Best Shoes for Kayaking

Kayaking is undoubtedly an interesting water sport. Either you are doing it for recreation or as a seasoned athlete. Having the right pair of shoes can make a difference. Well, why do you need to have the correct shoes for your Kayaking Water Sport?  Which are some of the best Kayaking water shoes worth investing in? We have all the answers to make your kayaking sport shoe-safe and comfortable!

shoes for kayaking

Choosing the best shoes for kayaking is crucial for both your comfort and feet protection. You might not know the kind of risk you are exposing yourself to while you are out enjoying the water. We have undertaken thorough research to help you get nothing short of perfect shoes for your refreshing water sport. Here is the list of the top best and the most sort after Kayaking shoes that’ll take your kayaking sports experience to a new level:

  1. NRS freestyle wet shoe
  2. Speedo Surfwalker 3.0 Kayaking Shoe
  3. Sea To Summit Ultra Flex Kayaking Shoes
  4. Merell All Out Blaze Sieve Kayaking Shoe
  5. Neosport Wetsuits Kayak Shoes
  6. Aleader Mesh Slip On Water Shoes
  7. Pengcheng Kayaking Shoes
  8. Cressi Anti Slip Kayaking Shoe
  9. NRS Desperado Wetshoes
  10. NeoSport Premium Kayaking Shoe

How To Choose Your Best Kayaking Water Shoes

Each of the above top Kayaking shoes has its special brand features. However, your personal kayaking needs are most crucial during your shoe selection.

You should only choose the water shoes that will effectively address your key concerns. The shoes should be suitable for your target kayaking location including its prevailing or expected weather conditions.

For this reason, there are factors you should keenly focus on when choosing your best kayaking shoes among the top best! Let’s find out quick and smart! 👇

4 Factors To Consider Choosing Kayaking Shoes

Kayaking water shoes are designed with different features that make them suitable for different conditions. They also come in different sizes hence the need to be keen during your selection.

Before we unravel the special features that each of the above shoes boasts of, let’s narrow down to the 4 most important factors you must consider during your kayaking water shoes selection:

1. The Shoes Should Fit You Perfectly

Kayaking shoes should be fitting well. A wrong size will compromise your comfort and may even end up slipping off in the water. Usually, when you wear shoes that are not fitting well, they damage your feet.

Your kayaking shoes should fit snugly than your everyday shoes. It should snug tight enough not to allow water into the shoe. Shoes made from neoprene usually snug

2. Suitability for Your Weather & Temperature

Shouldn’t stick to one shoe as you wait for the weather or season to change? Definitely note. When it comes to kayaking, there is every shoe for every season.

Shoes for kayaking in cold weather need to be warmer. Most Kayaking shoes are made from neoprene, which is good for keeping warm and suitable for cold waters.

If you are planning to go kayaking during warm weather, you should have breathable shoes, probably with mesh uppers. Moreover, a shoe with a thin neoprene is also good for warm weather.

3. Terrain

Many people don’t consider terrain when choosing shoes for kayaking. You’ll definitely not be one of them after reading this! The nature of the terrain is a significant factor to consider.

If the terrain is rocky, you should have shoes that protect the feet from the hard rocks. Likewise, when you are kayaking on a slippery surface, you will require anti-slip shoes.

4. Weight and height

The weight of the shoe matters a lot. Of course, you will not want to have a shoe that will weigh you down when soaked in water.

A lightweight shoe is most preferred for kayaking. Of course, the last thing that you want to imagine is carrying a heave block in your feet while kayaking.

Kayaking shoes come in three types of heights for you to choose from. The 3 main kayaking water shoes types are:

  1. Low-cut Shoes
  2. Ankle cut design
  3. Knee-high shoes.

A knee-high shoe is ideal for protection to your foot from dirt or cold conditions. When choosing higher shoes, you should ensure that they snug well not to allow water in.

Now that you’ve known what exactly to look for based on your needs, let’s get to know the hidden kayaking magics and charms in these top selection.

10 Best Shoes to Choose for Your Kayaking Water Sport

#1. NRS freestyle Wet shoes | NRS Freestyle Kayaking Shoes

NRS Freestyle is one of the best water booties that can fit into your shoes more like a sock. It is the best shoe if you are planning to go kayaking on cold weather. It is a suitable shoe for paddling in whitewater, as it cannot easily slip off in case you flip your kayak.

The shoe is made from neoprene, the same material with a wetsuit, to fit your foot like a sock. This shoe has lightweight, and it is a good choice if you are also planning for swimming. Neoprene survives water for a long time and contributes to the durability of the shoe.

During cold weather, you may not want to expose your feet to cold water. A waterproof shoe will come in handy. This shoe has a lining that grips your ankle to prevent water from entering the shoe.

A durable rubber sole provides traction while walking on slippery rocks or surfaces.

Pros✔️ :

  • Fit like a sock to prevent slip off.
  • Slender and good for sit-inside kayak
  • It can be used for swimming
  • Waterproof and suitable for cold weather
  • Durable rubber sole for traction

Cons ❌:

  • The shoe has a thin sole which is not for hiking

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#2. Speedo Surfwalker 3.0 Kayaking Shoe

Speedo Surfwalker is an excellent choice if you plan on kayaking during warm seasons.

The shoe is lightweight and slender and will allow you to perfectly fit in a small cockpit. The shoes fit snugly and, therefore, slipping off won’t be your worry as you walk or swim in the water.

The upper shoe is made of stretchy neoprene and a breathable mesh. Neoprene gives a shoe a comfortable fit, while the mesh fabric is good for breathability and ventilation of the shoe. The shoe allows water and air through your foot.

As you walk into or out of the kayak, you may encounter a slippery surface, and it is crucial to have a shoe with non-slip protection. Speedo Surfwalker 3 features a thermoplastic rubber outsole that provides good traction as you walk into or out of the kayak.

The shoe is designed for many water use like swimming and paddleboarding. Since the shoe fit like a sock, you can comfortably walk in the sand without getting into the shoe.

Pros✔️ :

  • Thermoplastic rubber outsole for traction
  • Stretchy neoprene for easy in and off
  • Breathable mesh fabric upper for quick dry and comfort

Cons ❌:

  • The thin outsole may not be good for hiking.

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#3. Sea To Summit Ultra Flex Kayaking Shoes

If you are planning to go kayaking in rough waters, then you need Sea To Summit Ultra Flex Shoe. The shoe is suitable for all types of waters that you can think of. You can also use in sit-inside or sit-on-top boat as it is slender enough. 

This shoe can keep your feet warm during cold weather. The upper is made of 3mm neoprene with a lining at the ankle for a tight fit. It features a Y-pull strap around the heel and across the top to keep your shoe in place during kayaking.

 The outsole provides traction on slippery surfaces and also extends to slightly wrap the upper part of the shoe for protection against sharp rocks.

You can also use the shoe for wakeboarding, surfing, and swimming since it is lightweight and fit snugly.

Pros✔️ :

  • Good for all types of waters
  • Features neoprene upper for cooler climate
  • Rubber outsole provides grip on slippery surfaces.
  • Y-pull strap across the top and around the heel
  • Good for sit-inside and sit-on-top cabins
  • Lightweight-good for vacation

Cons ❌:

  • The outsole is not good for hiking.

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#4. Merell All Out Blaze Sieve Kayaking Water Shoe

Merell All Out Blaze shoe is an excellent option if you plan on kayaking on rough or rugged terrain.

The shoe is ideal for varied weather conditions and will provide satisfactory protection and support to your feet. If you are also planning to go hiking, you will not require another shoe. This is it!

The upper features synthetic leather and stretchy neoprene for easy on and off. The shoe uses a lace-up system where the laces go through support strings that you can adjust for a comfortable fit.

 Outsole of this shoe is thicker and made from rubber to provide traction, which is suitable for both the water surface and hiking.

The shoe has a hydro ventilated footbed to drain water and keep your foot dry. The inside has an anti-friction lining to prevent friction during hiking.

Since the shoe can be used for hiking, it is built to provide support to the foot. It has a rear stabilizer to keep the heel in place. The shoe also features synthetic toe bumper and sole that uses anti-slip technology.

Pros✔️ :

  • It features hydro draining ventilated footbed.
  • The sole is designed with anti-slip technology.
  • Anti-friction lining
  • Suitable for a range of activities
  • Breathable mesh-lined inner

Cons ❌:

  • A little narrow for the wider foot

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#5. Neosport Wetsuits Kayak Shoes

Some kayaking shoes come in style, and one of them is Neosport Wetsuits Kayak shoe. This shoe is super attractive and good for many water activities.

The upper features neoprene material, which is soft and comfortable to keep your foot warm in cold water. Like most kayaking shoes, made from neoprene material Neosport Wetsuits fit well.

However, if you want to secure your foot in place, you can adjust a cord below the ankle. The tight fit makes the shoe suitable for whitewater paddling, diving, or swimming.

The outsole is made from rubber, which provides extra traction in slippery surfaces. The rubber outsole and seams are sewn and glued to keep it strong and durable. This shoe comes with a hardened insert to protect against sharp rocks from the surface of the water.

Neosport Wetsuits shoe is slender, and you can use it in sit-inside kayaks with smaller cockpits. The shoe is made to protect your foot and keep it warm in cold water.

Pros ✔️:

  • Rubber outsole for traction
  • Cord below the ankle to secure the shoe
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Arch strap for stability
  • Hardened insert for puncture resistance

Cons ❌:

Thin sole is not good for hiking.

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#6. Aleader Mesh Slip On Water Shoes

Probably what you should be considering for your next kayaking is Aleader Mesh Slip On Water shoe. The shoe is suitable for both paddling and trekking, as it can easily dry after kayaking.

rThe upper part of the shoe is made of breathable mesh fabric and lateral stitching to ensure your foot breathe well. The shoe allows water to drain easily to keep your foot dry.

The shoe is lightweight and designed more like a hiking shoe with features that make it suitable for kayaking.

The outsole is a mesh-like rubber designed with Fluid Flow technology to drain water and also provide traction.

The inside features a ComfortDry lining to create a cool and dry environment. The shoe is available in many colors. If colors are your thing, then you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Pros ✔️:

  • Dries quickly
  • Lightweight
  • Proper traction
  • Available in many colors

Cons ❌ :

  • It May not last long if used for hiking.

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#7. Pengcheng Kayaking Water Shoes

One of the simplest yet ideal shoes for kayaking is Pengcheng kayaking shoe. The shoe is budget-friendly and perfect for kayaking on the warm water.

The shoe is constructed with lycra material on the upper for quick drying. Lycra material makes the shoe breathable, soft, and comfortable.

As the shoe is designed more like a hiking shoe, it has a sturdy outsole to protect the foot from hard rocks and scrapes.

This shoe is made to last. It is constructed to drain water and keep your feet dry without loosening. You can also use on various surfaces such as sand and water surface. You can use the shoe for various water uses such as diving and surfing.

Pros✔️ :

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable fit
  • Budget-friendly
  • Multipurpose shoe


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#8. Cressi Anti Slip Kayaking Shoes

Cressi Anti Slip Shoe is a shoe constructed to keep your foot warm in the water.

The anti-slip shoe is all you need for your stability as you head into out of your kayak. This shoe is made of Anti-slip rubber outsole to keep you stable while kayaking, swimming, or diving.

The upper is made of neoprene to fit the foot like a wetsuit. The unique feature about the shoe is that it has a zipper for easy put on and take off.


  • Provide warm in cold weather
  • Ant-slip outsole is good for a slippery surface
  • Easy to put on or take off

Cons ❌:

  • Not suitable for warm weather
  • The thin outsole is not good for hiking.

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#9. NRS Desperado Wetshoes

With NRS Desperado Wet Shoes, you’ll surely enjoy kayaking! This shoe is one of the super quality wet shoes from NRS. It’s built for super comfort and protection of your foot. This bootie is ideal for cold conditions, especially if you are kayaking in whitewater.

Like most kayaking shoes, the upper is made from neoprene, which makes the shoes fit snugly into your foot, giving you warmth. This shoe is comfortable as it fit well like a sock. The lateral bands on the upper provide support to the shoe.

The outsole of the shoe is made of rubber that provides grip on a slippery surface. The outsole is also strong enough to protect your feet from sharp surface objects as walk into or out of the boat.

Pros ✔️:

  • The outsole provides high-level traction
  • The upper is made from high-quality neoprene
  • Provide warm in cold conditions

Cons ❌:

  • Thin outsole

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#10. NeoSport Premium Kayaking Shoe

NeoSport Premium is a perfect kayaking shoe that you can use all year round. The shoe is designed for both cold water.

The upper of the shoe is constructed with thick neoprene material to keep your feet warm even in the coldest condition. The shoe is available in 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm thickness to enable you to choose according to the level of warming you want.

The neoprene-like in wetsuit fits comfortably like a sock making the shoe a suitable option for kayaking in rough waters. The upper has a zipper that makes it easy to put on or to remove the shoe.

The rugged outsole provides grip on a slippery surface as you walk towards or away from the boat. The shoe is also good for use in sandy beaches or muddy surfaces.

Pros ✔️:

  • The outsole provides grip on the slippery surface
  • Ideal for icy conditions
  • Protect your feet
  • Easy to put on or off.

Cons :

  • It is not suitable for warm conditions.

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