Best Shoes for Dancing Salsa

Salsa dancing has been around for a long time and is one of the most popular dances in the world. There are multiple styles of salsa dancing that require the right kind of footwear. In this article we will look at the best shoes for dancing salsa. Read on!

Shoes for dancing salsa fall into two categories, Latin dance shoes, and practice dance shoes. For women, Latin dance shoes should have a 1-2 inch heel. Men can choose black Latin salsa dance shoes or two-tone shoes. Your salsa dancing shoes should be comfortable and allow you to move around with ease.

Dancing is an awesome way to get exercise and to let the spirit of music move you! Salsa dancing is a fun style of dancing that is passionate and fast-paced.

You may not believe it but salsa dancing can even help with your memory and your intelligence through memorizing steps and stimulating the brain.

Having the right footwear for salsa dancing is important. You will need to be able to put your weight on your shoes and pivot around in them comfortable and without falling or breaking the shoe.

This can take practice and having a quality pair of shoes can help a lot. If you are just learning how to salsa dance you should consider a good pair of practice shoes.

For those who salsa dance regularly you should consider a high-quality pair of Latin dance shoes.


Different Salsa Dancing Styles

There are many different styles of salsa dancing. Each one has a little bit different moves but is very much alike. These three main styles of salsa dancing are taught in the United States.

3 major styles of salsa dancing in the US:

  • Miami
  • New York
  • LA

Each of these styles has its own flair, but one thing remains the same. You need the right footwear.

The right shoes for dancing salsa can save you from injury and help to avoid strains and pulled muscles.

You have to be able to slide across the floor while keeping up with your dancing partner.

The Miami style is an advanced version of the original Cuban style that originated in Cuba.

NY style salsa makes use of the Mambo. It combines complicated spins with other salsa moves.

The LA style is a flashy version of the NY style salsa moves. There are complicated moves with speedy footwork.


The Two Types of Salsa Dancing Shoes

There are two main types of salsa dancing shoes. That is Latin dance shoes and practice dance shoes. Each of these types of shoes come in multiple styles that work well for dancing salsa.

Latin Dance Shoes

Men mostly choose black leather Latin dance shoes. However, you do have the option of two-tone leather shoes as well. You can go with classic Latin dance shoes or ballroom dance shoes.

As long as they are quality Latin dance shoes that look slick and feel good, you’re in good shape.

Women want to go with Latin dance shoes that are open-toed. They should have a strap around the ankle, as well as smaller toe straps that keep the toes and feet snug in the shoe.

Women should go with 1-3 inch heels and make sure they are comfortable, secure, and easy to maneuver in.

Practice Dance Shoes

The other options are high-quality practice dance shoes. These can be ballroom shoes or high-quality heels that fit snug. Your practice shoes should be durable and versatile because you will be using them often.

Learning new moves will require comfortable footwear and practice dance shoes that can hold up to most of the wear.

After that, you can move on to a great pair of Latin dance shoes.

Tips for Choosing Salsa Dance Shoes

Choosing the right shoe may sound hard but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips that will make finding the right pair of Latin dance shoes much easier.

  • Try on multiple pairs of shoes to get the right pair that has room in the toes and plenty of cushions.
  • Your shoes should allow you to be versatile in your movements, make sure they are broken in and ready to go.
  • Women should make sure that they are comfortable in heels and that your toes have support in your shoes.
  • Men who want a good pair of shoes for salsa dancing might consider ballroom dance shoes for a first pair.

These tips will help you get started but because there are so many options out there we have picked out our top pairs of shoes for salsa dancing.


Best Shoes for Dancing Salsa

We have made this list of our top picks for best shoes for dancing salsa. There is a mix of men’s shoes, women’s shoes, and practice shoes.

Best salsa dancing shoes:

  1. Capezio Women’s Dancesport Nadia
  2. Men’s Ballroom Latin Salsa
  3. Ellie Shoes Women’s 254 Lucille Dress Pump
  4. Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker
  5. Pro Dancer Women Ballroom Dancing Shoes
  6. Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes Salsa Latin Practice Shoes
  7. SheSole Women’s Rhinestone Dance Shoes
  8. Bloch Dance Women’s Jazzsoft

These shoes all have something to love. Picking the right pair from this list should be an easy task based on your personal preference.

Let’s look at what makes these shoes great.

Capezio Women’s Dancesport Nadia

The Capezio Dancesport Nadia women’s dance shoes are some of the sleekest looking shoes out there. They have an open toe design with multiple top straps that wrap around your ankles and support the shoe.

The Capezio name is something that is often spoken about when it comes to the highest quality dance shoes.

These shoes have a 2.5-inch heel and leather soles that make them a luxury looking design at a reasonable price. Available in two colors.

You can look fabulous in these shoes while dominating the dance floor! These shoes are for ladies who are very good dancers and are not recommended for beginners.

✅ High-quality women’s Latin dance shoes.
⛔ No cons on these.

Capezio Dancesport Nadia are shoes that will hold up over time with their fine craftsmanship and will have you looking your best.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

Men’s Ballroom Latin Salsa

Men’s Ballroom Latin Salsa shoes are designed to dance salsa all night long with comfort. These shoes resemble sneakers and have a great breathable material that is easy to dry out and air out.

These are ballroom shoes that lace up and look very nice for any level of experience with dancing salsa.

You can use these shoes for dancing or as practice shoes. You want your practice shoes to be of high-quality so that you can feel them and learn how to move.

✅ These shoes dry out nicely.
⛔ They are not as fancy as some of the others.

These men’s ballroom Latin salsa shoes will be the perfect shoes for those of you who need an extra comfortable pair of dance shoes.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

Ellie Shoes Women’s 254 Lucille Dress Pump

The Ellie 254 Lucille Dress Pumps are a great looking female salsa dancing shoe. They are designed for elegance and dancing. These shoes have 2.5-inch heels have a leather strap that is adjustable around the ankle.

The sole on these are rubber and leather and are sturdy but comfortable, allowing you to move around easily.

These are great shoes that have the support your toes and ankles need as well as a cushioned sole that makes them great for dancing.

The design is inspired by 1920s era dance shoes that have been worn for salsa dancing for generations.

✅ High-quality materials.
⛔ The toes are a little bit boxed in.

Ellie shoes will become a favorite brand for you once you start your journey into salsa dancing.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker

If you’re looking for something a little more versatile, then these Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneakers are the perfect salsa dancing shoe for you. They are made out of mesh and suede. They breathe well and dry off well.

These shoes lace up and look very much like sneakers or running shoes. However, they have a thick rubber sole that lets you maneuver on the dance floor while remaining comfortable and in control.

You could also use these as a high-quality pair of practice shoes or a secondary set of shoes to switch out every now and then when you need something a little softer.

✅ Good shoes for a low price.
⛔ These are not fancy enough for competition or special occasions

I love these Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneakers, they are lightweight, they hold up to a lot of movement, and are affordable.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

Pro Dancer Women Ballroom Dancing Shoes

These are the most affordable salsa dancing shoes that have the support your feet need and a great look. They are lightweight and breathable, making them the perfect choice for dancing salsa. They have a small open toe and a mesh around the sides that help them breathe.

These are great beginner shoes, shoes for a budget, or practice shoes. They are a good enough quality to get by on any salsa dance floor.

They have a 1.6-inch Cuban heel. Ballroom dancing shoes for women do not usually have as much padding and easy to wear materials as these shoes. They are great for anyone that needs something comfortable and versatile.

✅ Breathable shoes that dry out fast.
⛔ Not as sturdy as other shoes.

Pro Dancer Women Ballroom dancing shoes are a great affordable dancing shoe for salsa style dancing. You will not regret a pair of these.

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Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes Salsa Latin Practice Shoes

These Women’s Ballroom Dance Salsa practice shoes are a great two-tone leather design. They have a 1.5-inch heel and look sleek. These shoes are ballroom dance style shoes with a heel. They lace up and look stylish.

These are great practice shoes that will also work for experienced salsa dancing. Owning a good pair of practice shoes will help you to get comfortable in high-quality leathers so you can move around the dance floor with ease.

After a few months to a year of dancing with these, you will be ready for a more experienced pair of shoes.

The low heel on these makes it easy for you to slide and dance across the floor without slipping.

✅ Affordable beginner shoes.
⛔ Will need to be replaced with better shoes eventually.

When it comes to a great affordable pair of women’s Latin style dance shoes these ballroom salsa shoes will fit just right.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

SheSole Women’s Rhinestone Dance Shoes

The SheSole Rhinestone dance shoes are a fancy looking pair of female salsa dancing shoes that have a web of straps at the toes, and an adjustable leather strap around the ankle. They have rhinestones that sparkle when you dance and make your steps look more dramatic.

These are real eye-catchers. Made with comfortable high-quality materials, these are shoes that you will want to wear over and over again.

They have a 2-inch heel and are made from real leather. These shoes are worth the money you will spend and will be your favorite pair of salsa dancing shoes

✅ Adjustable strap that provides support.
⛔ A higher heel for more experienced dancers.

SheSole makes awesome looking dance shoes that come in a variety of styles and colors. These rhinestone shoes will look good in your collection.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

Bloch Dance Women’s Split Sole Jazzsoft

Bloch Dance Women’s Jazzsoft is a dance shoe that has a split sole. They have a thick rubber sole on the toes and a thick small platform on the heel. These shoes are great for those who cannot handle high heels. They will let you glide across the dance floor without the worry of losing balance.

They have a flat foot design with a slight arch that helps beginners find their stride and learn how to dance with a lifted heel.

These can be used as beginner shoes or for more experienced dancers. They are great to practice in as well as hit the dance floor.

They come in black and white colors and lace-up on the top similar to ballroom dance shoes.

These may seem like beginner shoes, but the more comfortable design will allow you to do even complicated salsa moves with ease.

✅ Comfortable and affordable.
⛔ Not fancy dance shoes.

The Bloch Split Sole Jazzsoft salsa dancing shoes are perfect for the price. You can move around gracefully in their lightweight design.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

What Makes a Good Pair of Salsa Dancing Shoes

A good pair of salsa dancing shoes have a few different options that make them perfect for this dance style. A good pair of dancing shoes are comfortable, sleek looking, and broken in.

You need to break in your shoes with practice before you take them into the actual dance floor.

New shoes always need to be stretched and worked out so that they fit your feet well and give you the support you need to pivot, step, and spin around.

Good shoes for men are either Latin dance shoes or ballroom dance shoes. Both make moving on the dance floor easy and fun.

Always go for a pair that fits the best, that is comfortable, and that has a slightly higher heel.

For women, look for Latin dance shoes with a sturdy high heel, toes that have plenty of support, and a soft cushioned sole.

Shoes should look good and feel good. Dancing salsa is all about the energy, always pick a pair that you can move around in. Do not pick any shoes that are stiff or tight.


How to Make Your Shoes Last Longer

A good pair of high-quality dancing shoes can last a long time if you take care of them. Here are a few tips for making your shoes last longer.

  • Let them dry out after you use them. You work up a lot of sweat salsa dancing.
  • Clip your toenails to make sure there is no scraping against the inside of your shoes.
  • If your shoes are leather polish them often and consider putting some kind of oil on them.
  • Put a dryer sheet in your shoes to help keep them fresh after they dry off from dancing.

One last tip is to consider buying two sets of shoes and switch them out to keep them from wearing out too quickly.

I was told that when I’m dancing, I give off the feeling of a rainy day.


Related Questions

Do salsa dance shoes have to be leather? Men’s leather dance shoes perform the best for salsa dancing. However, a high-quality pair of canvas shoes can be used for practice dance shoes. Women can use shoes that are made from multiple materials as long as they have the right support.

Can women wear men’s Latin dance shoes? There is no reason a woman couldn’t find a good pair of men’s shoes that fit well if they are going for that aesthetic. Traditionally women use toeless shoes with high heels when dancing salsa, find a comfortable pair that you feel good in.

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