Best Shoes for Indoor Gym

Perhaps you’ve completed your fitness gym registration or planning for the same. You are eager to commence workouts to improve on both your physical and mental health. While it’s easy to grab any suitable clothing and head to the gym, getting the right shoes isn’t easy for many. Working out at the gym wearing the wrong shoes is a big risk. You can badly get hurt. Which are the best shoes for Indoor Gym? Where can you get them? We have answers for these and much more. Keep reading to prepare well…

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Shopping an ideal pair of shoes for your gym exercises can be demanding. We have done thorough research on the leading shoe-manufacturing brands. Listed below are the certified and recommended 8 Best Shoes designed for indoor gym workouts:

  1. Nike Lunar TR1
  2. Saucony Triumph 10
  3. Adidas AdiPure Trainer 360 Shoes
  4. New Balance Men’s MX20BS4 Cross Minimus Training Shoe
  5. New Balance Women’s 20v5 Minimus Training Shoe
  6. ASICS Men’s Gel-Blur 33 TR
  7. Under Armour Men’s Micro G Limitless 2
  8. ASICS Women’s Gel-Intensity 2 W

Why You Should Wear Indoor Gym Shoes

Working out at the gym with improper shoes can subject to many common injuries. This is because workouts will often subject your feet to massive impacts.

It’s, therefore important that your feet are well cushioned with certified shoes. They should withstand instances of heavy landings that your ordinary shoes cannot measure up to.

Further, wearing the wrong shoes will adversely affect your performance at the gym. For instance, if your type of shoes is not breathable and with no proper ground grip, both your comfort and safety will be compromised.

Further, your movements will be strained. All these will have an adverse impact on both your legs and performance in general.

Some of the injuries or conditions that are associated with working out with the wrong shoes at the gym include:

  1. Ankle Sprains
  2. Bone Fracture
  3. Metatarsalgia
  4. Corns
  5. Bunions
  6. Back Pains and associated injuries

For effective your safety and effective workouts performance, you should invest in authentic, comfortable, and safe indoor gym shoes.

Top 9 Best Indoor Gym Shoes

#1. Nike Lunar TR1 | Lunar TR1 Indoor Gym Shoes

If you are looking for indoor gym shoes that will hold your feet steadily and comfortably, Nike Lunar TR1 is your perfect option. It offers effective traction and boasts of stylish outsole patterns.

The Nike Lunar is super light in weight and has a breathable outer mesh fabric. Its lightweight, however, does not compromise the required traction, protection, and stability that’s critical within the indoor gym.

The shoe boasts of Lunarlon foam for satisfactory cushioning that keeps you low but comfortable as you workout.

Key Features:

  • Light in weight for perfect performance at the gym
  • Wiremesh top for perfect breathability
  • Lunarlon foam for enhanced comfort and stability as you workout low
  • Perfect traction with stylish design.

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#2. Saucony Triumph 10 Indoor Gym Shoes

Saucony Triumph is a stylish high-quality running shoe that perfectly doubles as indoor gym shoes. It’s perfectly designed to provide satisfactory cushioning your feed needs for tough workout sessions.

Its PowerGrid midsole is designed to absorb shock while its ComfortLite Sockliner keeps your feet perfectly in position. Between the foot and the running surface is a compression material for effective impact protection.

Key Features:

  • Has top mesh fabric for breathability
  • PowerGrid midsole for shock absorption
  • Offers perfect traction during the out
  • Can double as running shoes
  • Light in weight and trendy in design

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#3. Adidas AdiPure Gym Shoes | GTrainer 360 Shoes

With Adidas AdiPure Trainer, your feet are free to move like they ought to move. It comes with a supportive midfoot panel that adds stability without inconveniencing your natural movement patterns.

This supreme lightweight training shoe offers a seamless bootie construction to the upper part which creates a sock-like fit. The comfortable textile lining wraps to your foot keeping you comfortable throughout your hours of training.

Your feet will be well supplied with fresh air thanks to the fabric on the upper part that’s made of breathable engineered mesh. The mesh allows air to permeate your feet during training leaving you dry and very comfortable.

Its midsole mixes stability, flexibility, and comfort so that you are only left to deal with the strains and pressures of your workout while in the gym.

Furthermore, for your stability during training in the gym, the shoes are fitted with mid-foot stabilizer clips, which ensures that you follow the pattern of the natural gait cycle by offering anatomical support.

For stability, Adidas has added flex grooves to aid flexible movements when you are training. Since these shoes are ideal for indoor training and gym, they come with a non-marking outsole which ensures that you won’t leave marks behind when training indoors.

Key Features

  • It has an open mesh upper to help promote breathability.
  • Its seamless bootie construction gives it a glove-like fit making it compact on your feet.
  • The comfortable textile lining makes the shoe comfy to wear especially when you are in for long training sessions.
  • It comes with deep flex grooves with anatomical placement to help in improving your flexibility and natural movement.
  • The non-marking lightweight and flexible rubber outsole makes the shoe ideal for indoor gym activities and training.

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#4. New Balance Men’s MX20BS4 Cross Minimus Training Shoe

New Balance Men’s MX20BS4 is a stylish training shoe that’s perfect for your indoor gym workouts. They boast of vibrant soles that add to their elegance.

One admirable fact about the shoes is that tighten around your arch and heel like they were meant to be together! The sole is perfectly thin without much of heel- raise. This makes them the ideal choice if you require a grounded feel when squatting or performing deadlifts.

Your toes too are well thought of when new Balance was crating these shoes. The toe space is wide enough to give your toes enough space so that you won’t have some pinching when lifting weights.

Key Features

  • 100 percent synthetic hence durable
  • They have synthetic sole to ensure they can achieve maximum stretch without the risk of tearing apart under pressure.
  • They are compact and lightweight which makes them very comfortable to wear.
  • The arch support built-in helps to secure the shoe firmly on your feet giving you an easy time during training.

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#5. New Balance Women’s 20v5 Minimus Training Shoe

New Balance for women is a stylish women’s shoes engineered for top workout performance at your indoor gym.

They are light and have wide toes- space for your feet’s breathability and comfort during your workouts.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about tightening your shoelaces over and over to ensure that the shoes do not fall off your feet as the grip these shoes offer your feet is amazing.

The sole is sturdily made to last longer and offer you the firm grip you need when working out. You couldn’t ask for a better pair of workout shoes especially if you experience problems with your feet almost all the time as these shoes are ideal for fat feet and occasional bad feet.

Key Features

  • It is made up of 75% synthetic and 25% mesh which is on the upper part to make it durable and breathable respectively.
  • The rubber sole it comes with is ideal for indoor training as it improves grip with the floor when working out.
  • It has laces to help in firmly tying the shoes around your feet for maximum grip.
  • Its Vibram rubber outsole not only delivers a firm and excellent grip on the surface but also gives you the comfort you desire.

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#6. ASICS Men’s Gel-Blur 33 TR

This men’s ASICS Men’s Gel-Blur 33 TR is another superior brand in our list of the top best shoes for your indoor gym workouts. They are known for durability and flexible midsole for guaranteed comfort at the gym

The shoes are great for lateral movements and quick pivots. That’s not all! They offer a real-foot GEL cushioning system to absorb shock.

The open mesh upper helps to keep your feet cool and dry especially if you are prone to sweating in your feet.

Whether you choose to stick to indoor gym activities or gear up for outside jogging with these shoes, your comfort and safety are guaranteed. They are perfectly designed to boost your natural foot movements for both your comfort and enhanced workout performance.

They boast of a light-weight Solyte material with varying densities in the heel and the forefoot for superior comfort.

The ASICS shoe is endorsed by podiatrists in America. This makes it a great choice if you truly want your both your feet and workouts to remain healthy!

Key Features

  • It has a rare foot gel cushioning system to protect your feet against shock.
  • Its Solyte midsole offers you different densities in the heel and the forefoot for a comfortable feel.
  • It has an open mesh upper to keep your feet cool and dry.
  • It is more reliable as it is endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

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#7. Under Armour Men’s Micro G Limitless 2

Under Armour Men’s Micro G shoes is a classy training shoe worth considering for your safe and comfortable indoor gym workouts.

They have a form-fitting compression half-sleeve that wraps your feet in a tight layer of support. The shoe’s unique design is marked by a synthetic overlay material on its lateral side. Due to this, it’s light in weight with satisfactory foot protection. It’s medial is perfectly covered with quality leather for which makes it durable.

Additionally, its leather toe cap is ideal in offering your toes the important protection against immense pressure. A great safety feature as you lift weights at the gym.

It’s superbly equipped with full-length Micro G foam. Because of this, your cushion landings will be transformed into explosive takeoffs. This allows you to raise from the ground with your weight distributed on your back.

The shoe further has an additional cushioning in the heel and strategic flex grooves on the forefoot that will naturally adjust to your workout strides.

Key Features

  • It comes with a form-fitting compression half-sleeve that wraps your foot in a tight layer of support.
  • The full-length Micro G foam turns the cushioned landings into explosive takeoffs.
  • Its rubber outsole provides traction for stability on various surfaces.
  • It has the traditional lace-up closure for a perfect grip when you put them on.

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#8. Nike Men’s Varsity Compete Trainer Shoe

Nike Men’s Varsity Compete Trainer an excellent workout shoe that boasts of a sole with rubber stud pattern for a perfect grip. Its wide and flat soal is perfect to push power.

Apart from serving as your perfect shoes for indoor gym workouts, Nike Varsity complete is perfect for running bouts as well as leaps. It comes with outer stylish mesh fabric that’s hardy, durable, and breathable.

Key Features:

  • The webbing of the midfoot for perfect lateral support
  • Breathable wire mesh top for comfort
  • High-quality material for durability
  • Studded rubber sole for perfect grip
  • Light in weight and stylish in design.

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When Should You Replace Your Old Gym/Workout Shoes?

Like any other shoes, your workout shoes or gym shoes will surely get worn out. When this happens, your shoes will no longer be providing the necessary protection needed during your workouts.

According to Michigan State University Extention, you should replace your jogging or running shoes after covering between 350 -500 miles (563.27 to 804.67 km)

If for instance, you cover a total distance of 20 miles every week, plan on replacing your workout shoes every 20-25 weeks.

Even though your shoe bottom may not appear to be worn out after covering the above miles, their midsoles will be completely damaged. It’s for this reason that you must consider replacing it with a new suitable pair.

Factors to Consider When Buying Shoes for Indoor Gym

1. Stamina and Support of Indoor Gym Shoes

When entering a gym, one of the key things you would want to maintain is your stamina or support. Losing any of these may sometimes prove to be disastrous as a simple slip can cause extreme injuries and may at times endanger lives.

So choosing a good gym shoe would mean choosing a shoe with a perfect grip that can assure you that your stamina won’t be compromised especially when having those heavy weights on your back.

2. Weight

A perfect gym session would be one where you are comfortable especially on your feet. The weight of your gym shoes should be considerably lighter than any other type of shoe that you put on for other activities.

Light shoes make it easy for you to move around, do the jogs easily, and even carry weights without a lot of pressure on your feet. Gym workout shoes that you use for aerobic movements must have a design optimized to offer the best performance at the lowest weight.

3. Midsole

Midsoles are replaceable and therefore you can buy ones that perfectly fit the need you have. They define the kind of activity gym shoes are suitable for. In some instances, the function of a midsole would be to absorb shock and reduce the oscillation of both muscles and bones. This function would, however, be different depending on the gym activity you will be engaging in.

If you are going for weight lifting, for instance, putting on footwear that lacks a strong midsole could be the worst decision you could make since all the force generated by the weight will punish your feet as the midsole to protect them will be unable to do so. Therefore, choose stronger midsoles for heavy lifting and less strong ones for lighter activities.

4. Comfort

This should have been topping the list as it is one very key feature you should consider when buying your shoes for the indoor gym. Shoes might be of high-quality and fitting perfectly well on your feet but far from achieving the comfort you desire.

However, comfort is very relative and varies from one user to another. A lot of factors might come together to achieve comfort to one consumer which may not work for another consumer. Even if one of these factors is missing then there is a high chance that comfort for you may be compromised.

Therefore, it is prudent that you understand what comfort means to you in gym shoes and go for the shoe that has the qualities you are looking for so that you do not compromise on your performance in the gym.

5. Shock Absorption

The kind of activity you carry out in the gym defines the nature of shock that will be generated to your feet so that you may understand the type of absorption you need to counter these shocks. Weight lifting, for instance, brings about both impact and lower end compression shock. These types of shock may need shoes that have moderate shock absorption abilities.

For high impact exercises where your feet consistently strike the surface, you will need shoes that can counter these high compression shocks to keep your feet safe.

You are now undoubtedly in a better position to make an informed choice of the best shoes for the indoor gym after going through the list in this article. Your aim is to get the perfect shoes that will meet your needs for the longest time possible. Get into action and purchase those shoes today.

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