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The notion that dentists don’t have to worry about what to wear to work is quite questionable. They cannot just walk out the door after throwing on some button-ups, dress pants, and crisp white lab coats. Dentists, as with dental assistants, also need professional and protective shoes to function in the workplace. As far as their nature of work is concerned, the need to wear highly protective and comfortable shoes for dentists is of paramount importance.

shoes for dentists

There are several different styles of shoes for dentists that have been skillfully crafted to protect and comfort the feet through the duration of long shifts. The trick is to find the perfect pair from the following options:

  • Birkenstock Super Birki Unisex Clog
  • Birkenstock Boston Professional
  • Skechers Women’s Loving Life Memory Foam
  • Dansko Women’s Professional Patent Clog
  • Brooks Addiction Walker
  • Crocs Mercy Work Clog
  • Keen Utility PTC Slip-On
  • Reebok Lifestyle Princess Sneaker
  • Nurse Mates Women’s Dove
  • Skechers Sport Memory Foam Sneaker

As a dentist, you quickly realize that your work shoes are an essential part of your wardrobe. You must find the shoes which keep your feet protected and comfortable for 8 to 10 hours at a time. Cushioning and support that lasts throughout your shift is an absolute must, as while on duty, the focus should be on the patients and not on your sore feet. If you care about your feet’ safety and health, then you must invest in shoes that meet specific protective guidelines provided by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).


These Birkenstocks are created for both male and male wearers. If you have tried using Birkenstock sandals or insoles before, then you know what to expect from these clogs. 

Compared to the usual American footwear, the Birkenstock Super Birki is slightly wider. This feature is beneficial for long-standing shifts, especially that the clogs can cater to the foot’s natural swelling. The manufacturer intended the clogs to fit slightly loose so that the toes are protected without feeling compressed. These clogs come in two widths, allowing you to find your perfect fit. You can get your feet measured with a tape measure and have a look at the Birk size chart to find your fit. 

A big part of what makes these clogs popular is that they reduce back pain and foot problems significantly. Perhaps that’s the main reason why these are regarded as the most ergonomic shoes for dentists. The legendary insoles are made from natural latex cork. These insoles are highly recommended for two reasons. One, they help the wearer stand up straighter and walk more naturally by properly supporting the arch and metatarsal dome. Then, the cork simply adapts to the wearer’s profile. In other words, the clogs mold to your feet perfectly. You’ll get a personal fit aside from the strong arch and metatarsal support. 

If you prefer soft padding, Birkenstock offers a few different options to suit your needs. You can just swap the standard footbeds with Birkenstock’s other footbeds. The longer you wear the clogs, the more comfortable they get. This is because the natural cork and synthetic clog material soften the longer you wear them. While the cork molds to the shape of your foot, the clog becomes more flexible in the upper. 

The best part is that the Birkenstock Super Birki Unisex Clog is super easy to clean. Since the synthetic outer is not as delicate as leathers, it is relatively easy to do the cleaning. You can also pop the footbed out and wash the clog, in case it gets smelly on the inside.


Unlike your average clog, the Birkenstock Boston Professional is a restorative clog for foot conditions. It features a finished leather upper, which is of high quality. Despite being supportive and practical, this footwear doesn’t feel cheap or stiff at all. As your feet eventually get used to wearing the Birkenstock Boston Professional, they’ll get even cozier. And with the buckle strap, you have the liberty to make personal adjustments.

Birkenstock has restructured the leather finish on this footwear from their previous models. The footwear is now better at providing breathable space, but the leather still polishes and cleans it skillfully. You can choose from black and white options to meet your style or suit your dress code. Birkenstock has also equipped the cork with the usual footbed. They break in gradually and provide strong arch support. The break-in feature means that the clogs are a combination of personal fit and anatomical design. With the use of a heel cup and metatarsal ridge, you can preserve the natural realignment of your foot. 

Since these clogs are slip-resistant, you can maintain good traction on slick or wet floors. If you invest in these clogs, you will find that they are the best shoes for dentists out there, in feel and quality.


Skechers has long been known for providing extremely well-crafted shoes from quality materials. There is a reason by their Loving Memory foam are highly recommended. Customer reviews say that these shoes for dentists are good as it gets in terms of quality. 

The Skechers Women’s Loving Life Memory Foam is our favorite option for dentists on a budget. The shoes are cushy, simple, and washable. Since you work in a messy environment and need something that you can clean regularly, these shoes are the best bet.

The shoes are breathable and flexible as a slipper. Skechers made sure to design the mesh upper to feel like a slipper or sock. The shoes are made entirely from mesh fabrics and foam, which makes them lighter compared to clogs. There is also adaptive and supportive memory foam inside. Under the memory foam is a flex-groove outsole that provides flexibility and good traction. Memory foam isn’t something that you usually find in shoes, but it’s been increasingly popular with Skechers. That’s because memory foam shapes the shoes to your specific foot shape, unlike other soles. Lots of dentists expressed in the reviews that the Skechers Women’s Loving Life Memory Foam allowed them to get through their shift without feeling sore.


Dansko has always had an excellent reputation for standing shoes. Their most popular model is the Dansko Women’s Professional Patent Clog. It has Danko’s signature cork insole and elegant leather upper.

Previous buyers of the Dansko Women’s Professional Patent Clog expressed that the shoes are practical, professional, and stylish. They love them for a classy dentist who wants a comfortable pair of shoes that won’t cramp her style. The shoes are crafted with leather upper that comes in a wide range of finishes. From simple black leather to elegant worked designs, these shoes work perfectly for fashion-conscious dentists.

Even at first glance, it is noticeable that the shoes are designed with comfort in mind. The collar is lined with comfort to prevent friction. The unique sole design and built-in arch support promote good posture and proper back alignment. This is extremely important when you are on your feet all day. Unlike some other clogs, these shoes have outstanding ergonomics and fit true to size. For easy cleaning, the patent leather finish wipes easily. It can also handle the occasional alcohol wipe.


The Brooks Addiction Walker is ideal for people with chronic discomfort and foot conditions, including Plantar fasciitis. If you have such a condition, you can find relief with the Brooks Addiction Walker. 

Podiatrists recommend these shoes because of the amount of stability they offer, even in their cushioning material. The stability comes from a thick sole with layers of foam and rubber, along with the structure, which is also plenty of cushions. This extra cushion comes in handy while you get through a long day of standing and walking. Furthermore, the removable insole makes the shoes compatible with nearly any orthotics.  


We couldn’t put together the best shoes for dentists without counting Crocs Mercy Work Clogs. They’re very popular among medical professionals, which is an excellent indicator of quality. 

These clogs are equipped with slip-resistant treads to minimize safety issues—there nubs in the footbed, which massage your feet all day long. While the overall fit allows your feet enough breathable space, the collar design keeps the shoes from slipping off. When it comes to cleaning, the crocs material can be soaped up and hosed down with water. Compared to average clogs, the Crocs Mercy Work Clog is easier to sanitize.


These are the pair that any male dentist would love to own. It provides the protection and comfort they need when working at the dental clinic. No matter what surface they walk on, the shoes prevent slips and falls. This is because the shoes feature a non-marking and slip-resistant rubber outsole.

The leather does not only look great but is also easy to maintain. It is stain-resistant, so cleaning is not an issue. Comfort is provided by the TBU stability shank and Cush PU with memory foam footbed. The EVA midsole is compression molded so that the shoes can give you the support and stability you need.

As with most slip-on, the Keen Utility PTC is easy to put on and take off but stays securely on your foot throughout the entire shift.


Rebook is a big name in the footwear industry, for it produces quality shoes for leisure and work. Their lace-up Lifestyle Princess Sneaker has padded foam sock liner that provides cushioning, comfort, and durability. There is also a padded collar that makes the arch experience maximum comfort in lace-up style shoes. 

Both the rubber sole and outsole are slip and oil resistance. What adds another level of comfort is the EVA midsole that offers forward momentum while walking.


Comfort is the hallmark of Nurse Mates Women’s Dove shoes. It has all the features that you need to get through each working day. 

The tumbled floater leather uppers of the Nurse Mates Women’s Dove are ultra-light and durable. They also enhance the look of the shoes, offering you a touch of style that suits your fashion sensibilities. Additional features include EVA unit bottom with rubber insertsremovable contoured footbed, and slip-resistant sole. If you have prescribed orthotics, you can just replace the footbed with it.


The comfortable Sports Memory Foam Sneaker from Skechers is truly exceptional. It has leather, synthetic, and mesh upper. A cushioned mesh tongue is incorporated in the shoes to make a long day on your feet relieving. The rubber sole does not only provide great traction on any surface, but it is non-slip as well.

 These lace-up shoes for dentists offer a comfortable fit, keeping you protected and comfortable all day. Overall, the memory foam inside, padded collar, and overlays offer great support.


The best shoes for those who work in the dental sector must-have features that help them work effectively and safely. These are determined by:


As a dentist, you’ll be spending most of the day on your feet, and not just standing around either. Your job requires constant movement back and form between patients. You’ll need a fair amount of cushion to reduce pressure on your feet and joints. Lots of shoes have rocker bottoms, which are designed to help your feet move naturally. The other will have foam cushioning, strong arch support, odor resistance, heat-wicking linings, etc. As you compare materials, you’ll have to balance structure and breathing space. Make sure that your shoe of choice should keep your feet comfortable and supported no matter what the day may throw your way.


In the dental clinic, you’ll come in contact with more than a few things they need washing. Thus, shoes with surfaces that you can sanitize are extremely helpful. Synthetic uppers are easier to wipe down and can take heavier duty cleaners. Leather shoes are also easy to maintain as long as you keep the leather oiled and conditioned. It is also important to choose shoes with non-slip soles. It is only practical to invest in shoes with a decent amount of traction, especially in case of a spill. 


This is extremely important because the right shoes should be able to support prolonged standing without creating stress-related issues on the wearer. The footwear choices for dentists should be supportive and maintain that support on a reliable basis. Shoes with ultra-soft sole are only good at first because the cushy sole may eventually compress. When the material under your feet is becoming squished, it is to be expected that the shoes become less supportive. The best shoes to go are those that utilize memory foam, but with a more dense construction to hold its form.


Though dentists don’t need the same kind of foot protection in doctors and nurses, there are other elements that their shoes should protect their feet against. They may not work around heavy equipment, but their work environment has its own set of risks to be aware of, such as trip hazards and plenty of equipment to bump into—all great reasons to purchase the shoes with the best type of upper construction. In most cases, leather and synthetics will give your feet more protection.


Style isn’t quite as critical as other features, but it still matters. Just because your line of work requires you to be on the go doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish. Comfort and style can go hand in hand as long as you search for the right pair of shoes. Some shoes have both comfortable and stylish features. In our guide, we did our best to include a range of styles so that you have plenty of options to consider. We understand that your feet can be protected and comfortable and still look cool at the same time.


Spending time at work most of the week means that your working shoes become your primary shoes. It could be worth the investment to get a great pair of dentist shoes that suit your schedule and the demands of the environment your work in.

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How many pairs of dentist shoes should I need?

Once you find a pair from a certain brand that works well, it is best to buy several pairs. Having more than one pair means that you have reserved pairs that are ready to go with you without as much as cleaning and preparing every day. Also, taking turns wearing the pairs means that each pair can last longer. Since you are spreading out the wear and tear, it is unlikely that you will have to buy replacement pairs as soon as possible.

What kind of socks should I wear with my dentist’s shoes?

Breathable and moisture-wicking socks are key components of your footwear choices. These qualities are needed in keeping your feet from becoming too sweaty and producing a bad odor. It is also recommended that you use compression socks to improve circulation in the legs and reduce muscle soreness over the day.

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