Best Shoes for Professional Golfers

Golf may not look like a high-intensity sport, but that shouldn’t keep you from wearing the proper gear when playing, even as a beginner. Wearing the right golf apparel has a large impact on your overall performance on the field, that includes shoes for professional golfers. Some may confuse golf shoes as regular running shoes, but they are quite different from each other. So much so that you will be surprised how every detail of the shoes is thoughtfully put up with the golfers in mind. 

shoes for professional golfers

These shoes for professional golfers are a guarantee of terrific support, exceptional comfort, and ultimate traction.

Spiked Golf Shoes

  • Adidas Men’s Tour 360 Xt Golf Shoe
  • PUMA Men’s Ignite Pwradapt Leather Golf Shoe
  • Under Armour Men’s HOVR Drive Golf Shoe
  • FootJoy Icon Black
  • Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour
  • Adidas Men’s Tour360 Knit Golf Shoe

Spikeless Golf Shoes

  • FootJoy Pro/SL
  • Nike Course Classic
  • Stuburt Classic Tour Event Spikeless
  • Skechers Go Golf Drive 2
  • PUMA Ignite Disc Extreme
  • Ecco Golf Casual Hybrid

Golf Shoes Characteristics

Looking at them from afar, shoes for professional golfers may seem to appear as casual shoes but, look closely, and you will notice the design of it has a specification solely focusing on the player’s stance. Golf shoes have a wider base, very low cut, waterproof, and sometimes with spikes. All these features serve a special function.

Wide Base

The wider base in your golf shoes helps give more room to your feet to touch firmly on the ground. With that, you will have a sturdy foundation enough to support the transfer of weight throughout your swing. Narrow shoes, shoes with cleats, let alone high heels, inhibit your feet from landing flat on the ground and may cause you to tip over your balance.

Low Cut

There are shoes that are high top and low top, and then there is a very low cut. This is when the cut of your shoes is deep that it exposes your entire ankle and the bone that is called medial malleolus. The design gives you the liberty of a better range of motion while keeping your ankle free from collecting pressure in the reverse direction.


This characteristic is not alien to the shoe industry. Shoes for professional golfers are largely designed as waterproof, not because you are expected to play in the rain or in wet conditions, but to protect your shoes from seeping any moisture from the field. Since golf courses are entirely made from acres of grass, they can become wet from dew if you decide to play in the morning, or from rain.


For novices in the sport of golf, this can become unnoticed, but the spikes on the sole have a fundamental role in your performance. Yes, the swing is where you mostly see the action, but it is in the footing, or sole the accuracy of your swing is bound to. The existence of spikes on the outside sole provides additional needed traction for you to achieve that perfect stroke. There was a time that spiked shoes for professional golfers were prohibited in the golf course because of the metal material that tears the playing surface.

Fortunately, manufacturers creatively replaced them with softer materials that caused little to no damage, yet still, provide that support needed. When you use sneakers, for that matter, you are more prone to slip and injury once you give a full swing, especially in a wet condition. 

Features to Look For

The aforementioned characteristics are the major characteristics you must look for when choosing a pair of shoes for professional golfers. However, there are features you may want not to neglect as these features can contribute tremendously in enhancing your overall performance.

Proper Fit

Put it this way, if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. Keep in mind that when playing golf, you need to move from one point to another by no other means of transportation but by walking. It will never look like a walk in the park if you need to travel miles from point A to point B.

When you have an uncomfortable pair of shoes, you can bet your money on it that it will significantly affect your game, regardless of what sport it is. Picking shoes with a wider base is one thing, but choosing shoes with proper fit is another. Choose a pair of shoes for professional golfers that gives you a snug fit. If you vehemently want to stick to your long time brand, perhaps sift through the different models they have available until you get the perfect fit.

Traction and Stability

Although there is no running required in the sport of golf, an exceptional sole still plays a crucial role in the game. The golf course is not a flat, even surface, so it is expected that you will find yourself planting your feet on different slopes. When caught in that disposition, maintaining balance is imperative.

Grip of your outside sole to the ground is where you will get your balance to sustain your golf shot. Outside sole can be observed with detailed cleats and spike systems dedicated to the stances of a golf player. Some manufacturers, though, innovatively designed their shoes for professional golfers to have removable cleats so the player can customize it according to its needs. 


Even with cleats or spikes, the sole needs to be flexible enough that it cradles your feet regardless of its position, whether you are taking golf swings or standing on a slope. By molding into your foot, you can take a full swing and your follow-through comfortably without limiting your flexibility. It carries with it the support you will need to avoid injuries.

Quality and Value

When you are aiming for a pair of high-quality shoes for professional golfers, it is given that the price can be quite costly. But that happens for a reason. Materials used to create waterproof or lightweight golf shoes are more expensive, but it can improve your golfing experience and can give you a run for your money. It lasts longer and gives you ultimate comfort while in the game. Pay attention to the quality and the elements involved in building a shoe model.

Best Shoes for Professional Golfer

Due to changing trends and necessity, there is now a vast number of options to choose from for your golfing shoe needs without limiting you to classic styles. The multitudinous array of brands selling shoes for professional golfers can be quite overwhelming. So, here is a shortlist of the top picks for the best shoes for professional golfers to help you narrow down your selection.

Spiked Golf Shoes

Adidas Men’s Tour 360 Xt Golf Shoe


  • Upper is made of durable premium leather
  • The outside sole has eight-cleat TPU Puremotion for ultimate traction even on hard rainfall.
  • Well-cushioned collar and inside for that comfortable fit
  • With a responsive boost midsole for that arch support
  • Lining material offers an optimal shoe climate.


  • Inclining towards the heavy side

PUMA Men’s Ignite Pwradapt Leather Golf Shoe


  • 3-dimensional traction powered by PWRADAPT Proprietary sole system
  • Ultimate and stable cushioning for a responsive comfort 
  • Fits like a glove
  • Made of premium materials for durability: heavy gauge thread and full-grain leather
  • PWRFRAME-Ultra-thin TPU provides ultimate traction, superior flexibility, and lightweight strength


  • Soft spikes are not screwed

Under Armour Men’s HOVR Drive Golf Shoe


  • Upper is made of breathable Clarino microfiber.
  • Solid stability
  • Unparalleled comfort
  • The lightweight waterproof membrane keeps your feet feeling cool and dry.
  • Lacing system for a good locked-in fit


  • Tricky on the size

FootJoy Icon Black


  • Iconic piece with its sleek design
  • Upper is made of premium calfskin leather.
  • Well-cushioned for a snug fit
  • Luxurious in the details yet subtle in style
  • Pulsar cleats for that extreme traction


  • It cannot be used as an everyday pair.

Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour


  • Upper is made of premium leather for that durable and sophisticated look.
  • There is side support for added stability and balance.
  • Properly cushioned. Cushioning used is responsive, lightweight, and soft.
  • Integrated traction and removable spikes
  • Waterproof on both upper and footbed


  • The overlays take a couple of holes.

Adidas Men’s Tour360 Knit Golf Shoe


  • The fabric is firm yet flexible. Breathability is still present.
  • Great grip and offers excellent stability even after miles of walking
  • Feet can stay nicely dry when used on soaked courses.
  • No need for breaking in
  • It fits like a sock, especially in the absence of a tongue.


  • Could have added more support to the heel area.

Spikeless Golf Shoes

FootJoy Pro/SL


  • Great and versatile traction 
  • Exceptional stability caused by a perimeter weighted outsole.
  • Lightweight and enhanced comfort
  • Made of chromo skin leather for durability
  • Lacing system for added support


  • Takes some few rounds to start molding onto your feet

Nike Course Classic


  • Easy to break-in
  • Well-cushioned including the memory pad on the heel
  • Can be worn outside the course due to its casual minimalist style
  • Easy to clean
  • The pressure-mapped outsole is explicitly placed on targeted zones for that perfect traction.
  • Lightweight comfort provided by the full-length midsole
  • Non-restrictive fit that moves along with your foot


  • Not ideal for high arch due to shoe height

Stuburt Classic Tour Event Spikeless


  • The premium leather material gives it a classic look.
  • Extremely comfortable and fits great
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent grip from traction modules on the outsole and anti-slip heel counter
  • Oleophobic materials keep the membrane from oil clogs.
  • The sock liner is well-cushioned for that extreme comfort.


  • Tricky on the size
  • Requires a little breaking in period

Skechers Go Golf Drive 2


  • The Resamax material in the insole molds perfect to your feet giving you a walking-on-the-air kind of comfort
  • Lightweight making your walk on the course enjoyable
  • The pointed nubs on the outsole deliver the needed traction.
  • It uses Goga Mat technology for a responsive cushioning
  • Both collar and tongue are padded for added comfort.


  • A little challenging to clean

PUMA Ignite Disc Extreme


  • The style gives a versatile look, sporty yet classy. You can wear them inside and outside the course.
  • Lacing system helps maintain the snug fit.
  • Ignite foam provides extreme comfort ideal for walking a lot of rounds
  • Ultimate traction 
  • Lightweight and stretchable that it feels like wearing a pair of slippers


  • Tricky on the size

Ecco Golf Casual Hybrid


  • Offers generous room on its toe box
  • The design is trendy and versatile. You can wear on and off the golf course.
  • The upper is made of leather treated with ECCO Hydromax, making it weather and sweat resistant.
  • It has 800 traction angles for an ultimate grip.
  • The leather comfort fiber insole is removable if you need extra width.


  • Backheel has no cushion, which can cause blisters from rubbing up and down when walking.

To Spiked or Not To Spiked, That is the Question

This is a dilemma that is quite known in the sport of golf. Some prefer spiked, others like the spikeless design. What you will find on the outsole of spiked golf shoes are actual cleats made of plastic. Spikeless, on the other hand, have only rubber studs or dimples on the flat sole as a replacement for spikes. Luckily, with today’s design, you can wear either without a significant difference. 

How Spikes Were Born 

In the mid-1800s, Scottish golfers thought of hammering nails into the soles of their leather boots to provide traction on their damp and slippery lawn. The nails planted on the soles would soon start to loosen, which causes painful consequences to the players. So, in 1891, they upgraded from nails to screwing metal spikes right into the soles. Soon as the concern for damage brought by the spikes on their greens aroused, they started bidding goodbye to them. And in the late 90s, they developed much more friendly spikes made of plastic. 

Today, the footwear progressed to inventing spikeless golf shoes for professional golfers. With knobs and dimples on the sole, traction is still ultimate. The matter of choice now is just based on an individual’s preference.

Spiked Shoes

When playing on more slippery slopes and hilly courses, wearing spiked golf shoes will protect you from any lateral instability. Although spikeless golf shoes are becoming more and more advanced, in fact, there are hybrid golf shoes already out there from fusing elements in the spiked and spikeless design. It will serve you best to check the actual course condition. If the turf is soggier or there are awkward lies and slopes, wearing spiked shoes can give that locked-in traction for a more confident footing. It offers reliable traction in different ranges of playing conditions.

Spikeless Shoes

A couple of things spikeless shoes can boast is convenience and versatility. You can swiftly walk from point A and point B without having to change to casual footwear, unlike the spiked designs. Wear it while on your way to the golf club and after to run errands. Compare its versatility to that of an athleisure wardrobe that doesn’t limit you to only wear them in the gym, but to anywhere such as schools or groceries. Spikeless also gives you a more balanced feel when walking across the course because your feet are more grounded. The cleats on the spiked shoes protrude from the outsole, so it gives you a little elevated feeling when walking.

Related Questions

Should beginners opt for spikeless or spiked golf shoes?

There are spiked and spikeless styles that would suit beginners, but spiked shoes are highly recommended. Since spiked shoes for professional golfers can give you a solid, locked-in foundation, you can shift your entire focus on bettering your swing, and guaranteeing undivided attention. A strong foundation is key to achieving a winning swing, and spiked styles can give you just that.

How versatile are the spikeless golf shoes?


You can basically wear spikeless golf shoes mostly, if not all, on any courses. Spikeless can range from traditional to casual styles. It should give you enough choices based on your club’s dress code. 

Just like the sport of boxing, soccer, or basketball, golf has its own distinct stances and punctilious needs that define the shoes. In order to find the perfect match for you, it is ideal to start using the right shoes for the right sport early on. You will have the time to assess each pair personally you try, which will eventually lead you to your sole mate. If you are not certain whether you want to go spiked or spikeless, you can try owning both so you can test them in different courses. Not only will you have a backup pair, but it can also help in the longevity of your shoes.

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