Best shoes for NFL 2020

You have probably watched your favorite players in the NFL putting their best foot forward to help their teams clinch the Football trophy. Well, the resounding success most of these teams record is attributed to a lot of factors, uniforms, and yes, shoes! Do you know the best shoes for NFL 2020? We bring you all the answers in this article.

shoes for nfl 2020

The type of shoe you wear as a player is a great contributor to your performance in the field. As a player or just a diehard fan, you can’t go without analyzing and getting to know much about these shoes. We have done our research and identified the following as the top best shoes for NFL 2020:

  • Adidas Men’s Freak Ultra Football Shoe
  • UA C1N MC 11.5 Black Football Shoe
  • Under Armour Men’s Spotlight Mc Lacrosse Shoe
  • Adidas Adizero 5Star 5.0 Men’s Football Cleat
  • Under Armour Men’s Highlight Mc Football Shoe
  • Under Armour Women’s Highlight Mc Lacrosse NFL Shoe
  • Men’s Highlight RM Football Shoe
  • MC-Limited Edition Football Shoe

1. Adidas Men’s Freak Ultra NFL Shoes

When you think of a game-changer shoe, then you are probably thinking about Freak Ultra Football shoes from Adidas. These shoes for NFL are ideal for the game for many reasons.

They are built with responsive cushioning to return energy on every cut and with the cleated outsole to provide the lightweight traction you need to save on time and your money.

Thanks to their premium knit upper, these men’s mid-cut football cleats, offers you the stability and targeted support you need while making moves, defenses, and tackles in the field.

The shoe is extremely comfortable as it is fitted with a responsive boost midsole for extra comfort. The premium knit upper also wraps the foot with an engineered fit to ensure you get the support that enhances your easy movement throughout the field.

Its slip-on construction makes it easy to put on hence saving your time and energy when putting on.

Furthermore, it comes with a responsive Boost midsole which delivers incredible energy return, where the more energy you give, the more it gives you back.

Key Features

  • The unique responsive Boost midsole is ideal for ensuring you have extra comfort while playing.
  • It has cleated synthetic outsoles that are important for boosting your grip on the surface to ensure that you are stable and firm on the ground.
  • Its slip-on construction ensures that you put the shoe on and off faster and maintain a firm grip while in play.


  • Made of the synthetic sole.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Leather lining makes it durable.
  • Regular fit.


  • The laces could inconvenience movement when they loosen up.

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2. UA C1N MC 11.5 Black NFL Football Shoes

If you are looking for attractive yet perfect shoes for the NFL, then you are right where you should be. This UA C1N MC 11.5 shoe brags of its custom-designed thread-borne knit upper which delivers a dynamic stretch and a locked-in fit synthetic rear foot construction for improved comfort.

Plus, it comes with a TPU welded forefoot strap that gives you additional explosive lateral movements.

You can’t fail to notice the bot’s high ankle collar that comes in handy a seamless “second-skin-like” fit. So you will not have worries of the shoe losing grip and flying off your foot any time you make a conversion kick.

Moreover, for extra support, the shoe is fitted with an adjustable ankle strap for extra support and firm grip when you need it most.

The foot-foaming 4D foam footbed shapes to your foot to ensure you get a locked-in, comfortable, and customized fit.

Key Features

  • It has a customized fit Chrome BZM-composite outsole to create a powerful platform for an explosive speed when you are on the move.
  • The forefoot strap is ideal for additional explosive lateral movements.
  • Its locked-in fit synthetic rear foot construction gives you a lightweight feeling as well as offers durable support around your ankle.


  • Adjustable ankle strap for a perfect fit.
  • Delivers dynamic stretch.
  • Synthetic fiber boosts durability.


  • The dynamic stretch loses elasticity faster than expected hence losing its grip.

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3. Under Armour Men’s Spotlight Mc Lacrosse NFL Shoes

Under Armour Men’s Spotlight is yet another ideal shoe for NFL that you wouldn’t want to pass you. The shoe prides itself on several unique features that separate it from other NFL shoes.

It is made with a woven upper to provide a lightweight, sock-like fit, making it easy to move about with. While it is easy and light on your foot, it doesn’t lose its grip as it comes with a woven-in TPU coated yarns for zonal stability and support.

Additionally, it has a full-length bootie construction with molded ankle collar for greater structure, extended support, and a snug comfortable fit. Your feet are secure under these shoes as they have a TPU heel unit and coating on-toe box for enhanced protection and durability.

The high rebound SuperFoam insole is ideal for optimal shock absorption and comfort meaning your feet will be safe under these shoes.

When on your top speed and called for to make a sudden halt, the shoes come in to offer a perfect braking system thanks to its strategically placed conical and bladed studs.

Key Features

  • It has strategically placed bladed and conical studs for quick multi-directional movements, razor-sharp cuts, and improved braking ability.
  • Its woven upper is specialized to provide a lightweight sock-like fit.
  • The ultra-lightweight speed plates combine TPU and BZM to give you incredible stability and strength.


  • A perfect sock-like fit.
  • Optimal shock absorption.
  • Enhanced toe protection.


  • Medium shoe width might lock out people with broad feet.

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4.  Adidas Adizero 5-Star 5.0 Men’s NFL Cleat Shoes

You are probably wondering why you should pick Adizero 5-star Men’s Football Cleat over the other shoes on the list.

Well, you will be pleased to learn that it offers the most lightweight cleats in the game supported with an unnaturally light 5-star frame for easier movement.

This shoe gives you the power to accelerate through the defense of your opponents as you leave them guessing on the next move you may take, all these thanks to the all-new engineered Sprint-skin upper.

Additionally, the shoe is fitted with an Iron-skin toe box to protect your toes and improve the shoe’s durability. Nothing beats the comfort that the EVA insoles of the shoe offer you when you are on the run, so you are not only assured of protection and stability but comfort as well.

The smart TPU 5-star frame is a feature to admire. It provides optimum traction in zones where you need it most and offers no weight in zones where you don’t need it.

Undoubtedly, Adizero 5-star is a shoe you should turn your head towards when buying shoes for NFL.

Key Features

  • It has the Iron-skin toe box for added durability and improved protection.
  • The automatically molded EVA insole offers you supreme comfort.
  • It comes with laces for a perfect grip on your feet to keep them in position throughout the game.


  • Unmatched comfort.
  • Improved toe protection.
  • Extremely good cleats.


  • Plastic with cleats could be much more firmly attached.

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5. Under Armour Men’s Highlight Mc Football Shoe

If you thought its unique and attractive stature is what you could consider investing in this Under Armour Men’s Highlight Mc shoe, then you have more coming your way.

Its new engineered synthetics are strategically zoned in the upper to offer you both breathable comfort and stability in your time of need.

The supportive construction does not come with extra weight as it is still extremely lightweight.

Interestingly, the molded 4D foam footbed marries your foot’s exact shape giving you the ideal fit and comfort to run around, by eliminating slippage and minimizing cleat pressure.

All the powerful movements you may wish to make with the shoes on will be well taken care of with the UA scatter traction cleat plate.

Key Features

  • It comes with new engineered synthetics for perfect breathing and comfort to your foot.
  • Its supportive construction is lightweight hence adding no extra weight while giving you the much-needed support.
  • The UA scatter traction cleat plate supports powerful movements in every direction.


  • The durable synthetic sole and upper.
  • Enables powerful movements in all directions.
  • Reduced cleat pressure.


  • The fit might be too tight.

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6. Under Armour Women’s Highlight Mc Lacrosse NFL Shoe

As a woman playing the American Football in the NFL, or just an enthusiast of the game doing your small tournaments with your peers around town, you may have encountered the challenge of getting ideal shoes for the game.

Women’s Highlight Mc Lacrosse NFL shoe should be yours to consider. The shoe features a lightweight textile upper that is breathable and provides a lockdown feeling to keep your foot comfortable and safe.

For even more comfort, the shoe comes fitted with smooth synthetic material in the toe box to cover your foot for added comfort.

Also, it has a molded 4D foam footbed to exactly conform to your foot’s exact shape leading to the elimination of slippage and reduction of cleat pressure.

Do not worry about slipping regardless of the type of field you are playing on as the shoe comes with the molded TPU cleat plate which provides superior traction on any type of field you may play on with the shoes.

Key Features

  • Its synthetic sole is ideal for holding a lot of pressure making it durable.
  • It comes with a breathable lightweight upper for increased comfort.
  • The molded 4D foam footbed rhymes to your foot’s exact shape to improve grip and reduce cleat pressure.


  • Superior traction on any field.
  • Breathable upper.
  • Perfect fit.


  • The shoes might be too small/narrow for most feet.

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7. Men’s Highlight RM Football Shoes

Men’s Highlight RM NFL Shoes will perfectly rhyme with your needs for an ideal shoe for NFL if you are looking for one that can boost your performance in the game.

Its performance synthetic upper combined with textile collar provides a lightweight fit and durable support.

Your stability in the field is also well taken care of as it comes with an external TPU ankle cage for ultimate stability.

Additionally, it comes with open-holed mesh tongue construction for improved ventilation.

When putting them on, the exercise tends to be super easy thanks to its extended eye-row cut-outs that ease entry and promote superior flexibility.

Its Die-cut EVA sockliner comes in handy to offer excellent comfort and durability under your foot.

So technically, you are all-around covered when putting on the Men’s Highlight RM shoes.

Key Features

  • Its performance synthetic upper is combined with a textile collar to offer you a lightweight fit and durable support.
  • The external TPU ankle cage is ideal for improved stability.
  • The extended eye-row cut-outs are uniquely designed to enable easy slip into the shoes and offer superior flexibility.


  • Enhanced ventilation.
  • Ultimate stability.
  • Durable synthetic sole.


  • Medium shoe width could cut out some foot sizes.

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8. MC-Limited Edition Football Shoe

How better could we wrap up our list than with this man-made Men’s MC-Limited Edition shoe for NFL? Its synthetic sole comes in handy to help you achieve your game success for extended periods as it is durable.

Plus, it has a performance synthetic upper which offers you a lightweight fit and support you can count on for a significant amount of time.

Additionally, its form-fitting CompFit ankle construction delivers a superb snug feel for improved speed and stability.

The shoes are extremely comfortable thanks to the high rebound SuperFoam insole that’s specifically structured to provide optimal shock absorption and comfort.

While playing on synthetic surfaces, your grip is improved with the molded TPU plate which is designed to be lightweight and provide superior traction on synthetic surfaces.

Its secondary cleats provide an added bite for razor-sharp cuts and explosive acceleration.

Key Features

  • The high rebound SuperFoam insole is specialized to provide optimal shock absorption and comfort.
  • The form-fitting CompFit ankle construction is ideal for snug-feel experience and an extra boost of speed and stability.
  • It has secondary cleats for an added bite for razor-sharp cuts and explosive acceleration.


  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Explosive acceleration.
  • Perfect grip on synthetic surfaces.


  • The form-fitting CompFit ankle construction makes it challenging to put the shoe on.

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Factor to Consider When Choosing the Best Shoes for NFL

Picking for yourself the ideal shoes for the NFL games is a task that can be challenging if you do not what exactly to look for in good shoes for NFL.

Here we have some of the factors that you could look for when picking your shoe:

#1. Cleats

The introduction of cleats on shoes for the NFL has brought a new taste to the game.

The shoes are now more attractive and can provide traction on almost all surfaces you may consider playing in.

This is the reason why you should not overlook the cleat matter. Cleats are not only the trendy feature of these shoes but they also help in improving your performance in the game.

#2. Ankle Collar

There is a comfortable attachment that the Ankle Collar comes with that you should not miss out on.

The collar helps to tightly grip your ankle around the shoe to give your foot a tight grip on the shoes.

You do not have to worry about the shoes having to fall off your foot when making the important run towards scoring.

Your feet are also protected under these ankle collars so you have additional protection when you buy shoes with collars.

#3. Breathable Uppers

You may easily overlook this feature in your shoes for NFL but that may end up being a mistake you will have to regret later.

The breathable upper is ideal for offering your feet with the much-needed air so they may keep fresh inside there. This in return gives you the desired comfort to keep pushing in your game.

#4. Synthetic Sole

Synthetic materials are well known to be long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear. For these reasons, you should ensure the shoe you are picking for your NFL games has synthetic soles to keep them intact amid pressure.

#5. Weight

You do not need heavy shoes that will slow you down in the field or make you uncomfortable to run in.

You have to consider buying shoes that are lightweight despite having all the other qualities you need in your ideal shoes for the NFL.

The process of getting your ideal NFL shoes is now simplified in this article as it offers you the guidance you need to have this achieved.

You, therefore, have no excuse for buying a sub-standard shoe. Get your shoe for NFL today and play like a pro.

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