Best Shoes For Weddings

Weddings are a special day. With all the excitement it’s easy to forget a few essentials for planning such as comfortable shoes. Having a comfortable pair of shoes for weddings to stand in all day will make the experience much more pleasant  

Shoes for weddings should look great and be as comfortable as possible. You will have to be in them for many hours and will need footwear that is appropriate for the occasion, comfortable, and nice looking. Pick your styles based on the venue and style of the wardrobe.   

There are so many things about weddings that make them joyous occasions. Whether you are the bride to be, the groom, or one of the attendees, you will be dressed up and ready to have fun.

No matter which side you are on you will need a good comfortable pair of shoes. The wedding can go for a whole day and even into the night!

There are many options for wedding shoes, but there are a few pairs that stand out to us that will be comfortable enough to keep you at your best.

We also have a few tips that should help you pick which shoes are the right fit for the occasion.


The Venue Matters

Where the wedding will be can determine the style of shoes you will need for the wedding. Outdoor weddings need a more versatile shoe than indoor weddings. Weddings are held in all types of venues, churches, courtyards, vineyards, even gardens. The possibilities are endless

For this reason, you must plan accordingly. If indoor, all who are involved can go with moderate or fancy looking dress shoes. If ladies are going to wear heels it can be a good idea to wear something that has cushioned soles and to not go too high in the heel.

With outdoor weddings, everyone will need to have shoes that are suitable for walking outdoors. If there is going to be any dirt involved you would want to go with a moderate looking shoe, instead of something fancy that will get dirty.

There is a perfect shoe for any wedding occasion you just need to get as many details as possible from the wedding planner.


What is the Style of the Wedding

The person who is planning the wedding will most likely have a style for the dresses and clothing. If it is a themed wedding you may need to acquire something more than just your fancy black shoes.

In case your wedding is at a beach and is beach-themed, you may want to wear sandals instead of shoes.

When the wedding is a fancy ballroom sized wedding you may want to wear your fanciest pair of shoes.

Communication is key to finding out what the style of the wedding is and what kind of shoes will better go with the occasion.

If you are the one who is planning the wedding also keep that in mind. If you have expectations as to how the wedding will look, you will need to communicate with anyone who is part of the wedding or invited.

Don’t get too caught up in planning every single thing though, there will always be a few people who show up wearing whatever they can throw on!

Best Shoes for Weddings

Since there are many styles for weddings and many types of shoes that can be acceptable for the occasion we have compiled a list of our favorite shoes for weddings. We’ve included something for everyone.

  1. Manolo Blahnik Crystal Strap Mules
  2. Reformation Strappy Sandal
  3. Zala Pump Heel
  4. Mezlan Newport – Penny Loafer
  5. The Cagney Cap-Toe Oxford

This list is a mixture of bride shoes, shoes for the groom, and footwear for those who are attending the wedding.

Manolo Blahnik Crystal Strap Mules

Manolo Blahnik Crystal Strap Mules are a fancy but comfortable wedding shoe for brides and bridesmaids. These shoes look like an offwhite but they are a light-colored green that works very well with white and other colors.

These shoes are fancy enough to be a brides shoe but still modest enough to be a bridesmaid or other member of the wedding.

✅ These shoes can be worn for other formal occasions.
⛔ Very expensive.

These Manolo Blahnik shoes are something that will last you long past your wedding. The mixture of fancy with a touch of casual makes them a perfect choice for anyone.

Compare prices here.

Reformation Strappy Sandal

Reformation is a company that offers wedding clothes at an affordable price. These sandals are a great looking wedding choice, they look fancy and are comfortable enough to stand in all day.

Reformation sandals are sleek and go well with wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. These sandals would look good anywhere that you wear them.

They are great for brides and would work well with other outfits for more than one occasion.

You will want to wear these everywhere!

✅ Quality shoes at a good price.
⛔ Thin high heels.

Reformation makes a ton of awesome clothes and shoes for weddings. You will want to check out their entire collection!

Compare prices here.

Marc Fisher LTD Women’s Zala 6

The Zala 6 Heel is a great wedding shoe for women who are attending the wedding and have no specific shoe requirements. These are priced well, comfortable, and go good with any dress.

They come in multiple colors that will work with brides and others who are attending the wedding.

If you hare going for a modest wedding these shoes are a great choice since they work for just about anyone.

✅ A good price and versatile.
⛔ Not as fancy as other shoes.

The Zala 6 Heels are a great wedding shoe for people who want to be comfortable and still look nice.

Compare prices on Amazon here.

Mezlan Newport – Penny Loafer

When it comes to high-quality shoes Mezlan Newport has some of the most comfortable and good looking wedding shoes that you can find. Penny loafers are a sophisticated looking dress shoe that can really kick it up a notch.

For grooms who want to look their absolute best, these shoes are gonna blow everyone away.

They are slick-looking, with rich dark colors. For the groom or best man, this is our number one choice for the best wedding shoe for grooms.

✅ These are top-notch shoes for grooms.
⛔ They are pricey but worth it to look nice.

Dressing well is one of the best ways to show how confident you are. If you have the money for a quality pair of wedding shoes these penny loafers will impress everyone.

Compare prices on Amazon here.


Popular Wedding Styles

Wedding themes can be “far out” or very traditional. This means that the footwear that you will need for weddings can vary depending on many factors. There could be a strict plan and expectations, or there could be a relaxed casual theme.

Common wedding themes:

  • Traditional
  • Church
  • Outdoors
  • Casual
  • Themed

Regular weddings can be indoor or outdoor and are usually pretty basic. They can be fancy or formal. You will most likely want to wear nice looking shoes and keep to the most popular styles.

Church weddings are usually places you will want to wear nice looking shoes that are comfortable. You will be doing a lot of sitting and standing and interacting with others.

Outdoor weddings can be just about anywhere that has enough space and parking. I’m from Texas, so I’ve been to weddings at vineyards, farm fields, and even barns!

Casual weddings allow you to wear casual clothes and shoes. These are the best kind of weddings for me since comfort can come before style.

There are also themed weddings such as beach weddings, ballroom weddings, country weddings, and more.


Shoes for the Reception

For the reception of the wedding, you have a little more flexibility. If the party is outside then wear shoes appropriate for outside. If it’s inside consider wearing something nice but casual.

Wedding receptions can be awesome! Wear something that looks good and feels comfortable and keep in mind that you’re there to have a good time!

Related Questions

Can you wear anything you want? Check with the wedding planner to find out if there are any styles or themes that are expected. If there are no expectations pick something comfortable that works for special occasions.

What if you don’t have any fancy shoes? If you don’t have anything fancy to wear and cannot afford to buy a new pair, consider borrowing a pair from someone you know. Most people have a pair or two of dress shoes that they could care less about.

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