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Preparations for prom night are far different from any other occasion. Dressing for wedding invites, for instance, can be a serious pain. You’re either rushing to rent a dress or dust off the old one in your closet. But dressing for prom takes months of preparing every detail. One detail that never gets overlooked is the prom shoes. Shoes for prom must make just as big of an impact as your dress. There are a lot of shoes out on the market, but how do you know which one is best for your prom? 

When purchasing prom shoes, you don’t need to guess as our guide will help you pick the best option. Below are shoes that pack a major punch of style and allow you to channel your most stylish self:

  • Stacy Adams Men’s Gala Cap-Toe Oxford
  • Calvin Klein Men’s Bernard Loafer
  • Vionic Men’s Spruce Shane Oxford
  • Faranzi Tuxedo Shoes
  • Katy Perry The Stella Leather Open Toe Classic Pumps
  • Badgley Mischka Jewel Caroline Dress Sandal
  • V-Luxury 32-ANGEL37 Open Toe Sandal
  • Elegant Park D’ Orsay Pumps

You’ve probably heard Forrest Gump’s famous line, “My mama always said you could tell an awful lot about a person by their shoes.” That’s particularly true about dress shoes, which are a staple in any closet. The prom could be the highlight of your high school years, and the only way to rock an outfit that’s hard to beat is to wear the right shoes. However, looking good is equally as important as being able to last the night in comfort. Hence, when you are shopping, do not make hasty decisions and take time to consider important factors.


These first shoes for prom on our list feature Stacy Adams’ signature rubber sole. They are purely handcrafted and come in a wide variety of colors- brown, red, black, and white. The materials used in the creation of these shoes are exceptionally of high quality, ensuring maximum support and comfort. They are also engineered with a lace-up system so that the shoes give your feet a snug fit. The insoles are fully cushioned to support your foot’s ball, heel, and archers. You will also not feel like your movements are restricted while on the dance floor, as the shoes are designed with shock absorption in mind. On top of that, the rubber sole enhances good traction and prevents slip and fall hazards.

Price Range: US$ 39.90 – US$ 145.56


These shoes for prom from Calvin Klein are made out of 100% leather. The design is a slip-on, which means that the shoes are an excellent substitute for laces. The leather is not only durable but easy to keep clean as well. Compared to other leathers, the kind of leather used in Bernard loafer is scruff resistant and will hold up longer. While the small heel provides you additional height, the rubber sole protects you from slipping on the dance floor. If you suffer from any foot pain, you can rely on this pair’s shock absorption capacity. You can get a perfect fit as Calvin Klein Men’s Bernard Loafer is available in extra wide and large sizes.

Price Range: US$ 54.99 – US$ 139.74


If you want a pair of shoes for prom that is both comfortable and built to last, the Vionic Men’s Spruce Shane Oxford will get the job done. It will leave both you and your feet relieved at the end of the prom night. It is built of high-quality leather that makes it easy to clean. There is a rubber outsole for traction and an EVA footbed for odor prevention. Based on customer reviews, the pair exceeded their durability and flexibility expectations. The pair even offers them a snug fit, ensuring that it will not slip off in the middle of an event. Overall, the comfort and support from Vionic Men’s Spruce Shane Oxford are unmatched. 

Price Range: US$ 128.95 – US$ 149.95


The Faranzi Tuxedo Shoes are what you can count on all night long. The insole is padded while the laces are designed to stay knotted. 

Another great thing about the Faranzi Tuxedo Shoes is the leather bottom for improved traction. 

Aside from its excellent features, the price point of Faranzi shoes won’t break your bank if you’re on a tight budget.

Price Range: US$ 42.99 – US$ 50.99


These ultra-styled shoes for prom feature a striking all-over star pattern that dazzles on the dance floor. There are two color options available, white and black. The white model comes with multi-colored pastels on the stars while the black model comes with gold stars. You can match any of these models to any dress you choose for prom. While the shoes boast thin 3.5-inch heel, the upper fits up to your ankle for maximum security.

Price Range: US$ 42.09 – US$ 120.68


For a more exquisite pair of shoes, the Badgley Mischka Jewel is the best bet. They are designed with jewel ankle, toe strapsand 3-inch heel that gleam under the light. 

The shoes also boast extra padding to make you comfortable when walking, dancing, and standing. Badgley used leather with a synthetic sole to ensure that the shoes can stand the test of wear. For a pair of formal shoes, the heel is high enough to look great while remaining comfortable. The extra cushioned footbed further enhances comfort throughout the prom night.

Price Range: US$ 56.51 – US$ 179.85


For most girls, sparkly shoes are the best way to stand out under changing lighting scenes. The V-Luxury 32-ANGEL37 does not disappoint in this department. What sets these shoes up for a night worthy of the prom are the rhinestones and patent leather. The shoes also have a wide bank of ankle straps to add to its beauty. The straps secure a better fit while you’re dancing under the lights. The 2.75-inch heel height is a mid-heel that provides you a little extra height without compromising comfort. 

Price Range: US$ 14.99 – US$ 34.95


A stunning appearance sets you apart from your circle, and these peep-toe pumps can fulfill that for you. As you walk into the room, the not-so-loud sparkles will make you shine and captivate others’ attention. Your dress will be enhanced a bit more thanks to the hint of rhinestone chain running the length vertically.

The Elegant Park d’Orsay Pumps’ satin upper is pleated to help define elegance without overdoing it. In other words, these shoes for prom are subtle and powerful at the same time. To help you last the hours of the prom night, provided are gel insoles and extra heel tips. 

Price Range: US$ 29.50 – US$ 42.99


Most shoes, including work and casual ones, have a lot of moving parts. Many elements go into the creation of a high-quality pair of shoes, and those elements affect the following factors:


Comfort is an essential factor when choosing shoes for any occasion. Boys and girls can only spend the better part of the night well if their shoes are comfortable enough. Otherwise, they can end up with sore feet. This can quickly ruin their mood and make them regret not buying a more comfortable pair of shoes.

What helps prevent sore feet and fatigue are soft lining materials and padded footbed. These can also limit the chances of rubbing that may eventually result in painful blisters. Besides, the shoes mustn’t be too big to cause blisters and not too small to cut-off circulation. 

Opt for shoes that are made from synthetic materials as these promise greater breathable space and lesser problems down the road. If you purchase a breathable pair of shoes, your feet will not get moist and slide around inside. 


You should also factor the wearability of the shoes into your final decision. Given the nature of the occasion, you will most likely spend a lot of time dancing. Therefore, picking a pair that you think looks right is not a smart move. If the pair doesn’t fit you well, you will be unable to enjoy yourself and move freely on the dance floor. Likewise, if the pair does not allow room for your toes to wiggle and flex, it could end up being your worst nightmare. Your shoe of choice should allow at least half-inch of room between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. The best time to shop for shoes is late afternoon or early evening, as your feet can swell up to 15% in a day.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the best shoes. As long as they are comfortable, supportive, and versatile enough to be used for future occasions, you’re making a good investment.

Related Questions

Can I add inserts to my prom shoes?

This depends on the type of prom shoes and type of inserts. If you have thin inserts, you should be able to place them inside most prom shoes. But, if you have custom insoles, you will need to purchase prom shoes with removable insoles. To make sure whether or not you can add inserts, read the description before purchase.

How should I store my prom shoes?

You can store your prom shoes the same way you store your regular day-to-day shoes. Make sure to not keep them in environments that are prone to debris and specks of dust, or in climates that go from one extreme to another. Though prom shoes are not that fragile, you should not keep one pair above the other. Doing so can only result in scuffing in shoes.

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