Best Shoes for Tall Women

Vertically challenged women usually dress to appear leaner, longer, and taller. On the other hand, vertically blessed women have more flexibility when it comes to getting dressed. Instead of downplaying their features, tall women can highlight them. They don’t have to appear shorter just to blend into the crowd. Instead of wishing they were an average stature, they can wear heeled type shoes and tall boots. In doing so, these women fully understand that there’s no need to shoot for the average. Let’s get to learn more on the correct shoes for tall women. Read on!

There are thousands of heeled type shoes and tall boots available to women, but just like other products, they are not created equal. It shouldn’t, therefore, come as a surprise that the following high-end products make elegant choices for every tall woman.

Block Heels

  • Sarah Flint Perfect Mule 85
  • Sammitop Round Toe Block High Heel Pump

Kitten Heels

  • Bow-Tie Black Kitten Heels
  • Classy Slingback Kitten Heels

Stiletto Heels

  • Naturalizer Michelle Dress Pump
  • Clarks Adriel Viola Dress Pump

Wedge Heels

  • Luoika Wide Width Mary Jane Wedge
  • Skechers Beverlee Smitten Kitten Taupe Wedge


  • Stuart Weitzman Women’s Reserve Boots
  • Naughty Monkey Women’s Boots
  • BCBGeneration Women’s BG Eileen Slouch Boots
  • La Canadienne Women’s Passion Boots
  • Cole Haan Lexi Grand Stretch Boots
  • Sofft Anniston Knee High Boots
  • Sofft Sharnell II Boots
  • ​Frye Veronica Combat Tall Boots

Wearing heeled typed shoes and tall boots mean that tall women are not prohibited from standing out in a crowd. Even when people comment that these shoes only make them too tall, tall women were always meant to be a tall glass of water right from the beginning. In other words, adding another couple of inches won’t make that much of a difference. Investing in shoes for tall women, however, requires a pair that is comfortable to walk in and makes them feel confident.


The notion that tall women should not wear heels just because they are tall is completely unacceptable. Many tall women who complain about not being able to wear heels do not cite discomfort as a reason. Yes, the reason is always that they’re already tall enough, or they’re friends would kind of scold them for easily towering over everyone. If you’re one of these women, staying conscious of the impression you create upon other people is a hallmark sign of no self-esteem. You either slouch or shy away from heels because other people have complete preeminence over you.

If you think you have no business wearing high heels, do you also think that women with a bulgy stomach have no business wearing fitted shirts? The only acceptable reason for not wearing heels is if they cause you more harm than good. 

The benefits of wearing heels come down to posture. Tall women who wear heels can polish off their outfits with class and sophistication. If you are to apply for a job without wearing heels, the human resource manager would conclude that you are susceptible to the negative opinions of people. Just because you have an abundance of height doesn’t mean you cannot rock in heels. Likewise, the abundance of height isn’t enough to make you look confident.

Why is there such a stigma on tall women walking in heels? Maybe it’s all because of the assumption that tall women in heels look awkward, and men feel intimidated with women in heels. Either way, it’s not your job to make people around you more comfortable. Walking at 6’6, for example, in heels is a powerful feeling. Studies even show that heels help increase women’s attractiveness. As the heel height increases, men pay more attention to women. 

There is a wide variety of heel heights, styles, and shapes that it comes a little tricky to choose the right pair for you. As you might expect, differences in heel height affect fitting and comfort. Whether you plan to invest in stilettos or easy to walk in heels, here’s how to choose:

Block Heels

This type of heels is surprisingly the best heels for tall women. Aside from being trendy, they give more support and allow more even distribution of weight. Block heels tend to be far chunkier than your stilettos. You can start with a low square heel on a flat shoe and then work your way up.

Sarah Flint Perfect Mule 85

Sarah Flint is one of the leading manufacturers of heels. The Royal Highness herself, Megan Markle, is a fan of Sarah Flint Heels. After using these sleek mules, you can understand why. 

Their handcrafted Perfect Mule 85 boasts six mm of extra padding in the footbed. From the first moment you put them on, your feet receive the perfect amount of arch support. The plush cushioning and the leather lining offer a soft and cozy feel. The 3.3-inch heel is just the right amount of height for you to walk conveniently. Not only will these shoes for tall women fit like a glove, but these also protect you from slips and slides. 

Sammitop Round Toe Block High Heel Pump

The Sammitop Round Toe Block High Heel Pump is perhaps the most hardworking shoes for tall women you can ever have. Sammitop crafted the shoes with a feminine round toe. They are further finished with a trendy and wearable block heel. You can use these shoes to complement endless outfit combinations. From jeans to dresses, shorts, and skirts, the Sammitop Round Toe Block High Heel Pump can top off any outfit. Additional features include padded insole, sturdy rubber outsole, and sexy heels.

Kitten Heels

If you pass the six-foot mark, a more lowkey footwear like kitten heels is recommended. Most kitten heels do not exaggerate your height as they are usually below 3 inches. You can go for plain, peep-toe, D’Orsay, and expect the kitten heels to give you the sculpted look of an arched leg.

Bow-Tie Black Kitten Heels

This playful pair of kitten heels can work day today and outfit to outfit. It features a comfortable rubber sole and slingback design. The pointed-toe design is crafted elegantly out of suede. What’s more, the big black bows behind the ankle make any outfit look that much more stylish.

Classy Slingback Kitten Heels

shoes for tall women

From a trusted brand like Mansur Gavriel, these classic kitten heels will not go ignored. The design is incredibly simple yet unique. Along with a buckled strap behind the ankle, these shoes for tall women feature a block 1.5-inch heel. The Classy Slingback Kitten Heels are great for the office and for whatever comes after.

Stiletto Heels

The shape of a stiletto is a thin, tapering heel. If you are wondering how high-heeled stilettos can get, they can range from 1 inch to a sky-scraping 8 inches. To avoid discomfort, go for stilettos with a platform on the front. The platform makes the stiletto shoes comfier as they don’t bend the arch of your foot too much.

Naturalizer Michelle Dress Pump

Stylish, sleek, and comfortable Naturalizer Michelle Dress Pump can fit in with any wardrobe. Using these shoes, you can make a perfect appearance on any occasion. The shoes are crafted with breathable lining and leather upper, giving you flexibility and support with every step. Moreover, the shoes feature an N5 innovative cushioning in the footbed for maximum comfort while standing for hours. Extra features are 2.5-inch heela non-slip outsole, and a comfortable toe box.

Clarks Adriel Viola Dress Pump

These excellent shoes for tall women from Clarks are a must-have. They are lightweight and flexible because of the breathable textile lining and high-quality leather upper. With the heel height of 3.25 inches and Ortholite footbed, the shoes are comfortable to wear and match any outfit. 

Wedge Heels

 To get used to the added height of wearing heels, start with a pair of wedges. Wedge heels are best worn with maxi skirts and dresses. They are regarded by footwear enthusiasts as the staples of summertime. Wedges do not only add some sophistication but also give maximum comfort. 

Luoika Wide Width Mary Jane Wedge

The Luoika Wide Width Mary Jane Wedge has high-density memory foam insole and non-skid outsole. These features make them comfortable pairs for standing all day. The upper is made from synthetic suede microfiber that is flexible enough for natural wear. They are available in 5 different colors, along with 2.64-inch heel height.

Skechers Beverlee Smitten Kitten Taupe Wedge

These ultra-versatile shoes for tall women are comfy and unbelievably lightweight. Skechers designed these shoes with contoured, cushioned footbed. There is also a foam footbed with exceptional arch support. Overall, the Skechers Beverlee Smitten Taupe Wedge merges fashion and functionality.


Boots are pretty self-explanatory. They cover the wearer’s lower leg and entire foot. As early as 12, 000 BC, people have been wearing some form of boots for ornamentation and protection purposes. Tall laced boots were regarded as the style of the high rank in the Middle Ages, while estivaux became a popular fashion statement in the 12th century.

Modern women do not only wear boots when it’s getting chilly outside but also to complement their willowy frame on most days. Tall boots are strikingly good for tall women as they don’t swallow up your entire leg height. Below is a selection of some of the best tall boots in the market:

Stuart Weitzman Women’s Reserve Boots

This impressive boot offers both femininity and stylishness to tall women. It features a stacked heel and a stretchy back panel that reminds you of platform heeled sneakers. The shaft is about 21.5 inches from the arch, and the heel is approximately 1.75 inches. Apart from that, the leather finish of the Stuart Weitzman Women’s Reserve Boots is an extreme standout. You can also ensure that it gives you a snug fit, thanks to the pull-on construction and goring back panel. Whether you’re going for a night out with friends or horseback riding, these boots can be your comfortable companion.

Naughty Monkey Women’s Boots

Without a doubt, the Naughty Monkey Women’s Boots makes elegant tall boots. The manufacturer utilized top quality suede leather which offers just the right amount of durability and comfort in a pair of boots. The Naughty Monkey Women’s Boots itself has a synthetic medium heeled sole as well as a convenient back zip. With the morel and black suede color options, there is no way you can’t fall in love with these boots. The shaft measures 22.5 inches from the arch while the heel measures 2.5 inches. Overall, there is no reason why you can’t have these boots, especially that it supports a trendy, tough girl image.

BCBGeneration Women’s BG Eileen Slouch Boots

BCBGeneration has long been known as the provider of booths that went through a careful and long process. This ensures that these boots can endure the test of time. Their BG Eileen Slouch Boots is particularly durable. It is made of a type of microfiber that maintains a comfort level for your shoes called suede. For additional comfort, a flexible shaft and interior side zip closure are added. The shaft is about 17 inches, while the heel is about 4 inches. 

synthetic sole further enhances the coziness of the boots and prevents slips and falls. Even on rainy seasons, these lightweight boots can last. Besides, a stylish buckle at the ankle provides you a comfortable fit. 

La Canadienne Women’s Passion Boots

The main selling point of these boots is its unrivaled comfort. This comes as no surprise, especially that La Canadienne used premium Italian leather. The outsole is water-resistant and features a cuff seam line at the top. The La Canadienne Women’s Passion Boots are sixteen inches from the shaft to the top of the boot. This means a mid-knee fit for a fashionista like you. 

These boots are great if you like to walk on cold weather days as the inside is lined with microfiber. You can also find a calf goring insert and a little wiggle room for your toes.

Cole Haan Lexi Grand Stretch Boots

If you want to go for boots that are durable as they are functional, the Cole Haan Lexi Grand Stretch Boots is a perfect choice. These boots come with a comfortable leather sole and well-designed outer sole. The shaft measures 17 inches from the arch while the heel measures 1 ¼ inch. To loosen or tighten the shaft opening, use the adjustable straps at the top of the boots.

You can find that the leather finish of these boots enhances the classy and luxurious look. Whether you are on the red carpet or at a party with friends, the Cole Haan Lexi Grand Stretch Boots suits your fashion sensibilities. 

Sofft Anniston Knee High Boots

The Sofft Anniston Knee High Boots are designed with comfort and elegance in mind. Because these boots are made of full-grain leather, it is no question that you can get comfort and luxury in a single package.

With regard to attention to detail, the Sofft Anniston Knee High Boots are perfectly contoured. Rest assured that your heel and toe can get adequate support. The comfortable leather lining and adjustable laces even make these boots more appealing. You can easily take them on and off by using the full-length zip closure. In this way, there’s a minimum hassle in using these boots.

Sofft Sharnell II Boots

This is the sort of boot that you can consider as a day to day option. This is enhanced by the fact that it offers an array of beneficial features in terms of comfort and support. 

With the generous leather-lined footbed, the boots are well-padded. There are also microfiber linings to give you a warmer feel in cold conditions. What adds to the casual look of these boots is the prominent rubber sole. A full-length zip further makes wearing on and off an easy task. You can choose from various color options, including the whiskey color with warm tones.

​Frye Veronica Combat Tall Boots

The Frye Veronica Combat Tall Boots is perhaps one of the best riding boots out there. First off, the boot is lightweight and has soft inner cushioning. With this level of comfort, you can focus on your ride instead of complaining about your boots.

A big part of what makes the Frye Veronica Combat Tall Boots an exceptional contender in the riding field is that it is made of durable leather. The product description says that the shaft measures 16.5 inches from the arch while the raised heel measures 1.25 inches. For a more intimate fit, the dual pull tabs and asymmetric opening are specifically designed for you. Overall, these boots have just the right amount of style that high-end boots should offer.


1. Be confident – Wearing heels is all about confidence. As a tall woman, it is not about being even taller; it is about being confident. Take note that confidence is the best accessory no matter what look you’re going for.

2. Stand up Straight – If you slouch while wearing heels, the added weight will be put in vain. The more you display improper posture, the more you will lose all of the poise of the added height. 

3. Be comfortable – Make sure that the style and fit are right for you. If you are not comfortable in your heels and boots, you cannot be confident as well. This will show in the way you walk, totally deflating your entire look.

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