Best shoes for slim feet

You look at your feet and see how long and slim they are and feel down. But don’t get too, sad, as you are in small but good company with at least 33% of women having slim feet. We don’t know the figures for men, as maybe companies don’t think it’s necessary to survey guys about their footwear.  In this article we will look at shoes for slim feet , enjoy!

Buying the appropriate footwear can be hard when you find most shoes are made for wider feet. Brands such as Comfortiva, Naturalizer and Stuart Weitzman cater for those of you out there blessed less than wide feet.

We are going to give you the skinny on how to find shoes that will match your feet, what issues people can arise when you choose the incorrect footwear, how to choose the right size and then we round everything up with our pick of the best slim shoes for women and men. 

How tell if you have slim feet?

It can be obvious to some people that they have slim feet because their tootsies are skinner than those of other people. Yet, if you find it hard to tell if you are one of the few that have slim feet you can soon tell because of the shoes you try on. 

When wearing shoes, does your foot move around inside the shoe? If you feel spaces around your foot and the shoe, then it’s an indication that your feet a slim. 

Slim feet in the wrong shoes

It can be hard finding the right shoe, can’t it? In frustration after trying in dozens of pairs thanks to the help of a very patient store clerk, you may decide to buy the next pair you try on even if they don’t fit right. 

Hang on! If you settle on shoes that are too tight you are going to become the victim of blisters and callouses as the shows rub and pinch against your feet.

Shoes that are too loose will have you walking clumsily and opens up the possibility of you tripping over or sustaining a twisted ankle as you try to sustain your balance.

It’s possible to get the perfect shoes for your slim feet and there are brands that cater for people like you, so let go of that frustration and rejoice! 

Brands that truly care about skinny feet 

No longer do you have to sift through endless amounts of shies to find the pair that fits your slim feet like a glove (it is that sock?). There are companies out there with your feet in mind, so now you can go shopping in confidence and ask for shows made by these shoe brands. 

Cole Haan

Starting in 1928 Cole Haan focused originally on men’s shoes before expanding to incorporate a range of products from shoes through to clothing accessories. You will find shoes available for both slim and wide feet.


A multigenerational family business, Vaneli is committed to creating women’s shoes that are both playful and practical using the finest material that they source throughout the world. Whether you’re after sports shoes or casual footwear, Vaneli will have the pair that matches your feet, no matter how slim they are.

Easy Spirit

Easy Spirit understands that what a woman wants is always changing and so are the shies that this company makes. They have a philosophy of creating footwear that is comfortable, versatile and ingenious. 

Stuart Weitzman 

Since it’s inception 1986, Stuart Weitzman has created some of the most iconic shoes that have graced the feet of several Academy Award nominees. Shoes from Stuart Weizman are full of grace and style. They aren’t shoes on your feet, those are a pair of fashion statements made especially for your thin tootsies!


Founded by a podiatrist you know that Vionic shoes will give you the support and relief you are wanting in a pair of shoes if you suffer from foot ailments. Flip-flops through to dress shoes, Vionic definitely has you and you’re needs covered.


Comfort is what Comfortiva is all about, heck the word is in the title of the company, after all, so you can expect nothing less than great shoes that will make your feet feel loved. Inspired by nature Comfortiva shoes are aesthetically pleasing yet simple in design. 


Since 1927, Naturalizer has taken pride in creating shoes that are pure in style yet meet the everyday need of each woman, no matter what she does. Pioneers in women’s footwear the company were the first to create a shoe that follows the contours of the foot and it’s a style that they still adhere to. Worried about slim feet? Naturalizer will take care of you…


Luxurious shoes, as well as great detail and comfort, have always been what Söfft has been about since it began in 1927. Handcrafted shoes that use only the best materials, you know that these shoes were made just for you. 

How can I choose the right fitting shoe?

You’re a step closer to getting the best shoes for you less than wide feet. You know which brand you love, but you have uncertainty as to how to pick the right sized shoe.

Here, we give you a sizing guide so that you can confidently grab your next pair of shoes without wondering if they are going or pinch or make your foot feel like they’re swimming in an ocean of shoe. 

There are six sizing options starting from the slimest of feet through to the widest. So you can tell the shoe clerk that your either a “Double-A” or a “D”.

Shoe size guide

AA – slim feet

B – narrow feet

D –  mid-sized feet

E – wide feet

EE – extra wide feet

EEE – extremely wide feet 

You will usually find the letters indicating the size of the shoe adjacent to the number when looking at shoe sizes. For example, 8 AA or 10 B. Also, you will find when you look at some sizing charts, that the offer several more sizing options such a 4A to 4E. The above guide is a general one.

Now, all the technical part is done. It’s time to go shopping. We are going to give you a range of shoes from the brands we mentioned. This is more of a showcase than a “best of” list because the shoe that is the best. Is the one that you love and that matches whatever the situation dictates. 

Let’s shop!

The best narrow shoes for women 

Cole Haan Women’s Piper Mule Loafer

Going for a casual outing? Slip on your Cole Haan loafers and you’re set to go. The leather footbed gently cushions your feet while outsole naturally responds to the natural movement of your feet. 

Cole Haan Women’s Marcey Skimmer Ballet Flat

These shoes are designed to show your feet some love. The will luxuriously hug the contours of your feet, while the leather upper provides durability. Underfoot the padded footbed will make you feel like you are walking on air.

Cole Haan Women’s Marta Pump Waterproof

Look smart with these heels. The leather upper is waterproof while the rubber sole gives you grip as you walk gracefully across the room. The padded lining adds comfort to this elegant shoe. Slip them on a feel like the queen you are.

Vaneli Women’s Wadia Sandal

Rated as a B, you know that these sandals are going to fit! Which is great because you have that special weekend coming up! The goring is designed to allow you to easily slip your feet into these sandals and the rubber outsole will take care of your traction so that you can strut your stuff without having to worry about slipping and landing on your butt!

Vaneli Women’s Nibby Wedge Stretch Sandal

Into bling? Then you will want to get some Nibby Wedge sandals. The gold detail on the uppers will truly make you feel glamorous while the strapping wraps lovingly around your feet. Ready to make a statement? 

Easy Spirit Women’s Twist13 Sneaker

When you look at these shoes you just want to exhale a relaxing sigh of relief, because that is how comfortable they look. The fabric and leather upper is hardy and if you need a little extra room, you can take out the insole.  

Easy Spirit Women’s Cindie Dress Pump

The Dress Pump offers a simple, yet sophisticated look that will make you feel truly dressed for the part as you slip on that not-too-formal outfit. The rubber outsole grips securely against the ground, so all you have to be thinking about is how sharp you look. 

Stuart Weitzman Women’s 5050 Over-the-Knee Boot

Let your inner-fashionista out with these boots. The leather lining and stretchable back shaft make these a pleasure to wear and the footbed offers subtle comfort underfoot. Made to be super-easy to get your feet into, you’ll want to wear them all day, every day!

Stuart Weitzman Women’s Chippy Bootie

Look how blue and gorgeous these are. What? You don’t like blue? Okay, there are seven other colours you can choose from. Heck, you can even buy a bunch and add them to your ever-growing shoe collection. These booties are classy with the leather uppers and subtle heel, you can be sure that you’ll be stepping out in style as you make your way out for that special night out.

Stuart Weitzman The Penley Flat

These shoes add a statement to any casual outfit. The topstitching and chunky heel create a cute look while the lightly padded innersole softly cushions your foot as you walk or dance (note, dancing is optional). At the front of the shoe, the rounded toe allows for your pinkies to relax and stretch.

Vionic Women’s Rest Midway Clog

The shoes from Vionic are dedicated to supporting you to alleviate any foot or leg problems you may have. These clogs are so adorable. The strap allows for a secure fit while the footbed is designed to keep your foot in its natural stance. Put on the clogs and allow your feet to feel the love.

Vionic Women’s Relax Slipper

Kick about at home with these slippers. Who cares what the neighbours think? It’s your day off and time to relax. The soft fabric that encases the slipper will make your feet feel snug and warm. Hygiene is provided through Vionic’s Ecofresh system which eliminates smells and bacteria, so your feet are safe from nasty germs (we don’t take responsibility if you step on something nasty)

Comfortiva Cantrall

Don’t let the price fool you. These shoes are affordable and look so snug like your feet have just be given a loving hug. The closed front keeps your toes safe and sound while the tongue allows you foot to flex. With the comfort that you will adore, you will never want to take these shoes off!

Comfortiva Mindy

The Mindy is a simple looking shoe yet smart enough to wear with casual formal attire. Full-grain leather allows for durability and the footbed, with memory foam, makes it feel like you are walking on soft clouds. Your feet will squeal in delight as you take your first steps in your Mindys.

Naturalizer Women’s Alya Ballet Flat

Add a splash of colour to your wardrobe with these ballet flat shoes. Made to fit tightly around your foot and created with lightweight, breathable material you may forget that you have them on. That’s just how amazing they are. With twelve colours available, you are bound to find a pair or three that match your outfits and personality.

Naturalizer Women’s Morrison Fashion Sneaker

Are you on your skinny feet all day and your shoes are biting like a dog? It’s not fun and time to look for some shoes that provide the comfort your tired feet deserve. These fashion sneakers not only look great, but they feel amazing as the gently wrap over your feet. The footbed lovingly cushions your soles so that instead of saying “Ouch” when you walk, you can say “Ahhhh”

Naturalizer Women’s Wyn Sandal

Add some fun to your shoe collection with these sandals from Naturalizer. The adjustable hook and loop system will secure your feet firmly whilst the footbed conforms to the contours of your feet. Balance is provided through the outsole which flexes with your foot. These are great shoes for any summer or spring day (you can even wear them in winter if you dare…)

The best narrow shoes for men

Cole Haan Men’s Nantucket Loafer Ii

The Nantucket’s have been, and continue to be, a winning line for Cole Haan. The casual look makes them suitable for a wide range of events, whether you’re out for a day with the boat or having to go to the office. !00% leather means that you are getting a shoe that is hardy on the outside yet offering you comfort on the inside.

Cole Haan Men’s Grand Crosscourt Ii Sneaker

Out for a game of tennis? The Crosscourt sneaker will let you move swiftly around the court while providing you grip so that you can return that tricky shot that wins you the point. These shoes hug your foot giving you the security you need.

Vionic Men’s Baldwin Sneaker

Look smart yet casual in these sneakers from Vionic. Receiving a seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association, you know that these shoes not only look good but will feel great. The leather upper offers durability yet still flexes along with the natural movement of your feet. Inside, you will find Vionic’s standard footbed which provides you with the support all feet need for natural balance. 

Vionic Men’s Beach Manly Flip Flop

Enjoy the beach with these flip flops on your feet. Love the feel of sand under your feet? Well, you don’t need to take off these to enjoy that same sensation thanks to some clever thinking and innovation from Vionic. The orthopaedic design provides the comfort you deserve as you walk lazily along the shoreline. That’s truly taking a healthy walk along the beach up a notch! 

Vionic Men’s Walker

Do you love walking, yet your feet complain through aches and pains that make you just want to turn around and go back home? Grab yourself and pair of these shoes. The subtle incline within the shoe is created to smooth out the movement from heel-to-toe as you walk while the rubber sole provides tremendous traction underfoot. With a pair of Vionic’s on your feet, you will be walking and walking and then walking some more… 

So many shoes for narrow feet

You may have thought that finding shoes for your narrow feet were a struggle, but we have opened up a world of shoes that are made especially for feet like yours. There are brands that have seen the need and make footwear that is suitable for people with skinny tootsies. Whether you are an AA, A or B, you can be assured that there are shoes that will match your foot. The only problem now is deciding if you want slip-ons, sneakers, heels, dress shoes or flip flops!

Embrace the narrowness of your feet.

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