Best Shoes for Bunions

Bunions limit the choice of footwear. The available limited options might be either too expensive or not the right size. However, the awareness of these conditions has made shoe manufacturers relook at their production line. Which are the best shoes for Bunions worth investing in? We have the answers. Read on!

best shoes for bunions

There are several shoes to ensure that people with bunions can walk comfortably. This article reviews the best shoes for bunions and factors to considers when looking for shoes. Here is a sneak peek:

  • Propét Women’s TravelActive Sneaker
  • Catia Espadrille Bunions Sandals
  • VIVE Recovery Bunions Boot
  • Torin 4 Plush Running Shoes
  • Finn Comfort Women’s Sandal
  • Teresa Platform Pump
  • Orthofeet Women’s Sandal
  • Propét Men’s Cush N Foot Slipper
  • EOrthofeet Breeze Comfort Sneaker
  • Emma Stretch Knee-High Boots

The Top Best 9 Shoes for Bunions

1.  Propét Women’s TravelActiv Sneaker

Propét Sneaker has similar features to the normal sports sneakers for ladies. However, a closer look at the shoes will reveal that the shoes have an extra touch, which makes them the most suitable for people with bunions.

First, the shoes use a lace-up style to allows for adjustment in case you the feet experience discomfort. Second, the shoes are lightweight to provide maximum comfort.

The upper is made using a synthetic fabric that minimizes sweating and allows fresh air supply for cool and dry feet.

The shoes come in five different widths to cater for people with different feet sizes. The insole is removable, and therefore you can substitute it with an orthopedic one for health purposes.

The treads on the outsole have a useful pattern for maximum grip, especially when walking on a slippery surface. The provision for arch support also increases stability for people with bunions.

Main features

  • Breathable synthetic upper to allow free air supply.
  • Cushioned insole and a removable footbed for flexibility and comfort.
  • Rubber outsole with customized treads for maximum grip.

Final verdict: Every bunion is unique, and so are the different sizes of the Propét Sneakers. The lightweight, breathable, and unique footbed and insole insoles give the shoes a unique look and feel.

2. Catia Espadrille Sandals | Catia Bunions Shoes

The Catia Sandals are not your ordinary sandals, even on face value. They are recommended by orthopedics as the best pick for bunions.

The straps used on these sandals are thick for durability and are evenly distributed throughout.

Besides, they have an adjustable strap on the heel to lower pressure exerted on the feet.

The footbed is padded to maximize comfort on the feet. It is also padded to increase comfort to the feet. The toe area is wide and open to allow the toes to get enough air, and remain cool and dry. 

Main features

Nude and thick straps to provide comfort to the feet.

An open toe area with a padded insole to allow free circulation of air.

Adjustable heel strap to reduce the risk of the feet slipping out when walking.

Final verdict:The design of Catia Sandals gives it an edge over other bunion shoes since it allows the feet to get enough supply of air. The open structure makes it ideal for the elderly who might struggle with putting on shoes.

3.  VIVE Recovery Walking Boot

People with bunions might struggle with getting a shoe that caters to their needs. However, VIVE has made this easy, thanks to its Recovery Walking Boot.

You can choose to buy a boot for your left or right foot. The particular boot comes with fully adjustable straps to allow bandages on the bunions to fit in comfortably.

This after-surgery boot comes with a rocker sole, synonymous mfor non-slid tread patterns. The shoes are also lightweight, which adds to the comfort in the shoes.

The toe box in the shoes is wide, with a square shape, which minimizes the risk of hurting the toes.

The low cost makes this Recovery Walking Boot the best choice for people with bunions.

Main features

  • Non-skid rocker sole for optimal grip and support.
  • A unisex boot that can be adjusted to fit either foot.
  • A 60-day guarantee which is a sign of quality.

Final verdict: VIVE Recovery shoe has chipped in where others have failed. The lightweight design with a square-shaped wide toe box contributes to comfort in people with bunions.

The low cost with a 60-day guarantee sets this shoe apart from others in the market. If you are looking for shoes that will walk with you right after surgery on the bunion until it heals, this is the solution. 

4.  Torin 4 Plush Running Shoes

Choosing a shoe for exercising can be daunting, especially for people with bunions.

However, Torin 4 shoes have all the features to maximize comfort. The toe box is round and wide to allow the toes to relax when running and minimize injuries.

The shoes are cushioned for extra comfort. However, they are still lightweight, which makes them highly flexible.

The outsole is designed to offer a uniform arch support to the feet, hence increased support.

The tread patterns in these shoes also increase grip and prevent skidding and falling when exercising.

Main features

  • Leveled outsole to provide arch support to the feet soles.
  • Lightweight for flexibility and comfort.
  • Wide-rounded toe box to allow the toes to relax during running.

Final verdict: The round-shape toe box offers flexibility and comfort during exercise without hurting the toe.

The lightweight and arch support are also vital features which a bunion shoe should have. Don’t let bunions limit you from exercises, yet Torin 4 is in the market.

5. Teresa Platform Pump

Ladies with bunions can unleash the fashion in them by sporting the Teresa Platform heels.

These incredible pair of shoes have contoured and cushioned footbed which provides arch support for the feet.

It is also worth noting that these shoes come in different widths. Therefore, whether you have narrow or wide feet, there will always be the right size.

The upper is made of leather, which makes the shoe durable. The toe box is wide enough to ensure that toes do not press against each other. Although the shoes have a wide toe box, they still have the girly touch.

Main features

  • A contoured and padded footbed for maximum support and comfort.
  • Different widths for inclusivity.
  • Leather upper for durability.

Final verdict: Teresa Platform is the best choice for the perfect girl with bunions. The lightweight, leather upper, wide toe box and heels make it irresistible. 

6. Orthofeet Womens Bunions Shoes

Orthofeet Sandals are a combination of support and comfort, rare features in bunion shoes. First, the sandals have anatomical arch support with a gel padding, which creates comfort to the feet, knees, and lower back.

The sandals have an ergonomic stride, which makes them highly stable. The toe box is wide enough to allow the toes to relax and alleviate pain, which is pronounced in people with bunions.

The insoles are padded, which makes it comfortable to walk in the sandals, for women who experience chronic pain, which is common in people with bunions.

Main features

  • Anatomical arch support to keep the feet soles comfortable.
  • An ample toe box for comfort and protection of the toes.
  • Insoles padded with soft foam for comfort, especially when the pain is chronic.

Final verdict: The combination of stability, comfort, and protection makes the Orthofeet Sandals for women the best option for bunions.

7.  Propét Men’s Cush N Foot Bunions Shoes

The Propét slippers are the ideal partner for men with bunions. The extra-large opening minimizes the possibility of hitting the toe against the side of the slippers.

The slippers also have a hook and loop closure, which prevents the shoe from slipping out. Besides, it has a low top with arch support which creates extra comfort.

The sole is made using synthetic with good pattern of treads for optimal grip on the ground.

The slippers come in different sizes, so you don’t have to worry about getting oversize or undersize slippers which would create discomfort to the feet.

Main features

  • The uppers on the feet are stretchable for extra comfort.
  • Comes in different sizes which allows for flexibility.
  • Extra-large openings to removal of the shoes.

Final verdict: The design and features in Propet shoes for men are the perfect combination for men with bunions. The lightweight design and large toe box creates comfort to the feet, hence the perfect choice for elderly men with bunions.

8.  Orthofeet Breeze Comfort Bunions Shoes

Orthofeet Breeze sneakers combine a mixture of class, comfort, and protection, making them an incredible choice for women with bunions.

The shoes come with an anatomic arch support, and a gel padded insole, which makes it unique.

The gel-padded heel-seat also protects the feet from feet, knee, hip, and lower back pains.

The sneaker has an ergonomic-stride design which provides stability and comfort. The uppers are made using leather which increases durability.

A wide toe box ensures that the toes do not press against each other. The interior of the shoes is seam-free, which minimizes the risk of getting injuries.

Main features

  • Ergonomic-stride design for stability and comfort.
  • Fabric leather upper which stretch for comfort.
  • Anatomical arch support for stability.

Final verdict: Orthofeet Breeeze contains all the features required of shoes for bunions. The classy look with a lightweight design and orthopedic designs such as anatomical arch support makes the sneakers unique.

9. Emma Stretch Knee-High Boots

Emma Knee-High Boots are becoming common than before. Partly, this is due to their cool features which make them unique than the ordinary boots. You might confuse these boots for the ordinary ones.

However, ladies with bunions the gem hidden under these knee-high boots since they provide classic solutions.

First, the shoes have padded footbeds with anatomical arch support which increases comfort.

The heels in these boots are just one-inch high which acts as shock absorbers, especially when you step on a surface accidentally.

The shoes have a wide toe box which prevents more injuries to the bunion on the toes. You can match these boots with leggings and a dress for that sexy appeal.

Main features

  • Wide toe box to allow the feet dangle freely without the worry of getting injured.
  • Padded foot bed with an arch support which is crucial in providing comfort.
  • Flexible suede and leather upper for durability and classy look.

Final verdict: Emma Knee-High boots is a prove that shoes for bunions can still have a chic look. The large toe box and a one-inch heel, coupled with a suede upper leather give the boots a classy look while still offering support and comfort. It is time to try out the hidden fashionista with Emma boots girl!

Things to consider when looking for shoes for bunions

  1. Gender

One of the major causes of bunions is putting on shoes which are tight, causing growth of a dead layer of skin.

Historically, women have been putting on shoes which press their toes tightly together, resulting to growth of bunions.

However, bunions can be caused by other factors, affecting both men and women.

There are shoes for men, women, and unisex in the market to enable dealing with bunions.

Women shoes for bunions tend to have a slightly high heel for that girl touch.

The shoes come in different colors which the ladies can choose from. However, the women can still settle with flats, as long as the toe box is wide enough to protect the toes from pressing against each other, which would result in discomfort or injuries.

On the other hand, men suffering from bunions can sport official or casual footwear. As long as the loafer offers enough space for the toe(s), the man can put it on for official purposes.

Alternatively, men can choose casual shoes. However, the shoe should be flexible, pliable, and with a breathable upper to keep the bunions cool and dry.

The unisex bunion shoes are mostly casual and contain similar features like the ones for men.

 2. Insole

When looking for bunion shoes, you should pay attention to the insoles. The insoles should be padded with gel. The padding acts as a shock absorbed to protect the feet against injuries when walking.

An insole for bunion shoes should also be removable. This allows for flexibility since you can replace it with orthopedic ones. The insoles should also absorb moisture easily.

    iii.  Material

Each shoe brand uses different materials, and bunion shoes are not an exception. When choosing bunion shoes, you should look at the material used to make it.

Leather materials guarantee durability and protection due to their sturdy nature. When looking for a durable pair of shoes for bunions, the first choice should be leather shoes.

On the other hand, if you are an athlete or prefer casual shoes, you should look for the ones whose upper is breathable and can absorb excess moisture.

However, the outsoles of bunion shoes should be made of rubber since it is lightweight.

The advantage of rubber outsoles is that they allow you to move comfortably. Besides, most rubber outsoles have customized treads for traction and grip on the ground.

 3. Cost

Pricey shoes for bunions do not necessarily translate to quality. There are high-quality shoes for bunions priced lowly. The cost of the shoes might refer to the price tag or the cost of maintaining them.

If you are on a tight budget, it is advisable to settle for a lowly priced shoes and later advance to others later. You can also opt for a pricey leather shoes which would serve you for a longer period before replacing them with others.

Quick tips

The availability of many bunion shoes in the market might leave you spoilt for choice. However, with due diligence and with the reviews above, you can get high-quality shoes.

When looking for bunion shoes, it is prudent to look at the price, design, and materials used to make them.

This article has tackled everything you need to know about the best bunion shoes in 2020.

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