Best Shoes for Short Dresses

Women love a good pair of shoes, and they are most tempted to purchase one every time they pass by a shoe store. Rarely do we find them not rushing out and jam-packing the parking lots during the sales. There is no question about this fact as women tend to have specific shoes for every state of affairs in life. Perhaps women believe in Forrest Gump’s statement that you could tell a lot about a person by their shoes, such as where they’ve been and where they’re going. Therefore, without a classy or chic pair of shoes for short dresses, for example, the fashion statement of women remains incomplete and hard to decipher. 

shoes for short dresses

With all of the endless styles or colors of shoes, choosing the right pair of shoes for short dresses can feel overwhelming. So to help you cut through the clutter, we’ve compiled the best shoes for short dresses:

  • FRYE Jayden Boots
  • Sofft Anniston Boots
  • Sofft Sharnell II Boots
  • Dexflex Caroline Flats
  • Naturalizer Brittany Flats
  • Steve Madden Feather Loafer Flats
  • Adidas Stan Smith Premium Sneakers
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers
  • Everlane The Trainer Sneakers

Regardless of their design and style, each pair on the list provides the comfort and support needed to get through a long day on your feet. 

Heels aren’t the only way to jazz up an outfit as booties, flats, and sneakers are excellent options for being on the go. Long boots can turn your short dress into something fit for a party. Snazzy ballet shoes in pastel shades can flatter a flirty short dress. White sneakers can match and make a statement with any shade of outfit. These three options are an effortless way to dress up a short dress without overdoing it.

Figuring out the best pair of shoes that looks best on your short dress is mostly a matter of experimentation, but here are a few options to get you started:

Tall Boots

It is not surprising that some women shy away from wearing dresses with boots. They perceive dresses as formal and boots as informal. As a result, they think more casual pants and jeans to wear with boots. The reality, though, is that pairing your favorite short dresses with tall boots is a great way to expand your fashion options. While the fashion rule that wearing what makes you feel good is essential, wearing short dresses and tall boots offer the following advantages:

  • It’s flattering – Short dress and tall boots can be the most flattering combination you’ll ever wear. Tall boots give you a long, lean, cohesive look. If you are constantly conscious about your legs, tall boots allow you to wear a short dress that you might not otherwise be comfortable in. 
  • It’s a great alternative to uncomfortable fitted jeans – Fitted jeans aren’t very comfortable for a lot of women, and some occasions just aren’t for skinny jeans. Short dresses, however, offer your legs ample breathable space and work well with tall boots. 
  • It’s fun to wear -The right short dress and tall boots combination create a chic and confident look that it’s fun to wear. Once you realize how polished you look, the combination becomes quite addictive. 


The Frye Jayden combines all the features you’d want in a boot to pair your short dress. First off, it is made of durable leather and light in weight. With regards to cushioning, the inner is comfortable and soft, allowing you to focus on your walk and not on your footwear. There are excellent tough stitching and decorative side strap that offer just the right amount of style. The length of the boots goes all the way up to your legs. These knee-high boots highlight all the curves below and above your knees. To achieve a more intimate fit, Frye introduced asymmetric opening and dual pull tabs that help keep the boots snug to your calves.

Based on the product description, the Frye Jayden Boots measure about 16.5 inches from the arch while the boot opening measures around 14 inches. Added is a raised heel that measures 1.25 inches.

With most wearers praising the Frye Jayden Boots as comfortable and stylish, it’s pretty safe to say they complement the short dresses in your wardrobe.


If you’re looking for a kind of shoes for short dress hat offer comfort and elegance in a single package, the Sofft Anniston Boots is the perfect bet. These boots are specially created from full-grain leather qualities, which make them top contenders in the boot industry. Sofft Anniston Boots have a smaller circumference, a 1.75-inch heel, and a 1.55-inch shaft profile. 

Concerning convenience and attention to detail, it is easy to pinpoint that these boots are difficult to beat. They are designed to be extremely slim and fit like a glove. The boots are also perfectly contoured with the heel to toe adequate support. These features make these boots particularly ideal to any occasion,

Your leg’s shape and weight will automatically be responded with the boots’ comfortable leather lining. This alone is enough to give you a perfect fit while highlighting the curves below and above your knees. 


This casual boot can be paired with short dresses. It comes in a variety of color options, including the whiskey color with some warm and distressing tones. 

The boots are made from full-grain leather. Adding to its casual look is a prominent rubber and a full-length zip. Despite this, Sofft managed to create a pair of boots with a strong shape and lacing on the back, providing those with narrow legs a custom fit. There is plenty of good feedback on this style, as well as the general sizing.

This is the sort of boot then you can wear daily, thanks to its beneficial features for long term support and comfort. It is well-padded alongside its generous leather-lined footbed. Additional features are microfiber linings in place for a softer heel and maximum arch support.

Ballet Flats

Even when you are a heel lover, it cannot be denied that you still need a strong supply of flats. Heels are great, but when you plan to be on your feet all day, something a little more grounded will offer you the most benefit. A solid line-up of chic flats can be worn with short dresses when you’re commuting on foot or when you’re standing a lot on the job. Regardless of your style or your office dress code, flats are the ultimate go-to-shoe, which can offer you both comfort and sophistication.


If you’ve ever wished you could show up to work in your favorite slippers, the Dexflex Caroline Flats just might be the next best thing. These shoes for short dresses retail at an affordable price and come with a disc charm and string tie bow for an extra pop of style.

The Deflex Caroline flats feature a flexible design that follows the curvature of your heel. There is also a stretchy topline that hugs your feet for all-day comfort. The soft footbed is made of latex and memory foam. The latex foam cushions and protects your feet while the memory foam absorbs shock. Rest assured that you’ll be able to walk around the Deflex Caroline Flats without any soreness.


For a more basic and comfortable flat, the Brittany Flats from Brittany is the best option. The flats feature a contoured footbed and dual-density cushioning, which explains why they offer more support and comfort than the average ballet flat. Not only are the flats light in weight but breathable as well. The non-slip sole makes the flats a great choice if you spend a lot of time on your feet. You can choose which is best for your style and size as the Naturalizer Brittany Flats come in a variety of colors and a few different widths.


Many would agree that loafers are perfect short dress shoes, and these flats from Steve Madden will complete your outfit with a refined touch. The flats feature a pointed toe, which is ideal if you are going for a classy and chic look. With a lightweight feel and flexible soles, these shoes are handy to keep your feet feeling and looking good at any occasion. You can choose from rose gold, floral, gray suede, camel suede, and black leather. Positive feedbacks of these flats include maximum comfort that women were tempted to get more than one pair to match their short dresses collection. 

White Sneakers

The white sneakers craze that has defined women this decade is showing no sign of slowing down. At present, they’re still the go-to-shoes for work, errands, going out, and travel. Nearly every woman has gotten in on the white sneakers odyssey, from big labels like Adidas, Converse, and Everlane. White sneakers complement every outfit that more and more fashion-forward women are wearing this trend in unexpected ways, such as pairing short dresses with white sneakers. 


The Adidas Stan Smith went mass when Celine’s Phoebe Philo took her bow in Paris, wearing an olive green rollneck, straight cut trousers, and white Adidas Stan Smiths. She was on the catwalk for only seven seconds, yet her appearance was so closely watched. In turn, the particular sneakers became memorable for all fashion editors. However, in 2011, Adidas management stopped the production of Stan Smith. Cleaning it up out of the market is in hopes of rebooting the then-popular trainer. Two years later, Adidas has once again raised the desire for this mythical shoes when Gisel Bunchen strips down and laces up Stans Smith for the Vogue fashion series of the November 2013 issue.

Before inspiring designers and celebrities to walk down with Stan Smith, these shoes were on the tennis courts. The German sportswear company, Adidas, named the shoes after it sponsored the start of the court, Stanley Roger Smith. These white leather sneakers have their tongue then decorated with the signature and portrait of the tennis star.

While the original Stans Smith with the green patch is distinctive, the updated white with black accent model become a generic trademark. For a lot of women, the sneakers’ simple design and clean white color highlight its timelessness. Branding is minimal, where you can find an Adidas logo and Stan Smith text on the heel tab, a Stan Smith text in gold foil down the side, and a signed portrait in black on the tongue. 

The black accent contrasts nicely with the white tumbled leather. As for the insole, it comes with a visa terry sock liner, which is fuzzy and soft. A tonal rubber for grip is incorporated on the outsole, ensuring that the wearer will not slip on wet surfaces. Unlike the other variations of the Stan Smith, the white with black accent model features a tumbled leather upper for a premium feel. Based on these features, the Adidas Stan Smith can be an excellent choice for first-time buyers of shoes for short dresses. Its sleek, low profile speaks for itself, and it mustn’t be fading anytime soon.


Though the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers looks simple at first glance, its simplicity is a big part of its appeal. The sneakers are made from cotton canvas, which is mostly used in tents, sails, and backpacks. This durable, plain-woven canvas is breathable and lightweight, making it ideal for all-day wear. The canvas uppers also make the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers easy to slip on and off. Another advantage of the canvas is that it’s relatively easy to draw or paint on. This is a big advantage for wearers to like to personalize their sneakers. Along the upper is a double-stitching and on the ankle is the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star Logo. The white rubber toecap is also iconic that untold companies tried to imitate it. 

You can find just one layer to the sole, which is heat-treated and made from rubber. An insole is situated on top of the rubber, which you can only remove if you hold the sneakers to a hairdryer and wait for the glue to come unstuck. While the insole improves shock absorption, the outsole is vulcanized for wear and tear resistance. When it comes to sizing, it is a universal component of the white sneakers as it fits true to size. You can pair the sneakers with your most girly short dress to achieve a little less sweet and more edgy outfit.


Everlane The Trainer is a low impact sneaker. A blend of natural rubber and recycled rubber that’s 94.2% free virgin plastic comprise the sole. The leather upper is made from Saigon TanTec, a gold-certified tannery that uses solar energy, 56% less freshwater, and 42% less electricity than other factories. The lining and laces are created out of 9.5 recycled plastic bottles per pair of shoes. In a nutshell, the manufacture of these shoes emits fewer greenhouse gases compared to the manufacture of conventional sneakers. To be exact, Everlane works with the leading carbon offset provider, NativeEnergy, to further reduce their impact.

After having walked in these shoes, customers expressed that there are no signs of discomfort ahead, such as rubbing in spots or blisters. This is because there is just enough width in the toe box and soft footbed. Therefore, these sneakers do not only look good but also leave you comforted rather than cramped. As to style, the monochrome aspect of the shoes makes them easy to wear with short dresses on the weekend. 

The entire point of shoes is to remain functional and comfortable, and the most comfortable ones have extended those qualities even further. Since comfort is the top priority, soft fabrics and cushioned soles are all necessary features- but there are a few other criteria that you should be on the lookout for:

  • Materials – Choose a rubber or leather material for your shoes as these are both protective and easy to clean. The only way to ensure straightforward maintenance is to make sure that the material does not absorb stain too easily.
  • Outsole – A soft outsole with maximum grip will keep you stable and secure while you run around the office or roam around your travel destination. This type of outsole keeps you on your feet without maximizing the risk of injury.
  • Breathability – If you can’t take the heat, walking barefoot just sounds unpleasant. There is so much you can do about keeping your feet well-ventilated as long as you pick the shoes with maximum breathable space. This will not only offer you complete comfort but also reduce your risk of infections.
  • Support – If you struggle with flat feet, support is very crucial. Great arch support ensures that your feet keep feeling great, especially on long shifts. 

Related Questions

What are the key guidelines when buying shoes for short dresses?

  • When buying shoes for short dresses, make sure to have plenty of time. If you buy in a rush, you may end up with the wrong pair of shoes. The wrong ones may play a significant role in the development of stress fractures and foot problems.
  • Go to a specialty shoe shop where the staff members are experienced in fitting shoes. It helps if they are fashion-oriented too.
  • To ensure that you get the perfect fit, shop in the afternoon when your feet are slightly larger.

How can I keep my white sneakers clean?

You can use a nail polish remover to keep your white sneakers clean. If you don’t have this ingredient at home, you can make use of the baking soda and vinegar in your kitchen. Mix these two ingredients in a bowl and make sure that no metal gets into the mixture. For example, do not use a metal spoon as it can react with vinegar. When the mixture fizzes into a paste, put some on a toothbrush and scrub away.

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