Best Shoes for Half Marathon

Probably you are giving some thought to what kind of shoes to wear for the half marathon. If you are preparing to participate in the race for the first time, try out the new shoes in your training to ensure you feel comfortable and confident with them. Do you know the top best shoes that are highly recommended for half marathon? We’ll help you find out in this article.

half marathon shoes

Since you are going to run a lot of miles, you might want to ask a lot from your shoe. You need cushion from the unforgiving pavement, lightweight, and firm shoes to provide easy push-off and better if they are going to be comfortable to the last mile. Several things come into play when choosing the right shoes for running a half marathon. Listed below, find the top 10 Best Shoes for Half Marathon :

  1. Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2
  2. New Balance 1500v6
  3. ASICS – Gel Nimbus 21.
  4. Adidas Ultraboost 19
  5. Hoka One One Clifton 6
  6. Under Armour HOVR Guardian
  7. New Balance Rebel V1 FuelCell
  8. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 26
  9. Brooks Ghost 12
  10.  ASICS Evoride

There is a perfect shoe for every runner. For instance, you are prone to injury during running; then it is time to find a safer shoe. With that said, you will be able to find the right shoe for your feet from the list below.

Why Do You Need Running Shoes?

From outward appearances, running shoes may not look different from your other sporting sneakers. What is it that makes running shoes special?

As a long-distance runner, it is obvious that your feet will always be hitting the ground almost in a single constant manner. This is unlike in the standard shoe that may be subjected to varying pressure based on the activity you’re engaged in.

For instance, with a normal sneaker, your feet will not always be landing on the ground in a particular position. No particular part of your feet will be subjected to repeated impact or strain. This is because your movements will always be varied.

To ensure that your feet are well-cushioned against constant ground landing as your run, running shoes come with special protective cushions. It’s for this reason that running shoes are designed with a unique technology that provides for adequate cushion to the feet.

The cushioning helps in absorbing shock which would otherwise be injurious to your feet as you run continuously.

Ten Best Shoes For Running Half Marathon

A perfect shoe for running half marathon must have basic features such as cushioning, lightweight, stability, flexibility, and breathability. Occasionally, finding a shoe that meets all the qualities can be complicated, especially if you are trying them out for the first time. But it doesn’t have to be. The list below comprises of ten best shoes for half marathon.

1. Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 Half Marathon Shoe

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo shoe was launched barely two years ago, and it just delivered something that athletes wanted to feel; lightness and cushioning that every runner could wish to have in a shoe.

The upper features a thin synthetic mesh and padded with pods on the sides of the collar. The shoe features a fantastic outsole that absorbs the impact and rebound to its shape, ready for the next stride.

The shoe is comfortable, and you can bet on to give an energetic ride all the way.


  • Featherweight synthetic upper makes the shoe relatively light in weight.
  • The minimal upper still provide a snuggly fit
  • Features innovative foam Brings makes it perfect for running a half marathon.
  •  The Translucent mesh upper makes the shoe breathable.
  • The rubber outsole offers superb traction.


  • It is relatively expensive
  • May not be durable as an average long-distance running shoe

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2. New Balance 1500v6 Half Marathon Shoes

If you are looking for a quick rebound and superb support, then New Balance 1500v6 is your shoe. The original New Balance 1500 came into existence when stability in a running shoe was still a dream. It has since evolved to the 1500v6, a most comfortable shoe with stability.

The shoe will you a quality ride you anticipate. It features Revlite foam that allows you to feel underfoot, which is suitable for distance running. The thicker insole provides the right responsiveness you will ever dream of. The upper features elastic mesh with pores for proper ventilation. It is designed to fit snugly into your feet but not too tight.


  • The shoe has a smooth interior for comfort.
  • It has a secure heel grip for stability
  • It features an internal gusset to protect from lace bite


  • Revlite insole is thinner, which reduces cushioning and responsiveness.

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3. ASICS – Gel Nimbus 21 Marathon Shoes

ASICS-Gel Nimbus 21 has been in the market for more than two decades. It is probably the shoe to make you the fast runner as the manufacturer claims to be. It is not the shoe that is fast; the energy return from the shoe is impressive and will propel you faster.

The upper of the shoe features a seamless mesh with plastic overlays. If you love snug feel in your running shoe, then Gel Nimbus is the right shoe.

The heel is kept in place by a heel clutching system. You will like the extra padding on the collar and tongue of the shoe; it will ensure that you will not develop hotspot at the end of the marathon.

The shoe uses gel in the midsole to absorb shock during the race. It is also well cushioned with FlyteFoam, which is lighter and provides a nice cushion. The outsole features a high abrasion rubber, which is quite durable.


  • The shoe is very comfortable and stable
  • It performs well in shock absorption
  • It is suitable for long-distance running


  • The shoe is not so flexible
  • Tapered toe box will restrict toe space a bit.

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4. Adidas Ultraboost 19

Ultraboost 19 was launched recently with the most significant strides in the performance of the shoe. So what is new? The shoe came with new features, unlike the previous versions, which make it relatively lighter. The shoe features torsion spring, which improves energy return and also acts as a shock absorber. 

Ultraboost 19 is designed to provide a reasonable fit to prevent the foot from moving about as you run. The new heel, apart from its incredible attractive design, locks the foot in place. If you are looking for a comfortable shoe for long mileage, then Adidas Ultraboost 19 is worth the consideration.


  • Most comfortable running shoe
  • Provide higher energy return
  • It is light in weight
  • Provide a firm grip good for accelerating and changing direction
  • It is breathable


  • It is quite costly
  • The plastic overlay makes it to hold moisture.

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5. Hoka One One Clifton 6 | Hoka Clifton Half Marathon Shoe

Hoka One One Clifton 6 is a running shoe for both beginners and seasoned veterans runners. The shoe is famous for its lightweight and cushioning. It jumped out as an overly cushioned running shoe.

The upper features soft materials that provide a flexible fit and a large toe box. The midsole is made from a softer EVA foam for comfort. The outsole is made of a mixture of Hi-abrasion rubber and foam material to reduce the weight of the shoe. The upper features soft, durable mesh to encourage free air circulation inside the shoe.


  • It is a very comfortable shoe
  • Well-cushioned to deliver a smooth ride.
  • The toe box is large enough.


  • The exposed EVA foam makes it less durable.

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6. Under Armour HOVR Guardian

The HOVR is the latest running shoe from Under Armour. The shoe provides excellent support and stability, making it suitable for running long mileage. The sole unit is made of UA HOVR foam with mesh Energy Web, which balances between cushioning and responsiveness.

The cushioning, however, is suitable for high mileage running. The shoe has a double density foam medial post for extra support. What makes the guardian stand out is the sensor placed at the midsole that allows you to track your running information. The thick sole is durable and can accommodate long-distance running.


  • Features a durable rubber sole suitable for long runs
  • It is well cushioned for comfort and also have other structures for support.
  • Features record sensor that tracks and analyses your running information.
  • It utilizes UA HOVR technology for zero gravity feel and energy return
  • Engineered mesh upper is suitable for the breathability of the shoe.


  • It is costly than an average running shoe
  • It is moderately stable

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7. New Balance Rebel V1 FuelCell

The New Balance Rebel FuelGel was made with long-distance running in mind. It is well cushioned and supports fast running. Though the upper may look stretchy, it is strengthened with Trace Fiber Stitching.

The moment you try out the shoe, you will feel the snugly fit and support it gives to the foot. It features FuelCell midsole and dual-density foam for cushioning.

You will barely feel the weight on these shoes, and the cushioning makes them smooth. The midsole has bounce you anticipate, with high energy return. You feel a pop with less weight on your foot. The rubber outsole does an excellent job on traction; it grips the surface well.


  • Rubber sole provides traction.
  • It provides an ultra-responsive ride, which improves your speed.
  • Enriched with FuelCell foam to propel you forward
  • It is well cushioned to provide the ultimate comfort
  • The shoe is lightweight and breathable.


  • The shoe is a bit pricey

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8. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 26 Half Marathon Shoes

Kayano 26 by Asics is a premium shoe that is popular for soft cushioning and classical athlete design. Its mid-sole padding is not only durable but also makes it an efficient option for most natural arches.

A shoe model is a perfect option when looking forward to switching to something that will accommodate your feet without much worry. 


  • Offer excellent traction and heel support
  • Flight-foam cushioning for maximum comfort


  •     Not a better option for repeated compression or long race

Brooks Ghost 12

Brook Ghost 12 is a multipurpose running shoe that comfortably fit natural arches. You can use it on various terrains without worrying about abrasion.

Brook Ghost 12 has ample cushioning that protects from the effects of plantar fasciitis. Besides, it’s fabrics is lightweight to cut on the energy required for lifting feet while running. You will also like its edgy design that is comparable to none.


  • Supremely cushioned for comfort
  • Elastic but durable fabrics that will last you months
  • Outsoles offer better grip and traction
  • Versatile for use by any regular arch


  •       A bit narrower at the toe

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10.  ASICS Evoride Marathon Shoes

Asics Evoride is the newest shoe model in the Asics-curved riders for athletes who fall back on their heels when fatigued. This slim shaped shoe model features a GUIDESOLE technology that tips off the toe off the ground whenever you lift your feet.

 The FlyteFoam padding around the mid-sole offers excellent cushioning while at the same time distributing the bodyweight for a rolling motion that prevents ankle flexion. 


  • High abrasion rubber outsoles for traction and durability
  • Pleasantly cushioned mid-sole for comfort and stability


  •   Narrow toe box

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Why You Need To Train With New Shoes Before The Race

As a half marathon runner, it’s important that you train first with your new shoes before the race. This is to enable your feet to adjust according to the cushioning impact of the shoes before the race.

You should only race with shoes that you’ve used adequately for training. Advance planning is therefore important to ensure so that you get used to the new shoes before the scheduled race.

If you take part in different kinds of running, it’s important that you rotate different shoes for your feet to adjust accordingly under different running conditions.

Features Of The Best Shoes For Running Half Marathon

Not all running shoes can be used for half marathon. You need specific shoes that are curated to suit your basic long-distance running needs for improved agility and better performance. Unknown to many, different types of running shoes are made with various for your safety comfort, and stability.

1. Cushioning

Some runners prefer a heavily cushioned shoe while others go for a thin sole shoe. Which shoe is best for half marathon? Cushioning is the most crucial feature of a running shoe. A well-cushioned shoe absorbs the stress on the heel, toes, and ankle as you hit the ground.

Cushioning makes the running safe and comfortable and also helps to prevent pain in your back and feet. When shopping for the running shoe, you should check if the extend of cushioning at the midsole.

2. Traction

The right shoe for running a half marathon should provide a firm grip on the surface. The way your shoe interacts with the pavement during your race will determine your performance.

You will require a high level of traction when increasing or negotiating a corner. Running shoes should have high traction for you to get faster. The last thing you would want from a shoe during the race is to hold you back.

3. Lightweight

The lighter the shoe, the faster you run. If you are looking to slice off your running time, then you should get a lightweight shoe.  However, you should not choose a lighter shoe at the expense of cushioning.

Lighter shoes usually have less cushioning. Remember, you are going in the long run, and you need a sturdy shoe that doesn’t wear out faster. When choosing a lighter shoe for running, ensure that it is relatively lighter and well-cushioned.

4. Stability

A stable shoe for running a half marathon should have features that align your foot to the ground. Usually, the denser foam is added to the medial side of the shoe to provide support to the arches and prevent the feet from rolling. Be sure to use a stable shoe to avoid injuries.

5. Breathability

Most running shoe manufacturers use Moisture Vapour Control technology when constructing the shoes. Through the Moisture Vapour Control technology, the upper mesh of the shoe is water-resistant and breathable.

The fabric used to make uppers have small pores, too small to allow water into the shoe but can let steam out of the shoe. Of course, you don’t want to imagine running on a sweaty foot during the half marathon. A breathable shoe keeps your foot dry and prevents foot diseases such as Athletes Foot.

6. Fitting

During the half marathon, you will not have much time to adjust the fit of your shoe. The right shoe should snug well and have a shape tailored to fit your foot. However, it should not fit too tight as it can cause blisters. Be sure to check a shoe that fits well into your feet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FQAs)

Q: When do I change my running shoe?

A: Durability of your shoes varies. Sometimes durability depends on your running style. Landing hard on your heel in every stride make your shoe to wear out quickly. Occasionally manufacturers aim at producing lightweight shoes at the expense of durability.

When your shoe starts giving you problems, it is the right time to change them. However, you should maintain your shoes by giving them rest.

Q: Does the nature of the surface affect the durability of the shoe?

A: Yes, running a half marathon on pavement makes your shoe wear out faster than on trail running. However, be sure to choose your running shoes based on the nature of the surface you are going to run.


Having the best shoe for running a half marathon will significantly influence your performance. You should look beyond comfort and protection to find a shoe that will enable you to achieve more speed during the race.

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