Rattler is the perfect option. It features an outsole crafted from pure rubber material for excellent traction. For quality cushioning ability of the shoes, the shoemaker makes use of EVA midsole.

Ideally, you want your hockey shoes to help build self-esteem that is up to the standards. Jazza Rattler does not disappoint, especially that it has a lot of added features. A shoe lacing system is designed to take the shape of your foot. With that, you can adjust the shoelaces with the utmost convenience. Due to the quality mesh used by the manufacturer, your feet remain odor-free. If you are worried about blisters, the Jazba Rattler has soft inner parts that will not allow exposure to any blisters. The sole, insole, the midsole is skillfully padded to give you quality cushioning while on a hockey game.

What to like: bouncy midsole, quality toe caps, well-padded midsoles, and innersole, support foot muscles

Adidas Divox 

The body of the Adidas Divox is crafted from a pure fiber material, which means that these shoes can dry quickly. A breathable mesh is incorporated in the upper to increase breathable space. It is also responsible for keeping your feet dry. Under wet conditions, the Adidas Divox is completely waterproof as the manufacturer used a quality foil to cover synthetic overlays. The manufacturer also utilized rubber soles so that the shoes remain lightweight while you play hockey for hours. Besides, the rubber soles do not only promote performance but comfort as well.

What to like: slightly padded collar, rubber sole, comfortable fabrics

Adidas Flexcloud

Adidas is a manufacturer that has dominated the sportswear industry for the past decades. A large percentage of their shoes are made from quality materials. The Adidas Flexcloud is a quality instep that comes with a padded collar and quality tongue. Such padded nature of the collar protects your ankle from pain and inflammation. Added is a prime toe cup made from quality TPU material. This is in anticipation of falling or hitting objects that may damage your toes.

It can also be noticed that the Adidas Flexcloud is engineered with an air mesh technology. This protects your foot and prevents the accumulation of bad odors. The rubber sole further reduces the shoes’ overall weight and promotes quality tractions.

What to like: rubber sole, seamless design, light in weight, adjustable laces

Adidas Adizero 8.0 Limited Edition

technology-based TPU sole is used by Adidas in their Adizero Limited Edition. As promised, the shoes offer you improved performance during hockey games and training sessions. The traditional lace-up system is preserved to secure a quality and personalized fit.

Other reasons why the Adidas Adizero remains a must-have for every hockey player is that it features a quality rubber sole. Adidas specifically designed these shoes with safety in mind because the rubber sole is vital to outstanding traction and friction option. Thus, your chances of slipping and falling are very low.

What to like: bouncy midsole, quality rubber soles, lightweight, water-resistant


For soccer players to reach their skills at the utmost level, the best astro turf shoes play a significant role. These are what players need to do tricks such as passing, shooting, dribbling, and others. Since they will not play on real glass, actual cleats which feature cleated outsoles are no longer needed. What soccer players need are shoes that have none to smaller cleated outsoles. 

Adidas Messi 16.3

Perhaps the word Messi sounds familiar to all soccer enthusiasts. It refers to Lionel Messi, a world-famous soccer star who inspired Adidas to create footwear that thrives on soccer fields across the world. Accordingly, the Messi series is regarded as one of the best professional shoes ever created for soccer games.

The Adidas Messi 16.3 features a lace-up system of new and elastic band type laces. These laces cradle your foot arch and attache your ankle to the rest of your foot tissues. Then, the insole of the shoes comes with a soft surface, which is helpful for players who suffer from chronic pain on their footbed. While the heel area is covered with a great plastic case, the upper is filled with mesh-like fabric to provide better heat containment and air ventilation.

What to like: made with turf material, snug-fit, slip-resistant

PUMA 365 Ignite ST

If you’re after more sophisticated soccer shoes, the 365 Ignite ST from PUMA brand deserves a spot in your shopping cart. It is one of the most technologically advanced shoes on a global level manufactured by the said brand. 

The PUMA 365 Ignite ST has probably the most excellent turf cleats you can ask for in a pair of astro turf shoes. An extravagant shape gives you the ability to move and accelerate without hurting your feet. While the heel area is cushioned to reduce pressure and shock, the outsole is flexible enough not to compress your toe fingers inside the shoes. For the outer part of the shoes, quality fabric and lightweight materials easily absorb sweat and moisture. This feature is highly important so that you can maintain the best level of hygiene. 

What to like: soft and three-colored mesh upper, strong visual effect, amazing breathability, TPU skin application, high abrasion areas, low-profile rubber outsole

Nike Pro Combat 

The Nike Pro Combat is available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. It is an innovative pair of soccer shoes for astro turf that suits your fashion sensibilities while playing in the soccer fields. The heel and foot curve areas are equipped with extra cushioning. Nike ensures that these areas are well-protected from direct impacts with the ground every time you jump to catch the ball.

To mobilize your toes, more room is provided in the forefoot area. This feature can further add to your overall stability and performance while playing the game.

What to like: lightweight fabric upper, moisture-wicking mesh, flat-seam construction, body-contoured seams

Diadora Capitano

Diadora is one of the most specialized brands to provide footwear for the soccer field. They equipped their Capitano shoes with technological advances, giving you an unforgettable playing experience.

The shoes feature an aerodynamic shape that works best at providing extra throttle. This feature is equally admirable for making you accelerate better than your opponents. As the goal of every game is to outperform them, these shoes promise you that competitive advantage.

You can play soccer in these shoes, even under the most adverse weather conditions since the outer parts are designed with waterproof and moisture-wicking quality leather.

What to like: flexible sole, hundred-percent synthetic, easy to wear and wash

Skechers Performance Hexgo 

For a quicker gaming style of modern soccer, the Performance Hexgo from Skechers is the best bet. Although this brand just started to produce sets of soccer-playing footwear, it can be noticed that the Performance Hexgo ensures proper flow in the soccer field.

The shoes have an upper mesh and shaft designed from lightweight materials. This is in hopes of reducing the total weight of the shoes so that you can move with maximum convenience. To reduce the pressure coming from the field, the insole takes the shape of the footbed and supports your foot curve. 

What to like: rubber sole, smooth outer layer, stylish look


Astro turf shoes in tennis courts are particularly suited to maintain the speed of the ball on the surface. It is recommended that players use shoes with a flexible top as not to pinch their feet when they move towards the ball. Other characteristics of the shoes are good grip, outer sole with small studs, and an outer sole that cannot damage the court surface.

K-Swiss Defier

The first astroturf shoes from K-Swiss on our list are versatile enough to be utilized in other types of court. A resistant Drag Guard counters the tension on your heel and toes. The outsole of these shoes is made of durable rubber, which offers stability and support without affecting high traction. For countering the shocks during rebound, the ortholite insole does an excellent job. Additional features of these shoes are TPU-furnished midfoot for extra stability, synthetic leather material, dura wrap technology for wear-resistance, breathable upper, padded tongue and collar, lace-up system, and wide toe-box.

What to like: ortholite insole, dura wrap, and Drag Guard technology, well-cushioned collar, durable rubber outsole

K-Swiss Hypercourt

Part of what makes K-Swiss Hypercourt popular among tennis players is that it incorporates the latest technology. The EVA midsole is combined with GuideGlide construction. As a result, the shoes provide great cushioning and shock absorption properties. 

You can find that the upper part of the K-Swiss Hypercourt is constructed with breathable mesh panels, keeping your feet dry and odor-free. Added is a Herringbone profile that helps increase good traction while playing tennis. Longtime users of these shoes expressed that the said technology does not leave any marks on the artificial ground.

What to like:  ortholite insole, Herringbone technology, multiple breathable mesh panels

New Balance Lav V1

The midsole is composed of a fresh foam that supports shock absorption on the footbed. Featuring a lightweight design, these shoes are sure to fit on your feet and encourage speed and flexibility. There is no need to worry about compromising the heel while allowing flexibility as the heel is also reinforced with maximum protection. To prevent irritation, the inside seams are designed to be smooth and well-ventilated. You can safely show your lateral moves while playing because New Balance specifically created these shoes for a very significant reason. That is to eradicate every tennis player’s constant worry of twisting their foot. Also, you can flex and move your toes freely during lateral movements because of the wide toe box.

What to like: fresh foam midsole, Herringbone outsole, EVA midsole

New Balance MC696

The New Balance MC696 is included in our list of the best astro turf shoes as it is made of the anti-slip sole. This sole provides high traction while you play on the artificial tennis ground. Flexible textile material and mesh panels allow air to circulate, giving your feet a breathable space. Apart from that, the K-EVA technology used in the insole and midsole provides a more comfortable cushion. 

When your foot is in action, the shock absorption properties of the New Balance MC696 protect you from injury. You can fully expect that proper preventive measures for possible foot problems with these shoes.

What to like: rubber outsole, upper synthetic mesh, Herringbone outsole

Head Nitro Team

Some tennis shoes cannot withstand bad weather, but the Head Nitro Team is an exception. These feature a firm support outsole. Those who have tried the Head Nitro Team praised its ability to perform well even on unfavorable weather conditions. 

Just like the rest of the shoes on our list, the Head Nitro Team has shock absorption properties. This ensures that you can accomplish lateral movements without damaging your feet.

What to like: rubber sole, midsole cushioning, padded collar, lightweight


The only way to make a smart purchase is to understand the features of astro turf shoes. If you fail to do so, you may be cheated by buying traditional sports shoes, which seem like astro turf shoes. 

Astro turf shoes have harder outsoles than traditional sports shoes. These shoes also feature aggressive and raised threads instead of shallow blades or studs. You can only wear them on artificial grass. Expect that astro turf shoes do not permeate the mat underneath the artificial surface. Instead, these shoes hold onto the dense surface of the artificial grass. 

Artificial grass is pretty hard on traditional sports shoes as these are not designed to withstand rough surfaces. In other words, astro turf shoes are much more effective on artificial grass than traditional sports shoes. 

If you wear traditional sports shoes on astro turf, there is a greater risk of a knee injury. A study in the American Journal of Sports Medicine has shown that the most damaging injury, which has become more common in sports, is a tear of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). It is, therefore, a mistake to wear a certain pair of shoes on a surface it is not meant for.


Related Questions

Can traditional sports shoes ruin astro turf?

Yes, because these shoes have the quality to play on concrete or dry hardwood surfaces. If you use them on artificial grass, the playing surface may ruin.

Are shoes for astro turf expensive?

Price varies from brand to brand. As with other sportswear, some brands have prices that exceed your budget. However, these shoes often go on sale months after release.

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