Recommended Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

The importance of footwear in our everyday lives cannot be overstated. We cannot go anywhere without something to cover our feet. More than just being a necessary covering or piece of any outfit, protective footwear is essential for our health and comfort. Going without shoes for too long or wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause infections. Over time, severe foot problems like Achilles Tendonitis can develop. 

Achilles Tendonitis is a condition that develops when the Achilles tendon is used excessively. You can suffer from two types of Achilles Tendonitis- insertional and non-insertional. Insertional Tendonitis affects people of all ages, while Non-insertional Tendonitis commonly affects younger people. Fortunately, there are shoes fit for this condition.

shoes for achilles tendonitis

Since a simple change in shoes can surprisingly help relieve Achilles Tendonitis, we’ve reviewed 16 most recommended shoes based on comfort, fit, flexibility, and breathability. These are:

  • ASICS Gel Nimbus 18
  • Ryka Sky
  • New Balance 990V4
  • New Balance 928V3
  • Brooks Ghost 10
  • Brooks Addiction Walker
  • Saucony Cohesion 10
  • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33
  • Mizuno Wave Rider 21
  • Dansko Professional Mule
  • Propet Pedic
  • Propet Scandia
  • Propet Lifewalker
  • Propet Stability Walker
  • Nunn Bush Rio Grande
  • Orthofeet Glacier Gorge

Achilles Tendonitis is extremely painful that those diagnosed with it know exactly how frustrating and devastating the inflammation is. When the inflammation becomes so intense, it prevents normal daily functioning. Buying the shoes designed specifically for the condition, however, can help in alleviating the pain. It even promotes a quick recovery process for an injured tendon. Most importantly, it protects those who have not yet experienced the pain linked to the condition.

Criteria for Evaluation

There are many available products for the intended foot condition. To simplify the criteria for finding the most suitable product is as follows:


The primary factor for choosing shoes is comfort. Ideally, more cushioning is desirable if you suffer from Achilles Tendonitis. Depending on your needs, there are gel, foam, or air options. You can only run or walk with greater comfort if you have the right shoes.


It’s important to understand that at some point, you may need a podiatrist-prescribed orthotic. Thus, do not forget to consider space for your orthotic insert when buying shoes. Space, however, should not cause a problem for fit. The shoes provided in this guide have a removable footbed and enough room to accommodate an orthotic insert.

Note: Orthotic inserts are prescribed by a Podiatrist to reduce reaction force and minimize unwanted rearfoot motion. Sometimes, Podiatrists are called Podiatric PhysiciansThey prescribe orthotics to alight feet properly or protect the feet within the shoes from moving improperly. 


The best pair of shoes for your foot condition has maximum flexibility if it can bend to the exact location where your feet bend. Not being able to do so means that it is incapable of giving your feet the necessary support. This can also worsen the pain and pressure of your injured tendon. Only the flexible shoe can allow your Achilles tendon to stretch without having to stress it excessively.


Being on your feet all day requires a high level of breathability. For this reason, invest in shoes that will allow moisture to escape and air to get through. For instance, choose a model with a mesh or knit upper. Remember that good airflow is the key to avoiding a swamped feel. When your shoes do not provide enough ventilation, your feet are more prone to bacterial growth. This does not only lead to bad odors but health issues as well.

Shoes Designed for Achilles Tendonitis Sufferers

ASICS Gel Nimbus 18

Still from ASICS, Gel Nimbus 18 is premium cushioned footwear for Achilles tendonitis. It is equipped with ample cushioning from heel to toe and soft padding on the upper. This ensures that you can use the shoes all day without complaining about comfort.

The GEL cushioning system in the rearfoot and forefoot absorbs shock and impact well. ASICS designed the shoes in such a way that the cushioning protects the toes without feeling compressed. ASICS fans like that seamless construction reduce the risk of friction and irritation.

High Abrasion Rubber is used in the outsole while FluidRide is used in the midsole. Also, a heel clutching system improves the stability of the shoes to ensure that you can move without stressing about foot pain. With the brand’s proprietary materials, you can experience durability and comfort in a pair of shoes.


Made of leather and mesh, the RYKA Sky deserves to be included in our recommended list. These shoes are primarily created for women who are dealing with certain foot conditions like Achilles Tendonitis. It is suitable for walking because of its weight and comfort features.

The upper has supportive overlays that are made of leather. For the construction of the outsole, rubber is used for traction and durability. A memory sock liner is integrated into these shoes so that you cannot feel any discomfort while on your feet all day. RYKA Sky also boasts of its lace-up design and attractive color.

New Balance 990V4

New Balance 990V4 is equipped with an ENCAP midsole technology that maximizes durability and support. With premium cushioning, utmost comfort is promised for every wearer. You can walk on various terrains with relief, especially the shoes boast of good traction that holds up your feet nicely.

The shoes feature impressive dual-density collar foam and lace-up system. Part of what makes the New Balance 990V4 unique is the fact that you can secure the laces while also keeping the tongue in place. 

New Balance 928V3

Another great pair that offers you more than enough support while walking in the New Balance 928V3. One of its impressive features is the ROLLBAR support and ABZORB cushioning. While the ROLLBAR support prevents unwanted movements in the rear foot, the ABZORB cushioning disperses forces and minimizes shock. With that, you can expect the New Balance 928V3 to work well, even especially that you have a foot condition.

The shoes also feature a removable PU footbed, allowing you to use custom orthotics when prescribed. 

Brooks Ghost 10

Brooks is one of the most popular manufacturers of supportive shoes. Their Ghost 10 deserves a spot in every shoe rack for the reason that it gives a comfortable run time. 

The upper of the shoes feature seamless engineered mesh, which promotes breathability and flexibility. You can also expect the upper to hug your feet without making you uncomfortable. Brooks applied a 3D stretch print on the rear foot and mid-foot of the Ghost 10. When it comes to ventilation, the shoes come with zones for maximum breathability. The shoes also boast a great inner feeling on the part of the wearer thanks to its soft fabric lining.

Brooks Addiction Walker

Other great shoes for Achilles Tendonitis from Brooks is the Addiction Walker. These shoes can offer you all-out support. You can also expect maximum protection considering the slip-resistant feature. Other impressive features are motion control quality, full-grain leather, forefoot MC pod construction, and roomy toe box. 

Brooks Addiction Walker’s motion control quality corrects severe overpronation, and offers good support. If you have flat feet, such support is helpful for appropriate arches and bends. Also, the fact that the shoes utilize full-grain leather on its upper further heightens its ability to withstand wear and tear.

Saucony Cohesion 10

The Saucony Cohesion 10 appeals to runners who have Achilles Tendonitis. It is created with excellent cushioning to provide you absolute support during daily runs.

A combination of materials was utilized to make the platform more durable and more flexible. Soft IBR and rubber were specifically utilized as a means of covering the forefront and midfoot. As a result, Saucony Cohesion 10 does not only provide flexibility but good traction as well.

Carbon rubber is utilized on other parts of the outsole. For the upper, mesh-like fabric with holes give room for air to penetrate. Even when you have to deal with abrasive road elements for long hours, Saucony Cohesion 10 still allows your feet to stay dry.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

If you’re glued to a pair that does an excellent job at breathability and support, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 is a great choice. This pair guarantees a responsive and fast ride, especially for runners. Nike Air Pegasus 33 takes pride in its Flyknit construction. It is also noticeable that the midsole comes with a zoom air unit. As for the heel, the soft hand-feel fabric is utilized to create a perfect heel fit.

Overall, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 is one of the best supportive shoes for preventing your Achilles pain. 

Mizuno Wave Rider 21

Mizuno Wave Rider 21 promotes a soft and lightweight ride. With its soft anatomical liner, cushioning and arch support are doubled for your advantage. The fit-in-motion upper of the Mizuno Wave Rider 21 further provides more flexible support. This upper is responsible for a more breathable fit. 

Some shoes work well in locking the feet without putting a lot of pressure on top, and the Mizuno Wave Rider is not an exception. This means that the shoes do not hamper your physical activities but support each step you take.

Dansko Professional Mule

If your work requires you to stand for hours every day, the Dankso Profession Mule is recommended. The shoes feature excellent arch support. Added is a footbed that breathable foam inside. With that in mind, you can position your feet in comfort while the foam controls the temperature and allow ventilation.

rocker bottom is integrated into Dansko Professional Mule. This strengthens the fact that Dansko crafted these shoes with workers in mind. The role of the rocker bottom is to reduce the fatigue that the foot experiences. Extra features include a padded instep collarwide synthetic sole and heel, and roomy toe box.

Propet Pedic

Since 1985, Propet has been providing supportive footwear since 1985. Their Propet Pedic is popular with seniors and spring breakers. These shoes manage to offer flexibility, support, and comfort without sacrificing style. At first glance, the Propet Pedic has a very stylish design that resembles something between a sandal and a shoe. The style gives the impression that it features both styles- the breathability of a sandal and the full support of a shoe. 

You can find a padded collarcontoured rubber insole, and an internal heel counter on the inside of the shoes. Propet specifically designed the shoes with metatarsal and arch support. They also reinforced moisture and odor absorbing technology. This keeps your feet dry and fresh at the end of a long walk.

Compared to other walkers, the Propet Pedic features a more closed-off design. It comes with dual hook-and-loop straps, which make slipping on and off particularly easy. The straps also provide a very firm fit for your foot width.

Propet Pedic is ideal if you want to stay comfortable outdoors. It doesn’t matter if you’re someone with prescribed orthotics. Just remove the removable insole and replace it with your own.

Propet Scandia

Propet Scandia is manufactured by a company with stringent standards when it comes to quality. You can fully expect that the shoes for Achilles Tendonitis can withstand wear and tear.

The Scandia line of supportive shoes features a classic, comfortable, and durable design. You can find that the upper is made out of full-grain leather and mesh lining. There is also a removable footbed, Poliyo air insole, firm heel counter, padded tongue, and single strap. The strap comes with polyurethane sole that is responsible for traction and shock absorption.  

The combination of these important features makes the Propet Scandia recommendable, especially for senior citizens. Average ease of use, amole tractions, exceptional stability, and comfortable fit are among the reasons why these shoes are a must-have. Moreover, the Propet Scandia is ideal from a minimalist standpoint.

Propet Lifewalker

Propet Lifewalker is skillfully designed to accommodate those who enjoy various sports and brisk walks. Important features include replaceable orthotic insertEVA midsolebuilt-in heel stabilizershoelace tie version, and Velcro closure.

Comfortable and breathable, these shoes for Achilles Tendonitis provide maximum support. The robust heel counter and EVA midsole are ideal for support and reliable traction. In addition to that, the heel counter provides great flexibility of movement. Your every step on the ground is promised with a reduced impact. This means that these shoes are what you exactly need to start walking. 

Propet Stability Walker

If you are looking for an excellent lineup of stability shoes, Propet USA might just be the best provider. Their Propet Stability Walker makes ideal preventative shoes for Achilles Tendonitis.

The shoes are made of hundred-percent leather and thick rubber sole. To increase comfort, the Propet Stability Walker has been intentionally crafted to be wide in the foot’s ball are. They are narrower, however, towards the toes. This heightens stability when you wear and walk in the shoes. A heel pad is added along with a removable PU insole featuring cushioned edges. Simply remove and replace the insoles if you prefer to use different ones.

Nunn Bush Rio Grande

Nunn Bush is an excellent shoe company that started in 1912. Their Rio Grande is created to provide superior comfort and an understandable style. These shoes are surprisingly inexpensive, even when they are made from high-quality materials. Perhaps part of Nunn Bush’s mission is to feature high-end footwear at an affordable price.

Nunn Bush Rio Grande has open toe-design and three straps. One of the straps is located at the back of the footwear. While the footbed is designed with an open-cell foam compound, the rubber sole is designed with a shock absorption technology. Such strong traction and grip make the Nunn Bush Rio Grande admirable for when you’re walking on slippery ground.

Orthofeet Glacier Gorge

The Orthofeet Glacier Gorge shoes for Achilles tendonitis comes with unique features and therapeutic qualities. They are lightweight for something that provides excellent stability, traction, and grip. With soft and non-binding leather upper, the Orthofeet Glacier Gorge excellently eases the pressure on your foot. The shoes also provide an ideal fit without compromising the freedom for toe movement.

Other notable features are the lightweight cushioning soleseam-free liningand ortho-cushion systemPropriety ergonomic –stride design in the cushioning softens and propels your foot forward with ease. There is also extra foam padding in the lining, which safeguards your foot at all times. 

Related Questions

What is the ideal number of shoes for Achilles Tendonitis that I should own?

You need to have at least two pairs of shoes so that you can alternate between them, making sure that each thoroughly dry between each use. If one pair is not drying fast enough, you can always use the other pair. Not only will this mean that you can avoid smelly feet, but your shoes will last longer as well.

How much room should there be in the toe box?

The amount of room needed in the toe box depends on your walking/running style, the shape of the foot, thickness of socks, and need for orthotics. But, generally speaking, your toes should be able to move and wiggle independently. Luckily, the shoes compiled in this guide have wide toe boxes. Your toes are protected without feeling compressed.

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