Best Shoes for the Running Track

One of the most straightforward ways to fulfill the benefits of exercise is through running. The oft-repeated observation asserts that running is the least expensive, with little to no-cost way of increasing one’s lifespan. However, running also has a simple truth- it takes discipline. And by discipline, we mean getting into it with shoes for the running track. The shoes we put on our feet will be the difference between a great running experience and an unbearable foot pain.

The ins and outs of finding the best pair of running shoes are daunting, given that hundreds of shoes are sold in the market today. To simplify, we’ve done the research for you and listed the best ones based on a variety of running needs. Some of these shoes have been designed with runners’ feet in mind while others are long-standing best-sellers:

  • New Balance 860 v10
  • Hoka One One Challenger ATR 5
  • Brooks Ghost 11
  • Under Armour HOVR Infinite
  • ASICS Glideride
  • Hoka One One Clifton 6
  • Nike’s Zoomfly 3
  • Adidas Ultraboost 20

Choosing the proper shoes can help protect you from common injuries associated with running. More obvious injuries include blisters, fractures, bunions, corns, and ankle strains. Ill-fitting shoes, as well as worn-out ones, cannot lessen the impact of every stride. Similarly, they cannot cushion your foot from heavy landings. To improve your performance and enable quick direction changes, invest in shoes from reputable brands.


First off, you have to try shoes in-store if you’re a beginner in looking for a pair of running shoes. Online shopping is great, but nothing beats shopping in person. Here are the important reminders once you get there:

Know your foot size

Brands will have variations in sizing and fit that it is ideal to try on as many models. Also, when checking for the size, wear the same sports socks that you will be using for the running track.

Understand what features are most important to you

Cushioning, protection, stability, and comfort are just a few of the important features to look for in the right pair of running shoes. Before you purchase anything, note which features suit your lifestyle and needs. In doing so, you will not buy to choose just for looks alone.

Take a nice long test-walk

Try on the shoes and walk around the store to test the comfort. Avoid shoes that rub in any area or pinch your feet, causing blisters and injuries.

Wiggle your toes

Do not be tempted to buy tight-fitting shoes as these can eventually damage your feet. The ideal shoes should have a wide toe box so that your toes will not be compressed while you run lap after lap.


New Balance 860 v10

These tried-and-true stability shoes from New Balance are ideal for women who overpronate, providing stability needed to prevent running injuries. These shoes are the 9th version, but New Balance keeps the dual-density TruFuse midsole and 10mm heel drop. While the toe box remains spacious, there are wide and extra-wide widths provided to cater to different feet. The upper features a seamless engineered mesh that brings a high level of comfort and breathability. 

Most stability shoes look bulky, but this isn’t the case with the New Balance 860v10. According to reviews, the shoes provide the right amount of support without completely weighing down the wearer. There is a T-Beam stability shaft under the midsole that heels correct overpronation and a blown rubber outsole that works well in dry and wet conditions.

Overall Features:

  • great support for overpronation
  • comfortable cushioning
  • newly designed mesh upper for breathability
  • T-Beam shaft for additional stability
  • 10mm drop for the natural heel to toe motion
  • dual-density TruFuse midsole

Hoka One One Challenger ATR 5

You need a deep heel cup, proper arch support, and cushioning if you suffer from plantar fasciitis. The Hoka One One Challenger ATR 5 checks all the boxes in keeping your whole foot supported and avoiding heel pain. These shoes are designed to withstand rough trail terrain with its rugged soles and ample cushioning. Because the shoes are extremely lightweight, you can easily transition from the trail to the road. 

The traction and grip performance of the Hoka One One Challenger ATR 5 works just as well on pavement as it does on trails and rough mountain terrain. Thermoplastic polyurethane is reinforced in the toe box to protect your feet from roots and rocks on the trail. As for the sole, the distance shifted 4mm lugs to allow for a more comfortable feel on hard surfaces.

Overall Features:

  • a rugged outsole with 4mm lugs for improved traction
  • toe box provides maximum protection from roots and rocks
  • great cushioning
  • wide width

Brooks Ghost 11

The Brooks Ghost 11 shoes are light enough for speed work and, at the same time, durable enough for long runs. As the latest model of the Ghost line-up, it is advertised as a cushioned neutral running shoe that is best for short and long distances. You don’t have to worry about the break-in period with these shoes as they can handle snappy speed work well. The Brooks Ghost 11 is known for out of the box comfort as the design cuts down on the foam and uses DNA loft foam under the heel. As with upper, Brooks integrated a full redesign using a seamless, engineered mesh. This promotes airflow while protecting the feet from debris and dirt. The new upper design is also responsible for why the shoes feature a sleeker and a more modern look.

Overall Features:

  • well-cushioned while still having a light feel
  • new seamless upper design for improved comfort and breathability
  • new DNA loft foam for more responsiveness
  • smooth heel to toe transition
  • versatile design

Under Armour HOVR Infinite

If you are training for a marathon, the Under Armour HOVR Infinite shoes should be on your radar. These shoes are skillfully designed for long runs with responsive cushioning and traction.

Under Armour HOVR Infinite features a Record Sensor Technology, which is in the form of a removable chip. It is embedded in the insole to track your distance, speed, stride length, and cadence. You can upload this data to the Under Armour MapMyRun app post-run. From there, you can view your running statistics in one place. This connectivity aspect of the shoes is truly a bonus for every wearer.

The shoe itself is worth considering even if you eradicate the connectivity aspect. As neutral running shoes, they provide an ample amount of cushion and responsiveness. The high energy return HOVR foam in the entire midsole helps keep your feet and legs supported as you pile on the miles. As for the outsole, blow rubber, and carbon rubber is embedded to increase durability.

Overall Features:

  • durable outsole
  • digitally connectivity for tracking running stats
  • cushioned comfort
  • responsive feel


ASICS Glideride

The ASICS Glideride features a rocking chair-like design. The design is created through a complex layering system. Continuing the ASICS trademark, a thin wafer of Gel is tucked in the rear of the shoes. All of these are aimed at providing a stable cushioning in the forefoot and heel.

The heel collar of the shoes has plush and protective materials perfect for recovery runs. While the upper is composed of lightweight mesh, the base has a maximum amount of reinforced rubber. As for the toe box, there is no need to worry about getting your toes compressed, given the generous amount of space.

Overall Features:

  • upper that fits like a glove
  • curved Guidesole technology
  • layered foam midsole
  • pronounced rocker shape

Hoka One One Clifton 6

For best-cushioned running shoes, the Hoka One One Clifton 6 is the best bet. The outsole comes with a thick stack of foam cushioning, allowing for a smooth and comfortable ride. 

Hoka One One redesigned the overall structure to give runners a much-improved feel. A breathable mesh in the upper wraps securely around your feet while the toe box features plenty of room. Also, the padded heel collar is notched in the back for proper fitting of the Achilles.

Overall Features: 

  • thick foam for improved cushioning
  • comfortable fit
  • lightweight

Nike’s Zoomfly 3

These running shoes look fast and sleek. Embedded in the midsole are a carbon fiber plate and Nike’s React foam. These offer a soft yet responsive rebound when you run at varying speeds. You can find that the heel cup has a neoprene bottie. This lets your feet slide comfortably into the shoe without the need for a tongue. The sole’s forefoot has more rubber compared to the old version. This means that there is an added traction in wet conditions, making this pair a winner when you train for a race. 

Nike redesigned the upper with parachute-like materials called Vaporweave. This is intended for repelling moisture and at the same time, providing your feet plenty of breathable space.

Overall Features: 

  • full-length carbon plate
  • moisture-repelling Vaporweave upper
  • soft React foam

Adidas Ultraboost 20

The Adidas Ultraboost 20 is one of the most comfortable running shoes for the running track in our list. Its midsole features the famous Boost foam that looks like pellets of melded Styrofoam. 

Runners will appreciate the plush and padded collar that wraps around the Achilles. Meanwhile, the upper is made of Primeknit fabric that provides a luxurious sock-like fit. There is also a trapezoid-shaped counter on the exterior of the heel that protects you from slips and falls.

Overall features:

  • a stylish and futuristic look
  • Boost foam that provides excellent energy return
  • padded collar for maximum comfort

Related Questions

Why are women’s shoes for the running track lighter and softer?

The structure and design of shoes are generally based on group tendencies. For instance, women have less muscle mass than men. In other words, women weigh less than men. Shoemakers acknowledge this fact that they craft shoes for women with lighter and softer midsole. This is in hopes of making up for the lower degree of impact put on the shoe with every step.

What time of day should I buy shoes for the running track?

It is best to buy shoes in the afternoon than in the morning. The shoes that fit you better during that time frame are the right size for your foot. If you buy shoes first thing in the morning, your foot may swell later in the day. As a result, your purchased shoes will not fit well.

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