Best Shoes for Baby Girls

Having a baby girl is like having a live doll that you can play dress-up with every day. You would just want to match her cuteness with some pretty dresses and shoes. However, the latter is not always exactly necessary in terms of physiological benefits. Too hard or inflexible footwear may only just restrict natural foot movement and will be unhelpful to walking skill learning. But during your baby’s actual first steps, especially when you are outdoors, she will need the best pair of shoes for baby girls.

To get the best shoes for baby girls, you must understand what infant or toddler’s feet need. This includes a breathable upper such that baby feet tend to sweat easily. You must also cater to your girl’s flat feet with flat outsoles and padded insoles for comfort. And if possible, reserve the heels for when she grows older. 

shoes for baby girls

Here are a few of the best shoes for baby girls:

  • Stride Rite Soft Motion Amalie Mary Jane
  • Pediped Betty Mary Jane
  • Baby Deer First Steps Ballet with Bow
  • Momo Baby Leah Sneaker
  • Carter’s Kids’ Glen Sneaker
  • Stride Rite SRT Emilia Sneaker
  • Robeez Pink Willa Boot
  • BirdRock Baby Moccasin
  • Jack and Lily Sabrina Sandal
  • Stride Rite SRT Tulip Sandal

It is no less than fun and fashionable to dress a baby in matching outfits and shoes. However, you must hold a bit off of shoe style and focus more on qualities to promote healthy feet’ growth and development.

Ideal Shoe Construction

As soon as your toddler starts showing motivation to run around, it is an ideal time to put on shoes regularly. Or else, she may potentially have problems like stubbed toes or broken toenails. This is especially important to note if she already has some minor gait abnormalities such as in-toeing or out-toeing.

Ahead are the four essential parts of a shoe construction to look out for.


Children’s feet are prone to heavy sweating. Because of this, the upper of their footwear should be made of breathable materials like leather, canvas, or mesh. If possible, you must avoid man-made materials such as plastic as they tend to be stiff and movement restricting.


Normally, babies have flat feet, so they do not need special arch support. You may only want some padded insoles that are made of absorbent material.


The outsole is responsible for providing traction, cushioning, and flexibility to the footwear. You would want it to be not too sticky and not too thick. Otherwise, you may worry yourself watching your little doll stumble and fall.


Flat feet need flat outer soles to begin walking. So, you must avoid heeled footwear as much as possible. Your daughter can wear shoes for baby girls that have heels when she is a bit older. Not too high, though; just at most one inch. Tall heels only cause feet to slide forward and cramp the toes against the shoes’ interior. You must take care of the baby’s feet that carry her entire delicate body.

Best Shoes for Baby Girls

Stride Rite Soft Motion Amalie Mary Jane

The Amalie model of Stride Rite’s Soft Motion series is no less than a perfect blend of fashion and function. It is a sweet, soft-sided Mary Jane style, which flexibly does well as either play shoes or dress shoes. It sports a shiny patent leather upper, an easy-on hook-and-loop strap, and a round-shape toe. The latter, in particular, promotes healthy feet and encourages natural movement for your first-time walker. Moreover, prepare for a closed deal as you learn about Amalie’s padded collarmemory foam footbed, and flexible rubber outsole. These make such a great option for starting steppers.

Pediped Betty Mary Jane

Pediped manufactures footwear that is adorable yet well-performing. One of their points of pride is the Betty shoes for baby girls in their Originals collection. It is in a Mary Jane silhouette, a hundred percent leather upper and sole, and a rounded toe. It also comes with a padded collar, a scalloped topline trim, and a bow-adorned vamp for that princess touch.

Baby Deer First Steps Ballet with Bow

Baby Deer step up your crawler or walker’s princess dressing with a pair of ballet shoes for baby girls. The best thing about it is its very secure and not easily undoable straps across the leather upper and flat soles. It is minimally ornamented so it can go with any color of dress except for its lovely bows.

Momo Baby Leah Sneaker

Match your child’s colorful shirt and leggings outfit with a colorful Leah sneaker by Momo Baby. Beyond its cute appearance are a lightweight leather upper, thin flexible sole, and deep tread traction. With Leah on, your child can toddle like a young athlete that will surely please you as you watch her. The item comes with lace detail, but it is the Velcro that functions as a strap-on. And besides the Velcro, you can make sure that the sneaker does not come off as it has a rather snug fit for, particularly narrow feet.

Carter’s Kids’ Glen Sneaker

Carter’s Kids Glen shoes for baby girls can be worn by children, from crawlers to toddlers. Thus, this pair of sweet kicks with a sweet rainbow arch across the shoe top can grow with your offspring. Off with the ornamentation, though, you can be sure about comfort through Glen’s flexible outer sole and breathable denim-like upper. Its closure is a hook-and-loop style for a quick on-and-off for those active tiny feet.

Stride Rite SRT Emilia Sneaker

White sneakers have been a trend in adult fashion culture. And your young lady can join in, too, using the Emilia model by Stride Rite. It is a classic design with subtle feminine detailing and top-notch craftsmanship. It comes with a cushioned footbed, a lightweight flexible outsole, and a breathable white leather upper. What makes it rather charming are the embroidered pastel pink flowers and the sweet scalloped edging.

Robeez Pink Willa Boot

Warm your precious baby’s feet in the winter with the Robeez Pink Willa boot. Besides battling cold, the boot can instantly up your little doll’s style gaming through the faux fur. You would not worry about its functionality as a walker as well because of its non-slip soles and elastic ankle bands.

BirdRock Baby Moccasin

BirdRock Baby produces very high quality, genuine leather, the epitome of adorable moccasins. They come in dainty-patterned uppers, ornamented with polka dots or flowers. But the more important things to love are the soft solesfine stitchingelastic bands, and the moccasin frills.

Jack and Lily Sabrina Sandal

The Sabrina sandal by Jack and Lily is perfect for the season when you are often out in the sunshine. Its crafting made the model a comfortable vegan, leather walking shoes for baby girls. Its ornamentation includes a charming flower detail on top of the brand’s signature rubber soles. Additionally, it has superior cushioning and a Velcro strap for optimum support.

Stride Rite SRT Tulip Sandal

Allow your young lady to tiptoe safely into the summer season with the Tulip sandal by the trusted Stride Rite. The sandal is exceptionally lightweight and offers ample flexibility as well as full-toe coverage. Its upper is a breathable leather, its closure a hook-and-loop, and its footbed sufficiently cushioned.

Related Questions

How do you keep the shoes on your baby’s feet?

Infants are notorious for vigorous constant kicking that causes their footwear to come off of them. Older babies, on the other hand, tend to take their footwear off on their own. To prevent these, you must make sure that your infant’s footwear has a snug fit without leaving marks as you remove them. Also, opt for the items that adjust to the feet, such as Velcro, laces, and snaps. Finally, try to find a pair that your baby likes. Test on a couple of different styles. Eventually, you will find one that she will keep on.

What indicates a bad shoe?

There is no absolute definition for a bad shoe. It is just always relative to whoever is wearing it. It is bad if it does not fit right, whether it is too tight or too big. To tell if a shoe is too tight, you may observe red marks on your child’s foot as you take the shoe off. On the other hand, if it is too big, you may witness your little walker constantly slipping, tipping, or limping. These incidents mean that the shoe is uncomfortable, and you must replace it with a better fitting one.

How often should you replace your child’s shoes?

This will depend on how active your child is and how fast is the growing rate of her feet. On average, early toddlers under sixteen months grow more than half a foot size in two months. Older toddlers, conversely, those who are sixteen to twenty-four months old, grow about half a foot size every three months. Therefore, it is safe to say that you need to obtain new shoes approximately every two to three months.

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