Best Shoes for Swollen Feet

People get swollen feet for several reasons. Whether you have a bunion, edema, or you are pregnant you may be facing some discomfort with your feet. With this issue it requires one to get the best shoes for swollen feet. Let go!

Shoes for swollen feet should be made of breathable and comfortable materials, should offer support to your ankles as well as a thick sole for the bottom of your feet. Wearing proper footwear can help alleviate some of the pain in swollen feet.

Swollen feet can happen to anyone and is not an uncommon condition. Many things cause swollen feet and when it happens you may have to purchase a pair of shoes that will help with the pain.

Having the best pair of shoes for swollen feet can be critical so that you do not cause them to get worse or re-injure yourself if there has been an injury.

Some people have to live with swollen feet their whole life because of special conditions. Many people in wheelchairs deal with swollen feet and have to consider the most comfortable and versatile shoe.


What Causes Swollen Feet

Swollen feet can be caused by several issues. From pregnancy to edema, which is the swelling of the feet and ankles. Sometimes it only lasts a short while and sometimes it can stay with you for a lifetime.

People who are injured or have had a fractured foot oftentimes deal with swollen feet. There are many ways to make swollen feet more manageable and one of the best ways is to acquire the correct footwear.

People with swollen feet need wider toe areas and shoes that are designed with swollen feet in mind.

Orthopedic shoes can be a great alternative to your everyday shoe. They are designed to give more support to the ankle as well as arch support and more cushion.

How to Reduce Swelling in Feet

If you are looking for relief for your swollen feet then we have multiple footwear tips that will help. The worst thing when you’re on your feet all day is to have discomfort from your shoes.

These tips will help you reduce the discomfort:

  • Use a thinner sock. Sometimes making just a little bit of extra room in a shoe can help.
  • You may need added arch support, look for shoes that can be adjusted or purchased with different arch sizes.
  • Buy your shoes a size or two larger, this way you have room if the swelling gets larger.
  • Having a good pair of insoles can be a great way to make the bottom of your feet more comfortable.

These are just a few ways to deal with the swelling. You can also consider buying adaptable shoes that have adjustable straps and different arch sizes.  


Orthopedic Shoes For Swollen Feet

Orthopedic shoes are a great option for those who need extra stability and a more comfortable design. Orthopedics are made with multiple options for adjustments and special features. They use breathable materials that let the feet breathe and dry off faster.

These types of shoes also offer better ankle support and multiple arch sizes to help with flat foot.

Sometimes with swollen feet, you have to find every opportunity to make them more comfortable. Orthopedic shoes are designed with functionality and comfort in mind.


Best Shoes for Swollen Feet

We’ve made this list of the best shoes for swollen feet, including orthopedic shoes and adaptable shoes. These are all shoes made with more options and better materials for keeping your feet healthy.

List of best shoes for swollen feet:

  1. Orthofeet Best Plantar Fasciitis
  2. Propet Men’s MPED3 Pedwalker 3
  3. Orthofeet Springfield Women’s Stretchable
  4. Dr. Comfort Carter Men’s Casual Shoe
  5. Birkenstock Arizona Sandals
  6. Propet Women’s Stability Walker

These will be a good start for those of you who are looking for something designed for swollen feet. These are our top picks and have the options that make sense. Let’s take a closer look.

Orthofeet Best Plantar Fasciitis

Orthofeet Best Plantar Fasciitis shoes are one of the best-designed shoes for swollen feet and feet that need more support. These sneakers help to reduce heel pain and more. Their design helps reduce the pain by putting support in the right places for your swollen feet.

If you have diabetes-related swollen feet then these are the right shoes for you. They are designed to give relief to those with diabetes and swollen feet.

✅ Designed to accommodate swelling and foot pain.
⛔ A little bit higher priced but well worth the investment.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

Propet Men’s MPED3 Pedwalker 3

Propet Men’s MPED3’s are a very comfortable alternative to sneakers and tighter fit shoes. These shoes are soft and loose-fitting. They are made from a stretchy material that makes walking in them a breeze.

These shoes have an adjustable strap and two sets of insoles that make them comfortable and durable.

Your feet will thank you with these shoes if you have swollen feet. The material is made to stretch comfortably to your feet even if they swell.

The thick soles give them a cushion and help absorb the shock of walking in them. You will love these if you have edema or other foot-related swelling problems.

✅ Comfortable fit.
⛔ Not the best shoe for heavy walking.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

Orthofeet Springfield Women’s Stretchable

These Orthofeet Springfield’s are made out of a stretchy material that makes putting them on and off an easy task. They offer support to the heel with a thick sole and cushions. They have one adjustable strap so the design is easy to use and straight forward.

These shoes have added support to your heels for pain relief. They also help with bunions, diabetes, and other swelling related illnesses.

If you are a woman that has feet swelling, from illnesses or pregnancy then these shoes could be a great option for you.

✅ Very comfortable shoe to wear with swollen feet.
⛔ Do not make great shoes for walking or running.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

Dr. Comfort Carter Men’s Casual Shoe

Dr. Comfort Carter Men’s casual shoes are a comfortable shoe that is durable and made from quality materials. These shoes are machine washable and look nice just about anywhere. They are not as bulky as some of the other ortho-designed shoes.

These shoes are great for men who have swelling feet or illnesses such as diabetes or edema. The materials are breathable and there is one strap that you can adjust for size.

✅ Machine washable and versatile.
⛔ No cons on these.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

Most people would not think that sandals can have foot support and relief for swollen feet, however, they are adjustable and can be very well made. These Birkenstock Arizona Sandals are unisex leather sandals that are designed with arch support and comfort in mind.

They have a contoured cork footbed and an insole woven right into the sole. These offer a lot of comforts and the best part about them is that they are adjustable. With two straps, you can make them fit looser for swelling feet!

✅ Adjustable with thick soles.
⛔ Do not add protection to your toes and from the weather.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

Propet Women’s Stability Walker

The Propet Women’s Stability Walker is a great sneaker and walking shoe that provides you with ankle support and thick soles that absorb shock. Propet has been around since 1985 and builds awesome footwear with quality materials.

These walking shoes are made of quality leather and other quality materials that are breathable and soft.

These shoes absorb a lot of shock and allow you to walk even with swollen feet. You still need to move around when your feet are swollen, so these walkers let you go out in any kind of weather, with nice leather that keeps your feet protected.

✅ A great versatile walking shoe.
⛔ No cons with these, they are great!

Compare prices on Amazon here.

Shoes For Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes swollen feet in many women. Sometimes your feet will grow during pregnancy and stay that size. We suggest buying your shoes one or two sizes larger if you are experiencing pain and swelling.

This gives you more room to grow with the swelling and foot size. Extra-wide shoes that have more room for toes can also help a lot for women with swollen feet.

During pregnancy, you may experience foot pain, in which case having an orthopedic shoe or adaptable shoe would be the best choice. Adaptable shoes are shoes that have wider toe areas and adjustable straps.

Related Questions

Can the wrong shoe cause swelling in feet? In some cases, a shoe that is too tight, made from non-breathable materials, and no added support can damage the health of your foot. Make sure to pick shoes that are breathable, comfortable, and that have enough room to wiggle your toes.

Does the swelling go away? This depends on what is causing the swelling. Sometimes after an injury, the swelling may go away once it is healed. When pregnant your swelling feet can be actual foot growth, which will change the size of your shoe. In a lot of cases swelling of feet can be managed with better footwear.

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