Best Shoes For Elderly Women

As you age, your feet undergo changes just like other parts of your body. As an elderly woman or senior citizen, you will begin to experience foot problems. Your comfort and safety become more important to you. In this article, we shall highlight and elaborate on the top best shoes that are highly recommended for the elderly women, and key factors to consider when making the selection.

best shoes for elderly or senior women

Well, it seems there is more to achieve by letting go of your old shoes. Perhaps you are wondering what is best that an elderly haven’t seen. Do you know that not every shoe has the right cushioning and modification to provide support for the seniors? Here are the 9 Best shoes suitable for elderly women:

  1. Propet Women’s Travelactiv Mary Jane shoe
  2. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe
  3. New Balance Women’s WW813 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe
  4. Propét Women’s Stability Walker Sneaker
  5. Skechers Performance Go Walk 4 Elderly Women  shoe
  6. Propet Women’s W3851 Wash & Wear Slip-On shoe
  7. Orthofeet Women’s Stretch Shoes Joelle
  8. Aetrex Elderly Women’s Essence Emma Shoe
  9. CLARKS Elderly Women’s Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat Shoe

3 Features In Shoes for the Elderly Women

1. Desired Motion Control

Shoes for seniors and the elderly should have the desired motion control. This refers to the level of stability that the shoes provide and which is critical for the elderly. Unstable shoes can cause falls

To achieve this, the shoes have to provide adequate support for the ankle and arches when the elderly are walking. It’s important that the shoes cushioned motion control especially for the elderly who suffer from overpronation

2. Breathability and Lightweight Material Component 

The best walking shoes for the elderly men and women should be breathable and made of light-weight materials. Further, the shoe material should be soft, and flexible. This is to ensure that the sues do not exert excess pressure affected areas of the feet.

3. Proper Support and Feet Cushioning

Walking shoes for elderly women and seniors as a whole should provide satisfactory cushioning and support. Both the outsole and midsole should provide be designed to provide good foot support. This goes a long way in enhancing comfort on both the feet and the lower limbs of the elderly.

9 Best Shoes For Elderly Women/ Seniors

best shoes for elderly women

Elderly women often wait until they get a shoe recommendation from a doctor. Indeed, getting the right shoes for the elderly if often a challenge. This is because the seniors have to be comfortable, safe, and fashionable, all in one.

Just because one is a senior doesn’t mean fashion and style shouldn’t be considered. Far from it! Elderly women should and deserve to look stylish.

However, as you become elderly, safety becomes essential. The only way to adapt to changes in your feet is to get the right shoes. Here are some of the top quality shoes suitable for elderly women:

#1. Propet Women’s Travel Active | Mary Jane Elderly Women Shoe

Propet company made this shoe particularly for elderly women who like traveling—of course, traveling never stops when you age. The Propet women’s Travel active Mary Jane is a type of sneaker shoe that is also good for different occasions.

The shoe is perfect in both style and comfort. It can fit well into your feet and is also lightweight. The mesh upper makes the shoe stylish at the same time, giving perfect breathability. It comes in different colors and sizes to enable you to choose your favorite choice.

Key Benefits

  • The synthetic sole provides relief to an aching foot.
  • It features hook and loop closure that makes it easy to wear.
  • It is a lightweight and flexible shoe that doesn’t feel heavy on your feet.

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#2. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe

Sketchers is a famous brand in the shoemaking world. If you are looking for a comfortable yet fashionable shoe, then Sketchers Performance Women’s Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe is for you.

If you are feeling some pain at your heel, this type of shoe will make you feel at ease. The shoe is best for elderly women who love comfortable slip-on shoes.

Key Features

  • The shoe is made up of synthetic sole to provide a better grip.
  • They are well cushioned and lightweight to provide relief to someone with joint or knee pain.

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#3. Propét Elderly Women Stability Walker Shoes Sneakers

Propet Women’s Stability Walker sneakers are slip-resistant and comfortable to wear shoes. It provides stability as you carry on with daily activities.

The arch support is perfect, and if, in any case, you have a bunion in your foot, it will significantly support. The shoe provides excellent stability and traction. The stability and comfort help fight fatigue, and it is suitable for walking or standing for long.

Key Features

  • It features EVA midsole to provide arch support
  • The heel counter is sturdy  for stability
  • The uppers are made of leather with nylon lining
  • The lace closure system allows for a quick fit

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#4. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 Kindle | Sketchers Elderly Women Shoes

You will like how Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 fits snugly into your feet without squeezing your toes. They are the most comfortable and stylish shoes for elderly women. The shoe offers excellent stability and comfort. You can slip in your feet quickly and would like the way it fits comfortably.

Key Features

  • It features 5GEN midsole to provide comfort
  • The upper is made of one piece of mesh fabric for exceptional breathability and naturally expands to fit your foot.
  • The insoles compose of Goga Max for the excellent walking experience.
  • The shoe also has alight sock liner that adapts to your foot as you walk.

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#5. Propet Women’s W3851 Wash & Wear Slip-On shoe | Propet Elderly Women Shoe

Wash and Wear Slip-On shoe is the ultimate shoe for comfort. They are soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, making them the best shoes for elderly women.

It is among the shoe that is machine washable perfect for elderly women. You can just throw in the washing machine, and you get them clean. The shoe is ideal for someone who has achy feet.

When you put them on, the pain suddenly disappears. With these shoes, you don’t have to worry about shoelaces; they are slip-on, so you just slip in your feet.

Key Features

  • The upper is made of leather with a padded collar added with stretchable nylon for a soft and flexible fit
  • They are easy to wash and can also be cleaned with a washing machine.
  • It features rubber outsole suitable for traction good for walking on all surfaces.
  • The shoe has EVA midsole, which relieves pressure on your feet.

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#6. New Balance Women’s WW813 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe

New Balance Women’s WW813 Hook and Loop Walking shoe is a comfortable and sturdy shoe that is highly recommended for elderly women. The footwear is designed with features that provide comfort and support for every step you take.

It features Walking Striking Path technology to stabilize and guide the foot through the natural walking cycle.

The upper is breathable and made of premium leather with a padded collar to add comfort at the ankle.

Key Features

  • The upper is made of premium leather to provide comfort and also for durability
  • The shoe has removable insoles that can be replaced with orthotics and arch support inserts.
  • It has a sturdy rubber outsole for durability.

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#7. Orthofeet Women’s Stretch Shoes Joelle

Orthofeet Stretch Shoes is considered the most comfortable making it a super choice for elderly women. The shoe is firm and lightweight and will come in handy if you need support for your balance.

It’s designed to solve many foot problems through proper cushioning, stability, and arch support. Orthofeet Women’s Stretch Shoe Joelle features Ergonomic sole and Orthotic insoles, Anatomical arch support, and layers of cushioning to provide comfort and relief to pain in your feet.

Key Features

  • The anatomical arc support provides support and relief pain on pressure points.
  • It features orthotic insoles and layers of cushioning that provides stability and comfort.
  • The shoe has bio-mechanical features that help to pain in the foot.
  • The upper and the wide toe box give room for the foot to relax and spread out.

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#8. Aetrex Emma Monk Strap Elderly Women Shoe

The Emma-Monk Strap has a stylistic appearance and provides excellent stability for walking.  You can wear footwear barefoot, especially in summer or warmer days. The shoe features Velcro straps, so you just slip on and fasten without having to bend too much. If you are looking for a lighter and laceless shoe, then Emma Monk-Strap can be your best choice.

Key Features

  • The shoe features a soft toe box and can be useful for someone with bunions.
  • The shoe has a low-level outsole with an excellent grip.
  • It is lightweight, stable, and comfortable suitable for elderly women.

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#9. CLARKS Elderly Women’s Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat Shoe

Clarks brand has been manufacturing shoes for centuries and prides itself on the best shoes. Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat shoe is a slim, sporty, and lightweight shoe suited for elderly women.

The shoe has stretch fabric panes for agile movements. The shoe also has EVA outsole, soft cushion with ortholite footbed for comfort. It is a great walking shoe that you can wear without socks. The shoe has long enough Velcro trap, which expands to different lengths for fastening, making it fit every foot.

Key Features

  • The shoe has a soft cushioned insoles to provide comfort.
  • The shoe is super lightweight

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Other Tips On What to look for When Choosing Shoes for Seniors or The Elderly

1. Stability

As you age, your balance and gait are primarily affected and can lead to an increased incidence of falls. The best shoes for elderly women should be designed with motion control in mind.

Extend of stability a shoe offer is essential. The balance of a shoe is achieved by supporting the ankle, arches, and reducing the impact on the heels. Ensure that you check the cushioning of the shoe before buying.

2. Well Cushioned Shoes

Shoes for elderly women should be well cushioned. This is to reduce unnecessary stress on the feet and also absorb shocks.

A well-cushioned shoe provides the desired comfort, and useful for relieving foot problems. The outsole and midsole contribute to the comfort by limiting the strain on your feet and limbs.

3. Soles

When choosing shoes for the elderly, one of the things that you should consider is the sole. The bottom should be sturdy and not flexible for it to provide reliable stability.

Shoes with wide and thin soles are best for the elderly because they are very close to the floor and also stable. In case you have joints mobility problems, the biomechanical outsole is ideal for you.

The biomechanical outsole provides support for stiff joints. Shoes with thick rubber sole should be avoided as they can get caught on the carpet.

4. Traction

Check out the tread design of the shoe before purchasing. Wearing a shoe with a smooth sole can make you slip. Likewise, a shoe with too much grip can cause your trip. Avoid heavy shoes with a thick sole as they are not stable enough for the elderly. Lightweight shoes are suitable for stability; however, they should not be too light.

5. Size

When looking for shoes for elderly women, size matters a lot. As you get elderly, your feet changes the size. Usually, the feet of the elderly are wider. You must measure your feet precisely before ordering the shoe.

When shoes do not fit well, your feet can slide within the shoes and cause a loss of balance. Shoes that fit tightly can cause pain. You should get the right size of your foot before making a purchase. Otherwise, don’t order shoes without return policy if you are not sure of your size.

wing what to look for in a pair of shoes can help you and your senior loved one select the perfect pair of shoes. Here are a few things to look for in your footwear: 

6. Closed Heels and Low Heels

For enhanced stability, closed hells are highly recommended if you’re a senior. With open heels, your foot can slide and affect your balance or walking stability.

Further, low-heeled shoes are highly recommended for the senior because they provide greater walking stability. High-heeled shoes have adverse effects on body posture, are unstable, and is known to increase risks of fall.

7. Light Shoes

The best shoes for the elderly should be light in weight. This is because heavy shoes require much effort and energy when lifting the feet. This is a challenge for the elderly.

A heavy shoe is not suitable for elderly women as it may lead to foot pains. If you already have a foot condition, having a massive shoe will add pressure to the affected parts of your shoe.

The materials used in constructing the shoe determine its weights. When looking for a shoe for elderly make sure it has soft and flexible material.

8. Sole Design and Material

The ideal shoes for the elderly should have soles that are slip-resistant, and will adequate treads for effective ground traction. Shoes with treads that are worn out should be avoided. This because they can easily slip and cause terrible falls that can lead to fatal injuries.

Which Shoe Types Are Suitable For Elderly Women?

#1. Walking Shoes

These are shoes with thin soles but that provide adequate traction and stability that the seniors need when walking. Normal walking shoes should not have thick soles as these will affect their balance and can result in falls.

#2. Shoes With or Without Laces

It’s recommended that seniors wear shoes that fit the properly, easy to wear, and easy to remove.  Laces ensure the proper fitting of shoes. 

However, if tying the laces may be too demanding for the senior, they should be provided with shoes with special elastic laces. These ensure that they wear them with ease, adjust the fit accordingly, and remove them with no struggle.

#3. Customized Orthotics

There are situations where seniors may have foot problems that call for special types of shoes.  Where structural foot issues arise as a result of arthritis or diabetes, seniors may be provided with customized orthotics for insertion into their shoes.

#4. Diabetic Shoes

Apart from customized inserts, there are diabetic shoes that come with replaceable orthotics.  These can be recommended to the elderly or seniors based on their individual foot conditions.

#5. Home Shoes

Seniors who love to walk within the home, need special footwear. If they love walking wearing socks, provide them with special socks with sufficient grips.  Alternatively, get the best non-slip slippers that are specially designed for the elderly.

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