Ideal Shoes for After Foot Surgery

As much as you utilize your feet every day is as vulnerable, they are to multiple foot conditions. And when it comes to treating them at the event of an injury or development of an ailment, surgery may sometimes be necessary. This means that your feet will have to be rested for a while, or else you might experience some complications. Recovery also entails abstinence from straining activities as well as wearing the ideal shoes for after foot surgery.

shoes for after foot surgery

There is no single ideal pair of shoes for after foot surgery. It will depend highly on the kind of surgery you have been into. This means that you have to determine your purpose of purchase. Then, you have to determine the material you want to go for, preferably breathable and flexible. You may also prefer a hard, rubber, rocker sole, Velcro straps for support, and ample cushioning for comfort. Some of the shoes that satisfy these criteria include the following.

  • Aircast Short Pneumatic Walker Brace or Walking Boot
  • Vive Post Op Shoe
  • Premium Post Op Square Toe Walking Shoe
  • ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe
  • Alegria Women’s Alli Flat
  • Propet Men’s Vista Strap Shoe
  • Brooks Ghost 11 Running Shoe

With the lot of shoes that different brands sell on the market, choosing one for you may be a tough choice. Moreover, you may have to change your gear throughout your healing if your needs evolve or if the product potentially wears out early. For these reasons, it is critical, thus, that you only ever obtain the most ideal after surgery shoe.

Guide for Buying Shoes for After Foot Surgery

There are a variety of foot conditions that necessitate an operation. And based on severity, not every post-operative shoe can grant you enough comfort level while you are recovering. Some models might only aggravate your injury. Therefore, you have to be careful upon choosing for the correct pair essentially. Here are some factors you might want to consider.


In line with the various injuries and surgeries, you must know what your specific situation requires. A person who went for a removable bunion procedure has different needs from someone who had a knocked Achilles. So, with a lot of products sold in the market, know which one, in particular, will accommodate your issues.


Your goal must be function over style upon selecting your post-op footwear. However, the design and technology utilized to create a fully functional product are of critical importance, too. Go for those that come in a breathable and flexible finish as well as with adequate support and shock absorption quality.


The sole is probably the heart of all therapeutic or post-op footwear. It relieves pressure on the sensitive spots of your foot, providing a great deal of comfort. And a properly-designed one should not interfere with your surgical dressings, increasing protection from further infections. In particular, you must make it a point to go for a rocker sole.


Depending on the severity of what you are going through, your podiatrist may recommend a cast for you. And while a cast provides the support you need, it is only temporary as it eventually comes off. Thus, you will need your footwear to grant you continued support throughout the length of your recovery. A way to achieve this is to obtain Velcro straps and any high side variety to hold your bandaged, operated part.


You do not need extra discomfort after going through so much pre and post-surgical procedures. Therefore, you must make it a point to go only for the product that works well for you. Extra bracing and specialized support may restrict your mobility throughout your recovery period. But at the same time, it aids in discomfort and residual pain, which are normal side-effects of the procedure.

Ideal Shoes for After Foot Surgery

Considering the specific features necessary, you may now look into the following shoe variety that may pass your requirements.

Aircast Short Pneumatic Walker Brace or Walking Boot

This brace boasts of pneumatic support and optimum protection while keeping comfort through a semi-rigid shell. It has a low rocker sole that allows for a natural gait, essential for obtaining a decent level of mobility. Moreover, it features sufficient space for potential swelling and medical dressing, being ideal shoes for after foot surgery. It also comes equipped with a hand pump to personalize fit and is mainly lightweight to minimize strain as much as possible.

Vive Post Op Shoe

Not because you underwent a medical procedure on your feet does it mean you will be confined to the couch for several days. It is still healthy to make minimal movements such as slowly walking to the car but not driving. And among the ideal shoes for after foot surgery and for those minimal movements is the Vive Post Op model. It is open and has adjustable straps and solid rocker soles. These work together for excellent hold, stability while relieving pain for your quick recovery.

Premium Post Op Square Toe Walking Shoe

As the name suggests, this shoe has a distinct square toe design that functions as additional protection to your toes. This means that you will not have to worry about accidentally hitting your small toe on the edge of the kitchen table. Besides that, the footwear manufacturer equipped the product with soft-padded heels and adjustable straps. It also has a hard rocker sole and an open design. All these make up a stable, well-fitting, supportive, and breathable therapeutic footgear.

ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe

The ProCare squared toe; the post-surgery shoe is unique with its full protective adjustable forefoot cover. This serves you for both fit and support alongside the Velcro closure straps. Aside from that, it comes with a rigid rocker sole that minimizes pressure on the whole of your foot. Its square toe, on the other hand, is open to allow air, freedom of movement, ease of use, and extra security. Finally, its outsole is thick and traction-proof for an excellent shock absorption quality.

Alegria Women’s Alli Flat

Eventually, you will have to return to work from your leave after your medical procedure. This means that you will need footwear decent enough for the setting. Fortunately, Alegria designed the Alli shoes for after foot surgery without compromising style. The flats are leather with sufficient stability and hold on its rubber soles and memory foam footbed. They also come with detachable insoles so you can replace it with an orthotic one, if any.

Propet Men’s Vista Strap Shoe

For the men, conversely, is the Propet’s Vista Strap shoe that you can wear for work while recovering. Its crafting utilized full-grain leathersynthetic outer sole, as well as a PU cushioning. All those compose a durable, shock-absorbing, pain-relieving, and comfortable footwear. It also is sleek and chic to make your outfit put-together.

Brooks Ghost 11 Running Shoe

As soon as your condition gets better, you may want to get back on your active lifestyle track immediately. And instead of going back to your previous ordinary, used sneakers, you may want a new pair that will aid your recovery. Fortunately, Brooks knows how to make sneakers with sufficient support, cushioning, stability, and security. One of their efficient products is the Ghost 11, whose design integrates a medium to high arch and a Segmented Crashpad. This means that no matter how your foot lands on every step, you will have the smoothest ride achievable.

Related Questions

Can you wear dress shoes occasionally after a medical foot operation?

Yes, you can wear dress shoes for those occasional high profile parties or events. However, you may need to avoid heels as much as possible, as they only present unnecessary pressure. Go for the flats with enough cushioning instead. Besides that, avoid footwear with buckles or laces. You will find it preferable to select a slip-on or go for dress sandals at very low frequency. The latter is not exactly of good support for your recovering foot.

If you want to make heels work, though, choose only those that are at most two inches high. They should as well come in standard, wide, and extra-wide sizes so that you can give your foot a much-needed space. The Naturalizer Whitney Pump is an excellent example of this. It is a hundred percent leather and can be stretched if you need more space in an area of the pump.

How do you make sure that your foot is fine at home a couple of days after surgery?

You need to remove your specialized post-op shoe twice a day for a skin inspection. If you see a slight redness, you do not have to panic as it is completely normal. The redness usually lasts for about fifteen minutes. But if the redness becomes persistent, it may be a sign that you are applying too much pressure on your foot. Therefore, you have to make the necessary adjustments. If other signs apart from these, such as numbness and excessive itching occur, call your doctor immediately.

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