Best Shoes for Indoor Soccer

Indoor Soccer is fast-paced, requiring you to move a lot around the arena as you defend and attack. It’s fun and energetic, yet the fun can be quickly sapped from you if you have the wrong shoes on. In this article we have done a research on the shoes for indoor soccer worth your dollar!

When playing indoor soccer, you want a shoe that fits snugly around your foot while still giving you freedom of movement to control the ball. Also, you need to have the right support for your feet and ankles so that the chances of sustaining an injury become minimal. 

The materials used, the design and construction of the shoe are all important considerations when choosing indoor soccer boots. It’s time to give you the rundown on indoor soccer boots and then we will offer you our picks of the best soccer boots for men, women and children.

Ref, blow the whistle!

Why do I have to wear indoor soccer boots?

You may look at your sneakers and think that they will do the job when you step onto the artificial turf of the indoor soccer arena. After all, your sneakers have served you well and give you the grip you need when engaged in other activities outside of indoor soccer, so why fork out extra cash for a new pair of boots just to play indoor soccer in?

Well, your sneakers won’t give you the support you need as you cut and turn throughout the indoor soccer match. For the balance that you require to efficiently play the game, you need shoes that have minimal cushioning so that your feet can make as much close contact with the ground as possible.

Try kicking and controlling the soccer ball in your sneakers and see what happens, then try it with indoor soccer boots. You will be astonished at the difference. The uppers on indoor soccer boots are specifically made to give you the best control of the ball as well as enhancing the accuracy of your kick.

So, if you want any chance of becoming the team’s MVP, then it will require you to set you sneakers aside and slip into a pair of indoor soccer boots.

What makes a great indoor soccer boot?

A good indoor soccer boot should give you comfort, support, accuracy and control of the ball as well as being durable (you don’t want your boots coming apart in the middle of a game!). That means it’s all about the materials, fit and build of the boot. 

shoes for indoor soccer


Indoor soccer boot manufacturers use one of several types of material: leather, synthetic leather or mesh. Leather offers a great fit while providing resilience to the shoe as you engage in the fast-paced action of indoor soccer. If you find that leather boots are a bit out of your price range, then you can look at getting synthetic leather boots or those made from mesh fabric. Synthetic leather boots aren’t as tensile as their leather cousins, but they still provide you with durability while the mesh boots offer you a lightweight alternative that is the cheapest option without compromising on breathability or comfort.


Poorly fitting shoes are the major contributed to pain and injury when playing indoor soccer. Shoes that are too tight can cause your feet to become sore and tired as well as bunching up your toes. Loose-fitting shoes increase the possibility of an ankle injury or the chance of you slipping on the turf. You want shoes that fit your foot like a glove and make you feel secure as you run, turn, attack and defend throughout the game. Your feet swell as you play any sport and you may find that a shoe in your usual size is going to be tight, so it pays to look at getting one size up if you want a comfortable game. 


A great soccer boot is designed to give you the best foot and ankle support without minimising your ability to “feel” the ball. Also, your feet need to be able to breathe and cool down if they are starting to overheat. Heel caps aid in dribbling the ball with greater control as well as preventing foot and heel injuries. A low profile midsole keeps your foot closer to the ground giving you greater balance and stability.

All three make for an enjoyable game

All three aspects in an indoor soccer boot work together in a symphony to ensure your feet are taken care of as you step onto the turf and begin the game. Durability, comfort, stability and support is what a great indoor soccer boot is all about.

Now, step this game up a notch and give you our list of the best indoor soccer shoes available. As we mentioned, this is going to be broken down into men’s, women’s and children’s categories because, heck, this game is for everybody! 

Ready? Let’s go!

Best indoor soccer boots for men

adidas Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

Since its inception in 1950, the Samba has been a shoe loved by soccer players. Originally designed for training on frozen pitches outside, it has been transformed for those who love to play soccer indoors. The leather upper molds to your foot for comfort while still offering you the flexibility you need to be a force to be reckoned with on the arena. Grip is offered through the gum-rubber sole so that you can quickly manoeuver throughout the game without slipping or sliding. The generous-sized tongue will definitely help you with control and accuracy in your kicking. Durability and comfort all thanks to Adidas.

Nike Mercurial X Victory VI CR7 IC

The sleek design of these shoes enhances your ball control while making your feet feel secure without being uncomfortable. You will love how versatile the Mercurial shoes are as you move from playing soccer outside to enjoying a game in an indoor arena. No more having to switch shoes! No matter the surface, you will be amazed at the traction the sole offers you as you transition from grass to artificial turf. 

adidas Performance Men’s Soccer Mundial Goal Shoes

Styled with indoor soccer and futsal in mind, you know you’re onto a winner with the Mundials. Find that your feet chafe as you run and attack on the arena? You can put that issue to bed thanks to the specially designed heel-counter. Synthetic padding inside the shoe will make your feet feel the love while the split suede upper provides robustness. 60 minutes on the arena and you’ll be walking off after the match feeling as fresh as a daisy. Well, at least your feet will…

PUMA Men’s Invicto Sala

The colour-schemes of the Invicto will truly make you unmissable throughout the game. But it’s more than just fashion that Puma had in mind when creating these shoes, they were designed for the serious indoor soccer player. The reinforced toe offers you protection as well as giving you greater ball control and if you want more stability during the game, you can lower your foot profile by taking out the removable sockliner. The soft leather upper provides you with durability while the breathable mesh keeps your feet cool as you run and chase for the ball.  

adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Soccer Shoe

Lamenting the fact that you don’t have the control of the ball like you wish you had? It’s time to turn that frown upside-down. The Messi features an X-ray surface that will give you the grip on the ball you have been longing for. You’ll be moving powerfully along the turf as the outsole grips tightly underfoot allowing you to stop, turn, aim and shoot without any fear of sliding or slipping on the surface. They aren’t called “Performance” for nothing…you will love the speed and agility you gain as you do your thing on the arena.

Munich Men’s Futsal Shoes

Gresca is Munich’s leading sportswear company and they designed these shoes specifically for the futsal soccer market. With protective plating at the forefront of the shoe you are given protection without sacrificing quality. Shoes from Munich have graced the feet of soccer notables such as Hugo Sotil. That means you are going to get a high-performing shoe that gives the comfort and functionality you are seeking.  

Diadora Men’s Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes

Do you feel the jolt every time your foot impacts the turf as you move around the indoor soccer arena? Not the most enjoyable experience and you can put that all behind you thanks to the shock-absorbing EVA insoles of the Capitano. The synthetic upper along with the padded tongue and collar will make your feet snug without compromising on ball control. Underfoot, the rubber outsole keeps your feet firmly fixed on the turf.  Look out! You have just become a danger on the arena. Slip on your Diadoras and show the opposition what you are made of! 

Best indoor soccer boots for women

Indoor soccer isn’t just the domain of men. No way…in 2021 there is going to be a women’s World Cup held in Kiev, Ukraine. So, for all the sisters out there here are shoes you want on your feet as you step onto the arena.

adidas Samba OG Shoes Women’s

Originally designed as an indoor sneaker the Samba transformed into a street-shoe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them as an indoor soccer shoe. The leather and suede upper will hug your foot and the lace closure offers you security so you can focus on setting up that killer shot that puts your team well in front. 

PUMA Women’s Super Liga Og Sneaker

The fabric and synthetic material make these shoes lightweight and flexible allowing you to move like a dream (or nightmare as far as the opposition is concerned) around the arena. The rubber outsole will keep your feet firm on the turf. The Liga has been an iconic shoe since the 1980s, so that’s got to tell you something! 

adidas Copa 19.3 Indoor Sala

The Copa is a stylish shoe that also combines practicality. The embossing on the front of the shoe isn’t merely about decoration, it gives you added friction so you have better ball control. Feeling speedy, yet concerned that your feet are going to give out from under you. Relax! The grip panelling of the outsole will keep you on your feet as you run like the wind. The breathable mesh upper prevents overheating so you can play in comfort. Fashion and functionality in one shoe. What more could a girl want? 

adidas Women’s Aerobounce Running Shoe

Sure, it’s a running shoe but you are going to do a lot of running throughout your indoor soccer match, so why not grab a pair of these? You’ll definitely have a spring in your step as you weave and cut your way across the turf thanks these babies. The generously padded inner and collar will keep your feet feeling secure within the shoe yet offers the freedom of movement you need for great ball control. Balance and stability are delivered through the synthetic outsole. Bounce and luxury that will last. Sounds more like a shampoo commercial, but it’s not…we’re talking about shoes.

Best indoor soccer boots for children

Kids are full of energy and love to run around. Heck, it sounds like indoor soccer was developed just for them! If the apple of your eye is begging you to let them join an indoor soccer team, you need to make sure that their tootsies are going to be taken care of. Here are some of the best shoes you can get for your kid.

Nike Youth Mercurial Victory Indoor-Squadron

Just look at that shoe. It’s adorable, right? It’s like your child has the galaxy on their feet. But there’s more to this shoe than mere aesthetics. The low profile build keeps your child’s feet in close contact with the ground which provides them with better balance throughout the match. The synthetic leather upper is designed to aid ball control and a comfortable fit so your kid can enjoy the game. The outsole is created to increase grip and motion. An all-rounder of a shoe that looks amazing.

Adidas Performance Ace 16.4 Soccer Shoe

The Ace is an ideal shoe for the younger child. With a solid upper that can withstand a good thrashing, you can take comfort knowing the feet of your little treasure is going to be well protected. The lightweight design means they won’t weigh your kid’s feet down while the shape conforms to the shape of the foot to enhance ball control. The traction on the outsole allows for fast movement and balance. With a pair of Performance shoes on your kid, you can let them loose and enjoy the action as you watch the apple of your eye defend and attack her or his little heart out.

Nike Youth Phantom Venom Club Indoor Soccer Shoes

The Nike Phantom looks like a simple shoe, but that’s where the deception lies. It’s designed to offer the best ball control through the texturing of the upper. Your child can twist and turn on a dime thanks to the multi-directional outsole. The laces offer a wider strike area that magnifies the accuracy of the shot while the cushioning underfoot provides comfort. When it’s time to clean your Phantoms, it’s a breeze. Just wipe them down with a damp cloth and you’ll be set for the next match. Time for some Venom…

adidas Kids’ Ace Tango 17.3 Soccer Shoe

Similar to the Performance Ace shoe, the Tango is made with the younger child in mind (from 4 through to 8-years old). The raised lugs of the outsole provide grip and balance so your kid can move like lightening across the turf while the upper hugs to the contours of the foot offering superior manipulation of the ball. The high shaft gives great ankle support but not at the expense of freedom of movement. They say it takes two to Tango, they’re wrong. It only takes one and it will a fearful Tango to those on the receiving end as your child makes his/her way across the arena. 

Time to get your shoes and game face on

With indoor soccer boots, there are several factors to consider: the material, fit and construction of the shoe. When going to the arena for long, you want need to have footwear that is durable, breathable and comfortable. Giving your feet the security and support needed reduce the risk of injury. In addition, you want to have the best control of the ball possible and that is determined by the tongue of the shoe (laces can negatively affect accuracy) as well as the surface of the upper. 

When it comes to selecting the appropriate indoor soccer shoe, you are your own judge. Think specifically about what you are wanting in a shoe and then go and grab yourself the pair that matches your particular need. 

Ready for the next match? Go grab your boots and put on your game face!

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