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Motorcycles were initially invented to accommodate humanity’s need to transport faster than horse wagons. From being a luxury, they have turned into a basic household possession, even now with the incredibly heavy traffic. And from that, motorcycle riding has evolved into a sport and a hobby. Studies show that the activity can help increase your brain power, reduce stress, and improve your mood. However, as all that, it requires all the right gear, most importantly, the best shoes for bikers.

shoes for bikers

There is a wide variety of shoe selections for riding motorcycles. However, they are classified into two major distinctions – the boot type and the more casual sneaker type. The former is the more recommended option over the latter. This is as it offers heavier duty textiles that address off-road route concerns. The latter, on the other hand, is ideal for daily errand runs as they are typically lighter than the former. From these categories, here are the best shoes for bikers.

  • Icon 1000 Truant CE Boots 
  • Stylmartin Rocket Boots
  • Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Boots
  • TCX Metropolitan Boots
  • Bruno Marc Combat Oxford Boots
  • Speed and Strength Black Nine Moto Shoes
  • Alpinestars OSCAR Rayburn Shoes
  • Rev’it Fairfax Shoes
  • Dainese Street Rocker D-WP Biker Shoes
  • Forma Urban Touch Dry Shoes

Previously, there was an unwritten notion that motorcycle riding should confine several items in one segment of wear. Specifically, these items include chiefly the boots, jackets, and pants. Having to check all of those and more in every planned bike ride can be quite taxing. For instance, what about buying a new pair of shoes as a replacement for your old aging one? Therefore, you must only layout your funds in the shoes with the best qualities and superior durability.

Types of Shoes for Bikers

Motorcycle riding is usually done for traversing rough roads, packed highways, and narrow lanes. In these settings, you are required to take proper hold of your ride and take necessary safety precautions. This is why you have to spend your funds on a couple of protective gear like suit, helmet, and shoes.

Upon making your selection for the shoes for bikers, you are likely to come across two choices. These are the classic riding boots and the more casual protective riding sneakers.

Classic Riding Boots

This option is the most recommended for either leisure or competitive motorcycle riding. It is tailored chiefly to address both comfort and safety.

Usually, riding boots appear rising past the ankle primarily to cover the calf. Other hugs rise until the part below the knee for optimum coverage and protection. Typically, they are made from high-quality materials such as heavy-duty water and weatherproof leather. They also come equipped with skid-proof soles, fitted padding, more cushioning, and toe shifters.

Style-wise, riding boots often may not look as chic as the more casual riding sneakers but are just as functional. They may even offer more surface area to guard your feet from the elements and during a potential crash. They may also fit better with the accurate seal around the legs.

And as investments, riding boots prove that they are great as-is for their durability and longer lifespan. You can simply switch their buckles, soles, and the rest of the moving parts when your pair gets old. That way, you would not have to keep buying an entirely new pair every time.

Casual Riding Sneakers/Shoes

This option, on the other hand, is the more popular shoes for bikers who are more into casual riding. These are not ordinary sneakers that you can wear daily. They offer more protection and comfort than the latter both on and off the bike.

Normally, these riding shoes or sneakers are created out of the heavy-duty canvas as well as water-resistant leather. Also, they have ankle protectors, heel and toe caps, and rubber soles with firm shanks. These components are there to protect you from the elements and in the potential event of a crash. At the same time, these shoes are very much comfortable while being protective.

Manufacturers of these shoes produce their products to bring out more creativity and personality into the spotlight. Aside from that, they may be quite a bit lighter than your classic pair of riding boots.

Best Boots for Riding Motorcycles

Icon 1000 Truant CE Motorcycle Boots 

These boots can be purchased in black or brown, stylish, and exceptionally efficient. It comes with a midfoot retaining strap with multiple functions. First, it protects your feet against the elements. And second, it assists you in maintaining a good riding posture.

Moreover, these boots have an axial metric steel shank, a slip-resistant rubber sole, and a reinforced toe box. All these components make up for a pair of boots with optimal protection and comfort while riding or just walking.

Stylmartin Rocket Boots

The Stylmartin manufactures various models of shoes for bikers, both boot and casual sneaker types. Among those is the sleek and classy Rocket, designed in Italy and intricately handmade in Romania. It appears similar to the archetypal look of the Second World War era’s paratrooper boots.

The architecture of the Rocket boots includes a beefed-up interior as well as exterior ankle support. Other than that, the boots have a waterproof and breathable membrane and an extra leather patch at the shifter.

Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Boots

It is safe to say that the Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 boots are a crossover form of boots for different uses. It is a form that can suit well for street riding, cruising, as well as touring. Its aesthetic is well enough that you can wear it on your day-to-day commutes. At the same time, it is adequately sturdy that you can use it for those weekend off-road escapades.

The grand assembly of these boots ensures that your feet are enclosed from road rash. The boots also hold up remarkably well in the possible event of a road accident or crash. Additionally, they feature a quick-lock buckle system and a comfortable padded ankle cuff. Also, there is triple stitching in the stress areas. Lastly, the boots are outfitted with an integrated shoe protector to make the shoes last a long time. With this specific element, you can make sure that your pair can withstand even the worst conditions.

TCX Metropolitan Boots

The TCX brand is of the Italian company, which was known previously as Oxtar. They manufacture fashionable casual sneaker type boots as well as some elegantly dressy ones. Among those is the Metropolitan cap-toe dress boot, which is perfect for upgrading the quality of your next bike ride.

Other than that, the Metropolitan design incorporates a reinforced heel, toe, and ankle protectors. Also, the high quality, performing dress boot highlights its full-leather construction for most favorable robustness. In the matter of aging, the leather only gets better and ups the boot’s aesthetic over time.

Bruno Marc Military Combat Oxford Boots

The Bruno Marc Military Combat Oxford boots are one of the most selected shoes for bikers. They are generally picked for two things – style and efficiency.

Imagine an event where you are riding your bike to work for an urgent business meeting. The Bruno boots will serve you just your riding needs, and your need to look as dapper as possible. They are lightweight enough to be used daily and are conveniently well ventilated. Apart from that, it is fixed with a skid-resistant rubber outsole and a thinner toe for easier fitting. Price-wise, on the other hand, these boots are in the more affordable boot category for such great qualities.

Best Casual Shoes for Riding Motorcycles

Speed and Strength Black Nine Moto Shoes

The Black Nine Moto of Speed and Strength looks just like your ordinary every day sneakers. However, it is a high-top one that is extremely aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. It boasts of a robust anti-slip rubber outsole, durable leather upper, as well as a non-shank sole. All these promises to keep your foot and ankle relaxed, adaptable, and free for a non-restricted range of movements.

Additionally, Speed and Strength integrated an exclusive Under Cover lacing system to this shoe model. It functions by keeping things concealed and off from the chain and sprocket of your bike. It also features a molded toe and extra reinforcements in key spots such as the heel and the ankle.

The Black Nine Moto shoe is excellent for the ultimate casual motorcycle riding during weekends. You may just want to avoid using it too much for off-road riding, especially during the wet seasons. But aside from being among the notable shoes for bikers, this model also suits skateboards for its security features.

Alpinestars OSCAR Rayburn Shoes

The Alpinestars OSCAR Rayburn shoes seem like a cross of a casual riding sneaker and a vintage boot. Certainly, it looks somewhere in between a work boot and a chukka boot. For this reason, these shoes may cause confusion between the classifications of the boot and casual shoes. Either way, an OSCAR Rayburn serves both form and function for motorcycle riding and dressy occasions.

Highlighting the finest of Italian craftsmanship, the shoe model is CE certified. As you would guess, it has all that you need including heel, ankle, and toe internal reinforcements. Also, it boasts of an oil-resistant rubber for improved traction and anatomical padding for further comfort. Its extra shank reinforcement, moreover, grants arch support for a perfect stride.

On the whole, the shoes are fashioned in full-grain leather that allows versatility in use. You might just want to save these shoes for the dry rides. If not, they just have a gusseted tongue that prevents the elements from messing those new argyle socks.

Rev’it Fairfax Shoes

If you want all those hidden protection, then you should consider looking into the Rev-it Fairfax Shoes. They are designed to be subtle and fashionable with outstanding levels of rider security. For one, they have a thermoformed heel cup and toe cap that resist crushing for you in case of an emergency. They also have injected ankle cups whose role is insulating the main hinges of our feet. Besides, there is a reflective pull tab that amplifies visibility in dark riding settings.

All of those mentioned protective elements cone in an under-the-radar package that competes with those of your daily kicks. In the comfort matter, conversely, it offers an anatomically shaped footbed so you can maintain your feet at ease.

Dainese Street Rocker D-WP Biker Shoes

Dainese is a brand that leads the industry of high-end security equipment. With such a reputation, they came up with the Street Rocker D-WP to channel an urban guise within their catalog. It is designed as seemingly a rough rocker but with a breathable and waterproof D WP lining. It comes whole with a pre-worn full-grain cowhide leather upper as well as rigid ankle inserts. Also, it has a nylon midsole that keeps the other components operating at maximum effectiveness throughout.

Moreover, the shoes show off a grippy rubber sole and a valued CE-approved safety rating. With that, you can achieve peace of mind knowing about the shoes’ adept capabilities.

In the style matter, the shoes come unabashedly in a Vans high-top styling. Thus, it should not surprise you if even non-bike riders would avail the shoes for everyday errand runs. Aside from being fashionable, they are remarkably functional with their weather-ready textiles and modified reinforcements.

Forma Urban Touch Dry Riding Shoes

When it comes to an athletic or sporty aesthetic, the Forma Urban Touch Dry shoes will top the rank. It is dubbed as an Italian Jordan, with it looking like an Air Jordan VI and XIV hybrid. Its assembly features an oil-treated full-grain leather as well as a Cordura upper. It also came with a double-density rubber sole and reinforced ankle security injected into the upper. Moreover, it has a plastic shifter pad that is woven into the toe cap.

All of the mentioned protective properties are CE rated to give you a sense of total relief. Besides, Forma backs their feet gear with a twelve-month warranty to accommodate potential concerns.

Related Questions

Will trainers suffice as footgear when riding a motorcycle?

No. Wearing trainers when riding a motorcycle will not give your feet the maximum protection in case you fall off. Thus, it is highly advised that you avoid wearing those, or worse, sandals when bike driving. It is still ideal that you wear a pair of good riding shoes or boots as they offer several protective abilities. These include protecting your feet from the cold apart from the event where you fall off your bike. They also can save from knocks and bumps during your drive along rough, packed, or narrow routes.

Riding shoes and boots can be made from leather, rubber, or plastic. Among those, leather gives the best protection in events of crash or road accident. You just have to make sure that your footwear is comfortable and that your foot can function well in it. Upon deciding on a pair of riding shoes, you should try on different models and select what feels best for you. It is better if you can find a pair that you can afford, but be sure that you are investing in a good quality one.

How do you decide on the cut of the riding shoes you will buy?

First of all, consider your comfort. Some people adapt well to high cut boots, while others may not be as comfortable. Therefore, you should know the ideal boot or shoe height you are keen with by trying on some personally.

Second, know that taller boots can provide you with better protection from the cold and exhaust pipes. Most riders opt for a higher cut when riding in the cold weather. Also, the boots are ideal for those that ride on bikes that have tall shafts. Conversely, shorter riding shoes or boots fit well for daily rides as they offer more comfort. Of course, the protection they offer may not equal to that of the longer boots in extreme speeds and against exhaust pipes. Either way, both cuts should protect your ankles against impact in the event of a road crash.

Which type of riding shoes will fit you best?

The best riding shoes will depend heavily on your overall lifestyle. If you are a rough rider who often spends your weekend on off-road terrains, then a pair of boots will suit your needs. But if you are more of a drive to the city for casual errands, then the more casual sneaker type shoes are for you. Note as well that there are a few off for both depending on your lifestyle. For example, heavier boots might be too much for daily use. The lighter shoes, on the other hand, may not offer as good protection against the extreme elements.

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