Best Shoes for Hockey Goalkeeper

Being a hockey goalkeeper or field player requires special shoes and other essential protective leg protectors. Wearing the wrong shoes can expose you to injuries as a result of slips or impacts during the game. Inappropriate shoes will also have an adverse effect on your field performance as a player. In this article, we shall guide you in identifying the best shoes you should invest in either as a hockey goalkeeper or as a normal player.

hockey shoes

As a hockey goalkeeper, you require shoes that are comfortable, protective, breathable, and with perfect ground grip. Your toes have to be well protected from all possible impacts. For perfect and safe performance in the field, here are the top Best shoes for hockey goalkeeper worth investing in:

  1. Adidas Hockey Lux Blue Hockey Shoes
  2. Dita LGHT 700 High Foot Shoes
  3. Adidas Women Fabela X Aqua Hockey Shoes
  4. Adidas Zone Dox Men’s Hockey Turf Shoe
  5. Asics Gel-Hockey Typhoon 2 Men’s Shoes
  6. Asics Gel-Hockey Typhoon 3 Men’s Hockey Shoes
  7. Gryphon Aero G4 Hockey Shoes
  8. Kookaburra Origin Hockey Shoes
  9. Grays GX12000 Hockey Shoes Black Orange
  10. Grays Traction Hockey Shoes

Apart from shoes and body gear, a hockey goalie should protect his foot and legs using kickers and leg guards.  We shall highlight some of these later in this article.

Different Types of Hockey Shoes

While there are different brand models of hockey shoes, they come in two major types. These are:

1. Turf Hockey Shoes:

These types of shoes look like standard trainer shoes from their outer appearances. They have good ankle support and gait control.

Depending on manufacturers or brands, they come with different ground grips. Turf shoes are highly recommended for amateurs or beginners.

2. Cleats Hockey Shoes

Field hockey calls for shoes with improved grip and that allows for running in grass fields. This is where the cleat type of hockey shoes comes in.

Cleat shoes come with metallic or plastic studs on the bottom for enhanced ground grip. Due to their superior design, they’re more expensive than the turf shoes.

Which Are The Top Hockey Shoes Brands?

Best hockey shoes come in different designs with different features. With many popular brands currently in the market for every budget, you’ve many suitable options to choose from. Some of the most popular brands known for high-quality hockey shoes include:

  1. Adidas Hockey Shoes
  2. Asics Shoes
  3. Kookaburra Shoes
  4. Grays Shoes
  5. Dita Hockey Shoes

10 Best Shoes for Hockey GoalKeeper and Player

hockey shoes | hockey goalkeeper shoes

1. Adidas Men’s Lux Hockey Shoes

Men’s Lux Shoes is another of Adida’s top brand shoes designed for you as a standard hockey player or goalkeeper.

This ultra-light weight selection is built for both speed and ultimate performance. It will adapt perfectly to the shape of your feet. Thanks to its elastic neoprene sock.

The shoe has a bootee upper design that comes with a collar to keep both moisture and mud away from your foot. It comes with a 4-layered supportive synthetic panel that provides maximum stability to your mid-foot.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-lightweight and snug-fitting for excellent performance
  • Has an upper neoprene collar to keep mud or water from getting into your foot
  • Effective mid-foot stability by its four synthetic layers.
  • Superior TPU outsole for enhanced turf grip in the field.
  • Perfect glove-like feet for comfort and superior field performance

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2. Dita STBL 700 High Foot

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Dita 700 is a new series of STBL that are lightweight and highly suitable for senior players. The shoe’s wide sole and stud positions guarantee excellent field grip and stability. It comes with a neoprene foot glove for a comfortable sock-like fit

The shoes come with a unique upper layer which is a rich combination of PU and leather for superior firmness. It’s outer sole boasts of Astro and Turf design profile, and this makes it a perfect choice for any outdoor hockey field.

That’s not all! Its sole is an EVA design while its midsole is Phylon type for maximum sole damping.

Key Features:

  • Low profile with superior grip
  • Lightweight stylish design
  • Neoprene foot glove for a comfortable fit just like a sock!
  • EVA soal for maximum stability
  • Synthetic and PU upper material making them durable.
  • Lace-up style for proper fitting
  • Synthetic material for durability
  • Dual-density midsole for perfect shock absorption
  • Lace-up style for easy fitting and adjustment.

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3. Adidas Women Fabela X Aqua

adidas shoes for hockey goalkeeper

Designed for women, Adidas Fabela X Hockey shoes are one of Adida’s top hockey brands. They are light in weight to ensure you can run fast without strain on your leg or foot muscles.

The shoes have a sturdy upper synthetic layer for extra protection against water or high-ball impact.

The lugs on its outer sole provide a perfect grip in all directions for a better goal defense and game experience.

Its responsive cushioning features provide the energy you need to move forward with speed during the game.  The shape of its inner midsole allows for effective ground control as you move.

Key Features

  • Its TPU overlays are perfectly welded for durability and feet protection.
  • Light in weight allowing you to move fast and with less strain
  • Perfect ground grip in all direction
  • Boasts of a bootee design with a stretchable sock-like fit
  • Flexible upper design for easy movement
  • Gum Rubber sole for perfect ground traction
  • Flat heel design for maximum stability

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4. Adidas Zone Dox Men’s Hockey Turf Shoe

Adidas Zone Dox men’s shoes is no doubt on the top list of Adida’s best hockey shoes.  

As a hockey player or goalkeeper, you need shoes that allow for quick movements and stability. Adidas Zone Dox is perfected just for that. They are lightweight and stylish in design making them efficient and fashionable!

 Crafted with SprintFrame technology, they’ll provide you with the stability and excellent foot support at any moment during the game.

Crafted from 100% synthetic material with top mesh material, they’re both durable and breathable. One of the best hockey shoes for you either as a field player or goalkeeper.

Key Features:

  • Superior frame design for enhanced balance, stability, and support
  • Light in weight for best field performance
  • Rubber sole for perfect ground traction
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Top mesh upper for support and breathability
  • High-quality synthetic material
  • Made of 100% synthetic for enhanced durability

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5. Adidas Divox Women’s Field Hockey Turf Shoes

Here is another one of Adida’s superior selection. Adidas Divox Women’s Hockey shoe comes with EVA midsole and superior TRAXION outsole for super ground grip in different directions even at high speed!

Its upper material is flexible with a bootie style for a perfect socks-like fit. This enhances the comfort and mobility of the shoe.

Synthetic overlays provide support for the feet’s lateral movements. Breathability and comfort are enhanced by its exposed tough mesh fabric. A top shoe selection that will take your hockey game to a new performance level whether as a standard player or goalkeeper.

Key Features

  • Effective lateral foot support by synthetic overlays
  • Superior EVA midsole for enhanced foot cushioning
  • Lightweight with flexible and breathable fabric
  • TRAXION outer sole for superior ground grip in different directions.
  • Toe cap for your foot protection and enhanced durability
  • Sock-like fit for maximum comfort and stability

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6. ASICS Gel-BLACKHEATH 7 Women Shoes

ASICS’s Gel-Blackheath 7 for women is perfectly designed to combine durability and comfort that any skilled hockey player deserves.

With advanced GEL technology and EVA midsole, this superior collection is perfected to absorb shock with enhanced cushioning comfort.

It comes with a dual-density midsole technology for enhanced stability and support during the game. Both the rearfoot and forefoot have a special material that provides ultimate shock protection for enhanced comfort in the field.

Key Features:

  • Dual-density midsole for effective foot support and stability.
  • Synthetic Upper for foot comfort and durability
  • PGuard for enhanced protection and durability
  • Shock-absorbing gel for both forefoot and rearfoot protection
  • Midfoot molded compound protection for improved arch support
  • Removable sock-liner to accommodate a medical orthotic
  • Top protector for safety and durability

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7. ASICS Gel-Hockey Typhoon 3 Men’s Hockey Shoes

Gel-hockey Typhoon 3 is another top best collection from the renowned ASICS hockey shoe brand. If you’re looking for hockey shoes that are perfect for all levels of players, this is your best option.

Its rubber outsole and midsole are perfectly designed for maximum ground grip, and foot cushioning during play. It has a synthetic upper that is tough, protective, and vibrant!

Key Features:

  • Designed for superb traction in wet turf hockey fields
  • Comes with a removable sock liner
  • Duomax Technology for midsole support and stability
  • Rearfoot gel protection for improved comfort
  • Best choice for hockey players of all levels including the goalkeeper
  • PGuard toe protection with

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8. ASICS Gel-Lethal MP7 Turf Women Hockey Shoes

Gel-Lethal MP7 Turf women shoes is another ASICS collection of superior hockey shoes that is known for its durability and excellent performance.

Studded with outsole rubber, it offers excellent traction and support, especially on artificial ground surfaces.

Its stability is further enhanced by a full-length midsole that’s designed to offer both support and comfort. No doubt one of the best selection for any casual hockey player

Key Features

  • Full-length midsole for satisfactory foot comfort and stability
  • The outsole rubber is multi-studded for enhanced traction especially when playing on dry surfaces, natural grass, and artificial fields.
  • Synthetic upper material for durability and enhanced stability

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9. Kookaburra Origin Hockey Shoes

Kooburra is well known for its gigantic high-quality hockey shoes. Kooburra Origin is a stylish modern-looking hockey shoes designed for both speed and stability. with excellent mid-foot stability. Thanks to its unique anti-roll cage technology.

Its upper is covered with latex for excellent comfort, protection, and water resistance. Just what you need to stay focused on our game.

To ensure that your landings are well cushioned and comfortable, it comes with EVA midsole with an extra spring for superb protection.

The shoe boasts of a superior outsole grip and traction allowing you to make fast and dramatic movements to beat your opponents.

Key Features

  • Superior EVA midsole shock absorption
  • Stitched toe section for enhanced durability
  • Padded tongue for maximum comfort and perfect fit.
  • Perfect outsole traction for a satisfactory game experience.

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10. Grays GX12000 Men Hockey Shoes Black Orange

While there are many hockey shoes you can choose from, Grays GX1200 is no doubt one of the coolest collections. Who said you cannot play and be in top fashion at the same time?

This adorable collection comes with a welded G-CAGE system in which high-quality PU is perfectly welded to its mesh. This gives it the power of stability, protection, and flexibility that you need during the game.

Internally, it has an Anti-fatigue Torsion feature which ensures excellent shock absorption and acts as a lever to push you forward as you run towards the ball.

Thanks to its Outsole GTech II Sole! Its full rubber will multiple patterns in different directions for superior grip in both sandy or wet playing fields.

For extra stability and comfort, it boasts of California Slip. No doubt one of the best hockey shoes for all players including goalkeepers.

Different from standard soles, it comes with a Haipoli Pro Sockliner which you can easily remove and replace with a medical orthotic.

Key Features

  • G-cage system for stability and desired protection
  • Cool design to enhance your style of fashion
  • LightUltra lightweight to enhance your performance
  • Anti-fatigue Torstion feature for shock absorption
  • California Lasting for your improved comforts and without slip
  • Removable sock liner

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Hockey GoalKeeper Shoes Protection | Kickers & Leg Guards

hockey goalkeeper wearing protective shoes

These are special cushioned protective wears that cover the goalkeeper’s hockey shoes for maximum foot protection. Some of the best kickers in the market include.

1. Best Hockey Kickers

 1.2. Obo Ogo 2XS Kickers

For a young goalkeeper who adores hockey, OGO 2XS Kickers is a perfect choice goal protection.   

They are the lightest design in the OBO range. They are made of 48mm medium density cushioning polyethylene foam and come with easy to replace straps.

 Boasting of anatomical shape inner design, they provide enhanced comfort and rebound 

These high-quality brands go perfectly well with Ogo XXS leg guards.

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1.2. OBO Cloud Kickers

Here is another OBO brand whose quality is up in the clouds! It’s designed for adult goalkeepers and comes in medium size. 

With OBO Cloud Kickers, you are assured of perfect ball control and ultimate leg comfort and rebound. Thanks to its flat ground protection. 

With its high density shaped tongue and flat ground presentation, it provides perfect comfort and protection 

Its round-shaped toe will enhance your acceleration for better game performance. It comes with an easy to replace the strap and rear buffer which ensures that your shoes don’t slip backward to expose your toes.

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1.3 OBO Robo Hi Rebound Kickers

OBO Robo Hi Rebound Kickers are designed to help you achieve your best performance. They boast of being the strongest kickers that offer the highest level of protection within the OBO range.

The kickers rounded toe helps in improving acceleration, and its vertical and horizontal flat design ensures that the ball doesn’t get lifted when kicked.

It comes with hidden straps that allow for perfect side-kicking. Its integrated high-density foam provides adequate protection and rebound. Highly recommended for high-level adult players.

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1.4 OBO Robo Hi Control Kickers

If you’re a top-level aggressive hockey goalkeeper, Obo Robo Hi Control kickers will keep you higher! It provides the ultimate flexibility you need and comes with narrow pads for enhanced movement.

With its vertical and flat sides, to ensure that the ball is not ‘lifted’ when you kick. Its rounded top is to enhance your acceleration while its flat ground presentation is for your maximum protection and rebound.

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 2. Goalkeeper Leg Guards

For enhanced leg protection, hockey goalkeeper will require high leg guards since shoes alone are not adequate. Some of the best options to consider are:

2.1 OBO Yahoo Field Hockey Goalie Leg Guards

OBO is known for its superior goalkeeper shoe kickers, and leg Guards. Yahoo Field Goalie Leg  Guards will not disappoint. They come with a hidden strap and an integrated locking system for easy and comfortable wearing. Its high-density foam provides the necessary leg protection during the game.

This protective kit is light in weight allowing players to move quickly. They are designed for aspiring young hockey goalkeepers and provide 3-dimensional protection.

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2.3 OBO Cloud Legguards 

This is another collection of the OBO superior brand. OBO Cloud Legguards comes with a smooth and evenly curved surface to allow for easier ball control from any direction. It’s designed to allow the goalkeeper to move quickly and without straining.

The guard has an outer high-density foam for effective ball control during play and a low-density inner foam for comfort. For maximum height at penalties or during corners, the left leg guard is wider in design than the right side.

OBO cloud is highly recommended for any serious hockey goalkeeper who values good performance and safety.

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3. Other Hockey Goalie Leg Guards

  • Ogo Leg Guards (Entry-level guards)
  • Yahoo Leg guards (Players from 10 years)
  • OBO Cloud Leg guards for serious players from 14 years of age
  • Robo High Control Leg guards (Very durable, 14+ years)
  • Robi Hi Rebound Leg Guards (wide and durable. Best range, 14 +)

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