Best Shoes for Baby Boys

Normally, you would only dress your baby’s feet in socks or booties to keep them warm. However, when a baby starts to walk, you will need to obtain new footwear for protection. You would not want to be concerned about broken glass or harmful substances, possibly lying around the floor. And definitely, you would want to avoid potentially stepping on delicate tiny toes. Thus, the need for you to get a reliable pair of shoes for baby boys.

shoes for baby boys

Ideally, the best shoes for baby boys should be breathable without compromising their protective qualities. They should also offer flexibility mainly at the soles as well as sufficient grip, stability, and comfort. And for the benefit of both you and your son, go for the footwear that has secure closures. Look into the following for some shoes for baby boys that have a combination of the mentioned properties.

  • Carter’s Every Step Kids Park Baby Boy’s Casual Sneaker
  • Stride Rite Soft Motion Jamie Sneaker
  • Pediped Originals Martin Sandal
  • Robeez Mini Shoez Boys’ Low-Top Sneaker/Crib Shoe
  • See Kai Run Kids Stevie II
  • Jumping Jacks Kids’ Perfection
  • Momo Baby Hunter Sneaker
  • Merrell Kids Bare Steps H20
  • Converse Kids Chuck Taylor First Star Core Crib
  • Freshly Picked Soft Sole Oxfords

The right footwear with the right style can make all the difference as your child learns to use his legs. 

Tips for Shopping Shoes for Baby Boys

Babies’ first steps are usually anywhere between their 8th and 18th month. They may begin flat-footed, in-toeing, or out-toeing on rare occasions. Usually, children would outgrow these cases, but you may check with your podiatrist if it starts concerning you. Footwear will help protect their developing feet from potential injuries, heat, and cold.

When buying a pair, consider the criteria ahead to come up with the ideal decision.


Baby feet sweat twice as much as adults’. Thus, you must look for footwear with breathable materials such as leather or fine mesh.


You need to check for soles that will prevent slipping as your toddler learns how to cruise, walk, and run. Ideally, only go for rubber soles with sufficient traction.


The American Academy of Pediatrics made lightweight and flexibility as the top priorities for baby shoe shopping. Your toddler’s feet must flex up and down and side to side for a natural foot movement. Moreover, the footwear should grant stability in the midfoot for control. There should also be cushioning in the heel that similarly functions for stability as well as balance.


A lot of parents prefer slip-on for an easy on-and-off. However, slip-on tend to come loose on their own and off babies’ feet. Thus, you may want to consider going for extra secure closures such as lacesVelcro, or snaps, especially if your tiny walker likes it outside.

Best Shoes for Baby Boys

Carter’s Every Step Kids Park Baby Boy’s Casual Sneaker

The Every Step Park walking shoes for baby boys by the trusted brand Carter is a perfect representation of cost-effectiveness. They are fairly inexpensive compared to other similar products without compromising style and performance. You can fasten them using the Velcro straps that are easy to put on and take off. Moreover, you can worry less about slippage because of the footwear’s molded soles with excellent traction. There also are sensory pods on the forefront and heels so your little one can have a better balance.

Stride Rite Soft Motion Jamie Sneaker

As the name suggests, the Jamie sneaker by Stride Rite is a soft motion to encourage natural movement for first-time walkers. It comes with flexible, rubber soles and memory foam insoles in a style that has been sealed and approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Additionally, its material is a combination of leather and mesh with a hook-and-loop closure for adjustability and effortless on-and-off. Lastly, it has a seamless construction that cradles your little boy’s normal foot shape.

Pediped Originals Martin Sandal

The Pediped line of shoes for baby boys has a lot of mom votes for their cuteness and style. Aside from that, their crafting utilized a hundred percent leather uppers and soles that are lined for comfort and breathability. Its fastening system includes Velcro straps that you can adjust for a snug fit. In particular, their soles are lightweight, flexible, and non-slip to encourage a more natural foot movement. They are non-marking as well, so you would not have to worry about your home’s polished surfaces.

Robeez Mini Shoez Boys’ Low-Top Sneaker/Crib Shoe

The Mini Shoez line by Robeez presents footwear that looks like something mom or dad would put on. Primarily, their crafting aims to promote the development of baby feet. In line with this, you can observe a split sole on the products that provide the skid-resistance of a rubber bottom. At the same time, it has the flexibility of a soft shoe. Besides that, you can find an elastic around the ankle that helps keep the shoes on your boy’s feet. There also are foam cushioning for comfort as well as superior quality and durable leather.

See Kai Run Kids Stevie II

The brand See Kai Run began as Kai’s mom was searching for footwear that is well-made and supports healthy feet. And the results are stunning, just like the Stevie II for infants and toddlers. It is hip, adorable, and aesthetically pleasing for its coloring that goes beyond the primary colors spectrum. You would wish they came in your size.

Certainly, See Kai Run equipped Stevie II with a textile upper with contrast stitching, a hook-and-loop closure, and adjustable elastic laces. It comes with a padded tongue and collar, breathable textile lining, cushioned insole, and flexible rubber outsole. All these come together for one super comfortable yet greatly supportive shoe.

Jumping Jacks Kids’ Perfection

The Jumping Jacks Kids’ Perfection walking shoes for baby boys make an exceptional option for a dressier outfit. They come in minimal ornamentation and an athletic Nubuck leather finish. Chiefly, the brand’s aim for the Perfection model is certainly perfection in terms of comfort and lasting wear.

Momo Baby Hunter Sneaker

Help your little hunter with his first steps with the Momo Baby Hunter sneaker. What makes it particularly ideal as a first-time walker shoe is its durable, lightweight mesh that enables optimum ventilation. Besides that, the Hunter has a hard bottom with sufficient flexibility. This allows for a better natural weight shift from back to the front of the shoe when walking.

Merrell Kids Bare Steps H20

The Bare Steps H20’s creation aimed to cater to tiny humans who are just beginning to toddle. The model provides exceptional versatility such that it can serve as an aqua shoe for its quick-drying property. Overall, it offers more support and protection than a regular sandal. It is soft, enclosed, thin-soled, an extra-wide toe box, and an exclusive reinforced toe bumper.

Converse Kids Chuck Taylor First Star Core Crib

Babies differ in pace when it comes to achieving their milestones. So, if your young man is still doing more crawling than walking, you do not have to worry at all. He can still fashion an old school classic with the Converse Kids Chuck Taylor First Stars crib shoes. They have a high lace tie fit and are easy to pull on for a more relaxed, cozy, and supported pair of small feet.

Freshly Picked Soft Sole Oxfords

Not only are these oxfords charming, but they are also great for child foot development. The soft leather soles will enable your son to extend his toes and grip the floor as if he is walking barefoot. This will help enhance his coordination and balance. Additionally, the oxfords come with a matte leather upper, fingerless tongue, and elastic laces that are fed through eyelets.

Related Questions

What should you not do when picking shoes for your baby?

  • First, make sure that the shoe fits your baby’s foot perfectly. Never buy a bigger size to make the item last for the months ahead. This will only cause your child to fall or trip and may hamper the development of the walking skill. 
  • Second, do not buy used footwear as it is likely to have molded to the original owner’s feet. Fit and form are crucial in the matters of a child’s first walking footwear. Furthermore, footwear fits differently for every child.

How should a shoe fit your baby’s foot?

You can do thumb and heel tests to ensure the perfect fit. Once you get the item on your little one’s foot, press your thumb sideways at the shoe’s tip. There should be about a thumb’s width or half an inch of space between the shoe tip and your child’s longest toe. Conversely, for the heel test, try inserting your pinkie into the heel. Make sure it feels snug when your baby’s toes are pushed to the shoe front.

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