Best Shoes For Elderly Men

Did you know that 80% of the elderly suffer from foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, bunion, fallen arches, and hammertoe? The Seniors need shoes that offer the best support without compromising on comfort. Besides, being elderly does not mean throwing your life to the wind or buying shoes that are out of fashion! If you’re looking for the best shoes suitable for elderly men, you’re on the right site.

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The shoes for elderly men or Senior citizen should be that which guarantees comfort, and safety, and which exudes elegance! Here are the top 10 best and recommended shoes for elderly men:

  1. Hush Puppies Gil Slip-On Shoes For Elderly Men
  2. Propet Elderly Men’s LifeWalker Strap Shoe
  3. Orthofeet Elderly Men’s Glacier Gorge Shoe
  4. New Balance Elderly Men’s MW813V1 Hook and Loop Shoe
  5. Skechers Elderly Men’s Afterburn M. Fit Stike Shoe
  6. Propet Elderly Men’s M5015 Scandia Strap Slip-On Shoe
  7. Skechers Performance Elderly Men’s Go Walk 4  Shoe
  8. Propet Elderly Men’s Stability X Strap Shoe
  9. Dunham Elderly Men’s Winslow Oxford Shoe
  10. Brooks Elderly Men’s Addiction Walker V-Strap  Shoe

Main Features of Good Shoes for Elderly Men / Seniors

There are many critical features that should be considered when choosing shoes for elderly men and elderly women. These are discussed in detail later in this article.

Below are the 3 main features that you must consider when choosing shoes for elderly men, and Seniors Citizens in general:

1. Proper Motion Control In Shoes for Elderly Men /Seniors

Elderly men and seniors in general, require shoes that are stable for proper balance. Therefore, their shoes should have the proper motion control to prevent incidences of falls.

Further, it’s critical that the shoes have satisfactory to ensure that ankles and arches are well supported and cushioned. this is very critical especially for the elderly men suffering from overpronation.

2. Effective Breathability & Light Materials

For ultimate comfort, the shoes for the elderly men and seniors should be light in weight and breathable. Flexibility and softness of material components are essential for enhanced comfort.

3. Outsole and Midsole Support on Elderly Men Shoes

The shoes for elderly men and seniors should have outsoles and midsoles that provide satisfactory foot support. This is necessary for improved comfort and eliminate foot and lower limb pain.

10 Best Shoes For Elderly Men

It can be challenging to decide which shoe is best for elderly men, especially when there are too many choices to be had. That said, we will narrow down below to the best top ten picks basing on quality and overall performance.

1. Hush Puppies Gil Slip-On Shoes For Elderly Men

Men’s Hush Puppies Gil is one of the most adorable shoes for the elderly that many go for! If you are looking for a shoe that improves the health of elderly men’s foot, then this is the shoe to pick. The outsole is made from lightweight Zero-G materials.

The upper is constructed with soft leather that conforms to your foot. The shoe is well cushioned to provide comfort all the time. It has a slip-resistant rubber outsole that absorbs shocks and relieves pain from your foot.

Key Benefits

  • It features Zero-G Elon midsole best for shock absorption.
  • Sturdy rubber outsole provides traction and helps relieve foot pressure.
  • The shoe has Elon midsole and contoured insole for cushioning.
  • Full soft leather upper that fits your foot.
  • The shoe uses Velcro fitting for easy open and close.
  • Easy to clean with a damp piece of cloth

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2. Propet Elderly Men’s LifeWalker Strap Shoe

Propet Elderly Men’s LifeWalker Strap shoe is one of the most comfortable shoes. The shoe is very supportive to your feet and provides comfort in every step you take.

The shoe features Velcro straps that allow you to wear the shoe without too much strain. The shoes upper has perforations for enhanced breathability.

The midsole consists of cushioning components that aid in shock absorption. It has a nylon lining that causes moisture-wicking effects to keep your foot dry. It’s highly suitable for elderly men who experience leg pain or suffer from diabetes but need comfortable walking shoes. T

Key Features

  • Herring-bone tread rubber sole offers excellent traction
  • Firm heel counter provides support to your foot
  • EVA midsole and removable orthotic insert absorbs shock and reduces impact.

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3.   Orthofeet Gorge Elderly Men Shoes | Glacier Gorge Men Shoe

For effective management of foot problems by elderly men, Orthofeet Glacier George Shoe is one of the best shoes to go for. Apart from being stylish, it’s no doubt one of the most comfortable shoes to wear.

The shoe features therapeutic qualities that help to relieve pain from the heel, back, knee, and foot. Further, its light in weight and well-cushioned for easy and comfortable movement.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, ergonomic sole anatomical arch support provides steady support.
  • Air cushioning along and orthotic insoles that feature.
  • Multiple cushioning layers provide support and comfort to ease the pain.
  • Soft pliable upper and extra foam padding provide comfort and protection of sensitive feet.
  • A wide toe box relieves pressure on bunions and sensitive feet.  
  • Removable insoles offer ample space for custom made orthotics.

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4. New Balance Elderly Men’s MW813V1 Hook and Loop Shoe

New Balance Men’s MW813V1 is a very supporting and sturdy shoe. The shoe is ideal for elderly men because of lightweight and comfort. As you age, your hands become less useful, and simple things like tying laces become challenging. Well, the shoe has a hook and loop closure system that lets you adjust the fit without straining. The shoe is well cushioned and comfortable shoes on the inside; you will not feel weird stitching. The Velcro fasteners make it easy to adjust the fit.

Key Benefits

  • Leather upper and sturdy sole makes the shoe durable
  • Hook and loop closure for adjusting the fit
  • A padded tongue and collar provide support
  • It utilizes Rollbar technology that improves the stability of the body.
  • Rubber sole for super traction

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5.  Skechers Shoes For Elderly | Afterburn M. Fit Stike Shoe

Skechers Elderly Men’s Afterburn shoe is another supportive and comfortable shoe that’s perfect for the elderly men. The shoe is designed for all-terrain and provides excellent traction both on mud and snow.

It features reinforced Velcro closure for a comfortable fit. It is well cushioned with memory foam inside for extra comfort.

Key Features

  • Smooth leather upper with padded collar and tongue for comfort.
  • Hook-and-loop closure straps for an easy and secure fit.
  • Mesh lining for breathability.
  • Fixed memory foam insole to provide comfort.
  • The midsole is designed for shock absorption.
  • Flexible rubber sole for maximum traction.

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6. Propet Elderly Men’s M5015 Scandia Strap Slip-On Shoe

If you are searching for a supportive and lightweight shoe for elderly men, then Propet Elderly Men’s M5015 Scandia is the ultimate choice.

Scandia is a shoe designed to provide the support you need as you age or when you have foot pains. The shoe has been constructed for a great fit to support your entire foot. It features a firm heel counter that offers excellent support. The collar and the padded tongue hugs your foot, wrapping it up to add extra comfort.

Key Features

  • The upper features mesh lining and full-grain leather.
  • Firm heel counter with collar and padded tongue for support.
  • Synthetic sole offers excellent traction and exceptional stability.

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7. Skechers Performance Elderly Men’s Go Walk 4 Incredible Shoe

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 4 is a shoe to count on for foot support, comfort, and stability. The superb support and security it offers make it an excellent choice for many elderly men.

The shoe is lightweight and constructed to help elderly men with diabetes, and foot problems get the right support. It features mesh upper allows the shoe to breathe for antibacterial odor control.

Key Features

  • Mesh upper allows for breathability of the shoe
  • The shoe has a rubber sole excellent traction.
  • It is extremely lightweight
  • Tapering midfoot design for arch support.
  • It features bamboo lined footbed to prevent antibacterial odor.

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8. Propet Elderly Men’s Stability X Strap Sneaker Shoe

Another fashionable, comfortable, and supportive shoes, the Stability X Strap Sneaker Shoe, is suited for elderly men. It is one of the most stylish supportive shoes on the market, which features double insoles with the EV insole system.

The upper is made of mesh, which makes your foot fresh all the time. The shoe has removable double insoles, a gel heel pad, and cushioning, making it ideal for elderly men with foot and stability problems.

Key Features

  • Full-grain top leather and synthetic for low weight and durability
  • Synthetic sole offers traction and improve stability.
  • It features double insoles with EV insole system for comfort.
  • Removable footbed to allow for custom orthotics
  • It has hook and loop strap secure closure

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9. Dunham Elderly Men’s Winslow Oxford Shoe

Dunham Men’s Winslow Oxford shoe is one of the high-performance shoes that provide excellent support, comfort, and stability. If you are searching for a shoe to improve your foot health, you need to look no further than Dunham Men’s Winslow Oxford. Its upper leather offers desired comfort and durability.

You don’t have to struggle with annoying laces as the shoe features hook and loop closure system.

Key Benefits

  • Upper leather material that’s breathable and durable
  • Utilizes ABZORB midsole for shock absorption.
  • Features two hook and loop straps for easy wearing and removal
  • It uses ROLLBAR technology for motion control and support.
  • Durable outsole

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10. Brooks Elderly Men’s Addiction Walker V-Strap  Shoe

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker V-Strap is one of the best shoes with exceptional support, stability, and comfort. The shoe offers arch support and also uses motion control technology to improve your balance. It has removable insoles to allow for replacement with custom orthotics. The upper is made of breathable and supportive leather.

Key Benefits

  • Upper features breathable and supportive full-grain leather
  • Slip-resistant rubber sole for proper traction
  • The shoe is designed to support low arches.
  • Hook and loop closure for easy on and off

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Shoes Elements For Elderly Men

The only short cut to landing your best fit is through knowing the features of the shoe beforehand. In most cases, you should contact your physician or podiatrist for an arc scan to identify any health-related problems.

Typically, shoes for elderly men come with these sole elements elements:

1. Non Slip insoles

Nonslip insoles prevent skidding of the foot and resultant injuries on the ankle, heel area, toes, and nail. They guarantee stability and comfort when walking or running. Unless you have Parkinson’s disease, nonslip insoles is a necessity you can’t look down upon when enlisting shoes fo elderly men.

2. Excellent padding

In-paddings for shoes distribute the body weight across the foot area. The paddings are either placed in the middle of the shoe bed or around the margins. For high arc, mid-sole paddings are the best bet. On the other hand, for a low arch, you may need shoes that are padded around the margins or heel area. Whatever you choose should guarantee maximum comfort. For regular arcs, the padding should be distributed uniformly across the shoe bed.

3.Wide mouth

Shoes with a wide mouth comfortably accommodate the feet without exerting a lot of pressure during insertion.  An elderly man has no time and energy to push the feet inside the shoe. An open lace-design is an added advantage.

4.Breathable fabric

For fresh, dry, and blister-free feet, your granny will need the right fabrics that guarantee better aeration. Mesh design featured in most shoes is an added advantage since they are not only breathable but also stylish.

5.Removable insoles

Removable insoles are not only easy to clean. You can also replace them with other alternatives whenever there is a need to. For example, your podiatrist may recommend medical insoles. With a removable insole, all you need is to walk to the store, acquire the new pair of insoles and use them in your shoe, rather than buying a new pair of shoes.

6.Ergonomic outsole

Besides being sturdy, shoes for elderly men should feature outsoles with ergonomically shaped footbed. The outsoles help maintain balance and stability and also shape the fascia to prevent extreme stretching on the foot ligament.

Other Factor To Consider When Choosing Shoes for Elderly Men


The shoe should be as light as possible to minimize the shock that results when lifting the feet. Also, a feathery-weight shoe does not stress the ligaments and fascia. As a result, you can walk miles without feeling any strain or pain.

#2. Shoe size

Shoe size is the mark that separates your feet to most fits. The rule of the thumb dictates that you should buy a shoe size that is half an inch larger in the toe area. This rule also applies when choosing a shoe for the elderly. Remember, extra cushioning or padding may force you to go for larger sizes.

#3.The right material

The right material will keep your feet protected, cushioned, and stabilized when walking or running. Leather fabrics with a breathable upper layer guarantee longevity while at the same time ensuring apex protection. Conversely, rubber shoes have the magical comfort and cushioning elements that you should not fail to miss out on.

#4.The heel height

Shoes for the elderly should have the lowest heel height ever. This is to minimize the pressure exerted on the ankle area and heel. Lowest elevations also enhance balance and stability hence reducing risks to falling. Besides, the lowest height reduces the straining of the foot ligament. You can easily traverse miles without feeling any heel pain.

#5.Groove pattern

Shoes for the elderly should be ergonomically shaped with grooves on the footbed to minimize slips and enhance stability.

Tips When Searching Shoes for Elderly Men

If you plan on getting the right shoes for an elderly man or for yourself, consider the following.

1. Go for scanning

Scanning the feet is the perfect way of knowing foot status, the arc, and the size fit. For maximum comfort, you need first to nullify the possibility of any foot problem beforehand.

2. Do Proper Research

The market is littered by different types of shoes. Without proper research, your effort to landing the best shoe model may meet the dead end. The best online place you can conveniently shop for suitable shoes for elderly men is Amazon.

3. Check the ideal fit

Once you have enlisted your options, make sure to check whether they are perfect fit or not. Generally, your shoe number may not fit well into your feet.

You need to balance various other metrics such as the arc support and cushioning to arrive at the ideal fit. If you are shopping for an elderly man, check out his current shoes to establish the correct shoe size to purchase for him

 4. The price matters

Occasionally, you get what you pay for. By going too cheap, you may end up with something that hurts your feet. However, there is no guarantee that when you pay high, you get the best qualities. Just learn to play your cards well with the help of the experts in the field.

Final word-Shoes for Elderly Men

The type of shoe you chose for the elderly men cuts deeply into their basic life. So dynamic is the age that any slight mistake may harm the general health of the elderly. Work smart. 

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