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According to the US publication by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), diabetic people are more prone to experiencing incessant foot problems. This may end up claiming their toes, feet or even legs. Appropriate footwear is, therefore, of a necessity for those with diabetic foot problems. We bring you a selection of the best diabetic foot shoes for your enhanced comfort and improved health! Whether you have a diabetic condition or not, this article is for you!

There is hope! With proper foot care every day, you can effectively lower your chances of developing diabetes-related foot problems. To cope with diabetic-related foot challenges or curb the possible effects of diabetes, here are the top best diabetic foot Shoes worth investing in:

  1. Orthofeet Proven Bunions for Women
  2. Orthofeet Pain Relief Wide Diabetic Men’s Boat Shoes
  3. New Balance Women’s WW411v2 Walking Shoe
  4. DR. Comfort Vigor Women’s Diabetic Extra Depth Hiking Boot
  5. Dr. Comfort Carter Men’s Casual Shoe
  6. Orthopedic Arthritis Men’s Loafer Shoes Carnegie
  7. Cronus Stretchable Shoe

What Are The Other Names for Diabetic Foot Shoes?

When you begin shopping for your suitable diabetic foot shoes, you’ll come across different names. These can be confusing.

Some of the names used for Diabetic shoes include:

  1. Extra Depth Shoe
  2. Sugar Shoes
  3. Therapeutic Shoes

5 Reasons Why Diabetic Foot Shoes Is Good For You!

  1. They have extra depth to effectively cushion your feet
  2. Provide maximum support to your feet for enhanced comfort
  3. They keep your feet well protected and safe!
  4. Most can be customized to satisfactorily manage pain on specific areas
  5. They have special liners to prevent the development of blisters, ulcers or calluses

7 Best Shoes For Diabetic Foot

There are currently several therapeutic or diabetic foot shoes already in the market. Getting to know which shoes suit your diabetic condition may be a challenge.

We bring you some of the top best tested and certified selections of authentic shoes designed for the diabetic foot.

#1. New Balance Women’s WW411v2 -Sporty Shoes For Diabetic Foot

If you are working on a fixed budget, New Balance Women’s WW411V2 is a perfect pair of shoes for you.

The cost of taking care of diabetes itself is already overwhelming so that a little saving could make you a long way.

Without compromising on the quality of the shoe, you get the best pair of diabetic-friendly shoes to calm your pains.

Despite not having sufficiently high arch support, this diabetic foot shoe comes with removable insoles that you can replace with more upper soles to help you with your arch problems.

To offer you maximum comfort without a narrow fit while in action, the shoe comes with narrower heels, deep toe box, and a high instep.

Additionally, it has a specialty midsole cushioning and a soft fabric lining to keep your diabetic feet comfortable and shield you from injuries you may get from bumps or trips.

Key features

  • It is made of 75% synthetic and 25% mesh to make it strong and well-aerated, respectively.
  • It comes with laces for tightening and perfect fitting of the shoes to your feet.
  • The rubber soles stretch to sustain pressure making them more durable, which keeps the shoes in shape for long.
  • It comes in multiple widths that help you to pick the ideal width size for a perfect fit.

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#2. Orthofeet Proven Bunions-Women Shoes For Diabetic Foot

Orthofeet Proven Bunions is one of the world’s most comfortable and stylish orthopedic shoes for women.

The shoe provides pillow-like support for your feet. This is key in improving comfort and easing the pain on both your foot and heel.

Furthermore, the shoe has a stretchable upper section for enhanced wearing comfort. They come in medium, wide, extra-wide, and extra-extra-wide widths to suit your size.

With these shoes, your comfort is guaranteed. Its uppers are made of seam-free fabric lining. This provides extra foam padding for improved comfort and protection for your sensitive feet.

Orthofeet Proven shoe is certified by Medicare and approved as women’s therapeutic shoes under code A5500 of the Diabetic Shoe Bill.

There is no better solution for Bunions and Hammertoes than Orthofeet Proven Bunions. They come with a full toe box that offers a comfortable fit that doesn’t bind your feet when worn.

The relaxed fit eases pressure on bunions, hammertoes, and sensitive feet, leaving you pain-free and relieved.

Key Features

  • Light in weight with an ergonomic sole to make it easy to walk with.
  • Has contoured orthotic insole with anatomical arch support for improved comfort.
  • It comes with ergonomic soles with air cushioning to reduce the shoe weight on your feet.
  • Crafted with gel padding under the heel to help in reducing friction between your feet and the shoe.

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#3. Baton Rouge-Men’s Boat Shoes For Diabetic Foot

If you are looking for a comfortable and stylish orthopedic shoe that will ensure you have a pleasant and pain-free walk, then this Baton Rouge Orthofeet Men Shoe is the pair you should consider.

Orthofeet orthotic shoes offer you the best orthopedic footwear solutions and, most of the time, even superseding your pain relief expectations.

The shoe has anatomical arch support and multiple cushioning layers. These provide soft, pillow-like support for your foot for enhanced pain relief.

Furthermore, the shoe helps in working out on the pain in associated areas like the knee, hips, and lower back that might have been caused by diabetes and other conditions like flat feet, overpronation, and arthritis, among others.

Besides, they come with soft, pliable uppers that have a seam-free fabric lining and extra foam padding to offer protection for your sensitive feet and excellent comfort.

Its insoles are removable to provide enough space for custom made orthotics. The shoes are certified by Medicare and qualified therapeutic shoes under code A5500 of the diabetic shoebill.

Key Features

  • It has an ergonomic sole with air cushioning, which is ideal for reducing the shoe weight when you put it on.
  • It has a gel padding under the heel to take care of the friction between your toes, feet, and shoes.
  • Its orthotic insole is contoured and has anatomical arch support to ensure your comfort is maximum.
  • It is made of pure leather, which means it is sturdy and tears resistant making it long-lasting.

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#4. DR. Comfort Vigor Women’s Diabetic Extra Depth Hiking Boot

Being diabetic does not mean there will be no outdoor fun or activities for you, especially adventurous activities such as hiking and wild games.

It is for these outdoor activities that Dr. Comfort Women’s Diabetic Hiking Boots came into existence. The shoe is not only durable and ideal for hiking but also made in a stylish design to embrace the beauty aspect.

The shoe comes with an adjustable contact closure with a no-tie elastic lace to allow for easy adjustability and customized comfort. It is also fitted with leather uppers to help regulate heat and keep your feet cool and dry inside the shoe. The protective toe box comes in handy in providing extra protection from toe stubbing.

Key Features

  • The shoe is made using top-quality material to prevent unnecessary wear and tear, which prolongs the shoe’s life.
  • Its unique no-tie elastic system makes it easy to put on and off.
  • It comes with Gel inserts that help to provide extra comfort and stability, additional support, and shock absorption.
  • Its top-grain leather to help in protecting your feet against skin irritation and discomfort.

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#5. Dr. Comfort Carter Men’s Casual Shoe

As an elderly male who has diabetes, you are not left out by the diabetic shoe manufacturer as Dr. Comfort Carter casual shoes come in handy for your condition.

The shoe features a double depth construction, and you can easily wash it using a shoe-washing machine. Its extra depth helps to accommodate additional volume of severe edema, AFOs, and internal braces.

Besides, its adjustable contact closure allows you to adjust and personalize your comfort easily. The shoe is made of breathable, durable Lycra material that makes it possible to wash the shoes using a machine.

For even more convenience, the shoe is made in a seamless design that helps prevent skin irritation and improve comfort.

Key Features

  • It is constructed with lightweight Lycra coupled with a two-way contact closure for extra flexibility and stability.
  • Its padded heels and tongue help in eliminating skin irritation.
  • It is built ¼ inch deeper to accommodate foot deformities such as hammertoes and bunions.
  • It comes with gel insoles to boost your feet’s comfort and stability, shock absorption, and additional support.

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#6. Orthopedic Men’s Loafer Shoes Carnegie

Orthofeet’s Men’s Carnegie Walking Shoe is stylish in design and crafted to provide maximum comfort. If your foot is prone to swelling, this selection boasts of a wide toe box for orthotics for improved pain relief.

Its soft uppers have foam padding for maximum comfort and protection for your feet. No wonder it’s one of the world’s leading stylish and fashionable orthopedic shoes that many go for!

#7 Propet Walker Strap Sneaker-Men’s Black Diabetic Shoes

Propet Men’s sneaker is affordable shoes for diabetic for and designed with super interior padding for your comfort. With its flexible heel and rocker profile, it provides the desired walking comfort that your condition deserves.

Approved by Medicare, it comes with removable orthotic which allows for your easier customization. It comes with a collar and tongue for easy wearing. Its hook-loop closure allows for your adjustments

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Benefits of Putting on Diabetic Shoes

Having Diabetic shoes on sets you advantageously above other diabetic patients that are not putting on any. This makes controlling and reducing the ripple effects of diabetes an easy task for you. But what are the detailed benefits of using these types of shoes? Let us find out below.

1. Improves Blood Circulation

High blood sugar in diabetic people is a significant inhibitor of proper blood circulation. Blood circulation issues, in return, tend to cause numbness and swelling in your feet. If left unattended, reduced blood flow in extreme cases may cause blood clots and ulcers where you can no longer feel pain in your feet.

Wearing the diabetic shoes helps you to boost the blood flow in your feet to avoid all the risks associated with reduced blood flow from occurring.

2. Protects Your Skin

Top-notch diabetic shoes will take care of your feet’s skin by eliminating different mettle of blisters that you may have on your feet. The shoes work well in improving blood flow, which helps in preventing a possible skin breakdown, which is common in people with diabetes.

3. Relieves Pain

Most of the diabetic shoes are made using high-quality materials that are ideal in offering you the desired pain relief in your legs and feet. The shoes can easily support your weight with every step that you make and can help release your swollen foot, which commonly occurs to diabetic people.

4. Minimizes the Formation of Calluses or Corns

Thanks to the wide toe box that comes in every diabetic shoe, your toes are well protected from rubbing against the top of your shoes. This protection from rubbing helps in minimizing the formation of calluses or corns, which might cause discomfort.

5. Provides Comfort

Diabetic shoes offer you comfort by evenly distributing your weight to give you better stability. For example, they have a comfy shoe insert that absorbs any available pressure, relieving tension, and reducing fatigue in your legs and feet.

Key Features of Diabetic Foot Shoes

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Diabetic shoes are specially designed footwear meant to reduce the risk of causing injuries to foot skin especially for those with diabetic foot conditions.

They have special inserts for maximum foot protection, comfort, and good blood circulation.

You must not have a foot problem to consider purchasing diabetic shoes. They are comfortable and help in preventing possible foot deformities. Nevertheless, diabetic shoes are highly recommended if you have pre-existing diabetic foot conditions.

When searching for your ideal diabetic shoes, it is prudent to have a picture of the type of shoes you need.

Here are the key features you need to look for when selecting your diabetic foot shoes:

1. Specifications of Shoe Lacing

As a person with a diabetic condition, you’ve to ensure that the shoes fit perfectly on your feet.

The laces help in adjusting the fitting of shoes to your preferred level. So having to check the laces specifications before purchasing the footwear could save you a lot of hassle.

2. Wide Widths

You will need breathing space in your shoes, and that is what excellent diabetic footwear offers you. It ensures you have enough space for your foot to prevent digging into your ankle or the top of your foot.

2. Cozy Arch Support

Arch support helps in reducing the impact by which the arch of your feet will collapse with upon impact. Diabetic shoes help in reducing this impact even farther hence lessening the pain associated with this impact.

3. Air Pockets

You need air pockets in your diabetic shoes to facilitate the movement of your feet and release stress on your joints. This extensively helps in preventing trauma and ulcers. Air pockets are always situated at the back of the shoes on the sole.

4. Orthotic Insole

Orthotic insole ensures that every step you take is soothed with comfort rather than pain as it provides extra cushioning for comfort and blister prevention.

The insoles are situated directly on the stock liner to offer you more comfort than the single general layer of foam that is common in the standard types of shoes.

Additionally, you can customize it to fit your foot size. It comes with three layers, including a top-soft foam layer and two stiffer layers. The top-soft layer is for comfort, while the two more rigid layers come in for resilience and shape.

5. Cushioning Midsole

If you have flat feet, this feature is your guardian angel. They’ll offer you massive support in every step you take. The midsole also helps in the even distribution of pressure on your foot. Thanks to its mild rocker sole!

6. Rubber Outsole

A rubber outsole is a perfect distributor of pressure outside the diabetic shoe. This is made possible by its ability to contour to the shape of your feet, eliminating the pressure points on your feet, bunions, and hammertoes.

Before purchasing a diabetic shoe, you should consider checking the rubber outsole first and ascertaining that it is made of carbon rubber to make it more flexible and resistant.

7. Foam Padding

Foam Padding is an important feature to check out for in a diabetic shoe as it is the main feature behind the distribution of the balance of your weight across your foot as well as relieving your heel and foot pain.

8. Padded Collar and Heel

You need a padded collar and a padded heel area to make the interaction between your foot and the shoe a gentle and soft one. The padding also helps in eliminating pressure points to ease the impact to give you more comfort and prevent the formation of blisters and calluses.

9. Soft Leather

For more comfort and protection, your diabetic shoe should be made of soft leather with no overlays across the bunions of your foot. In the end, you should have a shoe that is soft and comfortable.

Diabetic shoes are a significant part of the fight against diabetes. Getting a pair of these shoes is not coming to mess up with your treatment budget, but something you must do as a part of your treatment journey. Get your pair today and see how much you have been missing out on.

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