Recommended Shoes For Heel Pain

If you have always wanted to alleviate heel pain resulting from the bottom of your heel ( plantar fasciitis ) or back of your heel ( Achilles tendonitis), then changing your shoes is an excellent way to go. The recommended shoes for heel pain can do much for you by cushioning your feet while at the same time preventing over-stretch and over-use of the ligaments that connect your heel to your foot

which shoes  is recommended for heel pain?
Wearing high-heels or wrong shoes for long can cause heel pain

Sometimes it can be difficult to recommend a specific shoe for heel pain. Everyone has different feet, and there is always a right shoe for every foot. Even so, we have come up with a list of shoes recommended by experts for the treatment and prevention of heel pain. The shoes’ selection is based on stability and support to your feet, especially when you have heel pain. Below are 10 shoe models recommended as an excellent choice for managing and preventing heel pain:

  • New Balance 990V5 Heel Pain Shoe
  • Orthofeet Best Orthopedic Heel Pain Shoe
  • Vionics walker Heel Pain Shoe
  • Saucony Grid Omni Walking Shoe
  • Orthofeet Edgewater Walking Shoes
  • ASICS  Gel-Venture Running Shoe
  • Propet Stability Walker Walking Shoe
  • Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoe
  • Brook Ghost 11 Running Shoe
  • New Balance 990V5 Heel Pain Shoe

What’s The Major Cause of Heel Pain?

Have you known that your heel is the one largest bone in your foot? Heel pain can be caused by injury or overuse or inappropriate shoes.

One major cause of heel pain is due to inflammation which begins your heel and extends to your foot. This happens as a result of strain on your heel ligaments. You’ll then suffer from a condition called Plantar Fasciitis.

Wearing the wrong type of shoes for long such as high heel shoes can result in heel pain. When not effectively addressed, it can interfere with your daily activities. walking or even standing can prove difficult.

One of the best ways of preventing this condition or managing it is by investing in special shoes that are recommended to prevent or manage heel pain. However, when your heel pain continues even after wearing the right shoes, it’s important that you consult with our doctor.

Here are the top best shoes recommended for relief and prevention of heel pain.

10 Best Recommended Shoes For Heel Pain

1. New Balance 990V5 Heel Pain Shoe

New Balance 990V5 is a legendary blend that takes into account superfluous cushioning and style. Made in the US, the shoe model comes with a proof of quality.

Its premium fabrics feature a firm heel counter that protects your foot from developing heel pain. For the upper material, the blend uses a breathable mesh design for cool and dry feet and reflective accents.


  • Cushioning inserts that absorb shock for comfort
  • Supportive mid-sole to spread the bodyweight for fascia and heel protection
  • A sturdy outsole that shapes the foot
  • Different color options to choose from


  • It comes in small sizing. You are advised to go for extra size.

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2. Orthofeet Best Orthopedic Heel Pain Shoe

The Synthetic Orthofeet Orthopedic remains one of the recommended shoes for heel pain courtesy of its sturdy, lightweight, and ergonomic sole design.

It comes handy with premium orthotic insoles that guarantee maximum anatomical arc support for the feet. For maximum comfort, the model comes with a pillow-like bed that eases heel pain and alleviates discomfort due to arthritis, diabetes, overpronation, flat feet, and neuropathy.


  • Feature extended widths and variety of size fits including customized fits
  • Seam-free linings around the footbed and pliable upper to alleviate heel pain
  • Features air pockets around the heel area for extra comfort


  • It is a bit costly

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3. Vionics walker Heel Pain Shoe

Are you looking for a classic shoe blend that the American Podiatric Medical Association certified for heel pain alleviation approve? Vionic’s Men’s Walker is your best bet. 

The shoe comes in a built-in 5″ elevation that guarantees smooth transition in the heel-to-toe strike zone.  It is a revered blend that is sturdy enough to provide maximum heel support and longevity.

The Dual-density EVA and Active Motion technologies used to make the shoe makes it an ideal option where stability and flexibility.


  • Comes handy with a podiatrist-designed footbed for pain alleviation
  • Breathable uppers for a cool and dry foot
  • Lightweight fabrics for maximum comfort
  • Active Motion System (AMS) technology
  • Has a breathable upper.
  • Suitable for work and everyday wear including play
  • Available in many colors to suit your style


  • May not be an ideal option for a low arched foot.

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4. Saucony Grid Omni Walking Shoe

Saucony Grid Omni Walker is a 100% leather and synthetic blend with an ergonomic rubber sole that is extensively designed for heel pain alleviation. Like the Vionic’s counterpart, it comes handy with EVA midsole that cushions and protects the fascia and heel flaps.

For a smooth heel-to-toe strike, the shoe features Walk Trac panted outsole design that gives it a cool aesthetic value. Saucony is a plush shoe whose extremely comfortable design is second to none. You can use it for a whole-day walk without any tinge of back-foot pain.


  • White and silver colors for excellent aesthetics
  • Low-top arc for pain alleviation


  • Relatively expensive

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5.  Orthofeet Edgewater Walking Shoes

The Edgewater Athletic Men’s Shoe by Orthofeet is your go-to shoe whenever you want to cut the cost-corners without compromising on quality and efficiency.

The shoe model works well in alleviating heel pain, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, and diabetes-related foot problems. It comes in a sturdy, pliable and breathable top and ergonomic outsoles for heel protection and feet care.

The lightweight insoles are products of AIR Cushioning technology for maximum comfort. Besides, its extended widths accommodate pillow-like footbed made with anatomical arch support in the mind.


  • Superior  comfort for heel pain, bunions, and sensitive feet
  • Extra-depth to accommodate removable insoles
  • Customized orthotic elements
  • Available in different colours


  • Sizing varies

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6.     ASICS  Gel-Venture Running Shoe

Asics Men’s Gel model is the recommended shoes for heel pain made with the unique Rearfoot gel cushioning technology for plantar fasciitis and other related foot problems in mind.

The design makes it easy for shock attenuation during the impact phase for a flawless transition to midstance. For added efficiency, the shoe features removable sock liners that you can be replaced with orthotic insoles. For durability, Asics has used High Abrasion rubber with a synthetic body for the shoe model.

Pros :

  • Feature Eva midsole for cushioning.
  • Internal heel counter for support
  • Different colors to choose from


  • May run narrow

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7. Propet Stability Walker Walking Shoe

Propet Men’s Stability Walker is a roomy sneaker that guarantees not only a sense of style but hyper-comfort for heel pain alleviation.  It is a choice of shoe that you can use over an extended period when standing or walking without feeling a tinge of heel pain.

The shoe’s upper fabric is made entirely of fiber to provide maximum support. Whereas, its ergonomic insole comes handy with deep toe well that efficiently accommodate custom orthotic insoles.

Pros :

  • Snugs at the heel to for apex heel protection
  • Ergonomic bed for exceptional support more so at the ankle
  • Comfy breathable upper that is also flexible
  • Ankle-foot orthosis  braces
  • Comes in many colours


  • A little pricey.

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8.     Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoe

Sometimes, it is better to go slow in life and enjoy the luxurious experience your shoe offers. Brooks Addiction walker not only stands as the recommended shoes for heel pain; its unique aesthetics offers an edgy value that is second to none.

Specifically for this blend, Brooks uses the BioMogo DNA—a proprietary cushioning design that makes it possible for the shoe to adapt to your body weight and speed. The design also functions to deflect the impact away from the body for heel pain alleviation.

Pros :

  • Offers an extensive support system for the whole body
  • Slip-resistant outsoles for excellent traction
  • Forefoot MC pod construction for maximum body balance
  • Different color selections to match your style and taste


  • Straps may be tight

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9.     Brook Ghost 11 Running Shoe

Among the hot releases of the Brooks, Ghost Company is the Brook Ghost 11 sneakers— a shoe that stands shoulder high as the most athletes’ favorite pick. The blend is popular for its spooky consistency in alleviating heel pain and achieving a smooth ride courtesy of its snug design.

The revamped Ghost 11 features a modified midsole that comes with a foam body for a lighter feel.  Ghost 11 is a perfect combination of excellent bounce, lightweight cushioning, sturdy materiality, and neutral stability.

Pros :

  • Structured mesh design for excellent outlooks and breathability
  • Stretchy material body with wiggle room for flex
  • The extra roomy toe box
  • Variety of colors to choose from


  • Falls short of few points in providing hyper-stability for the low arched

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10.  New Balance M1340 Heel Pain Shoe

The New Balance W1340V is a leading-edge runner blend that features a T-Beam insert construction technology for torsional stability. The design also features a unique center beam design for a smooth toe-to-heel transition of the body weight.

The blend also comes with a foam midsole that is impact resistant to absorb shock when moving or standing. Additionally, its speedster-inspired design comes with a breathable mesh upper that is overly flexible and durable.

Pros :

  • Low top arch for maximum stability
  • Features removable insoles that can be replaced with orthotic insoles
  • ARBZORB midsole technology for added comfort
  • Rich color selection

Cons :

  • It is high arch and instep, hence may not be an ideal choice for low arches

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Factor To ConsiderWhen Buying Heel Pain Shoes

Every person has a different foot, and you must understand how to find your best fit. Before you look at other features of the recommended shoes for heel pain, you must ensure that it is a comfortable shoe. 

Of course, any comfortable shoe is good for relieving heel pain. But there is more. Here is a few consideration when choosing the best shoe for heel pain.

#1. Heel and Arch Support.

One of the ways of reducing heel pain is wearing a shoe that supports your heel. A shoe with a deep heel cup is good for protecting your heel bone and preventing inward and outward rolling of your foot.

For better distribution of weight throughout your foot, you should look for a shoe with a higher heel. Shoes with higher heels greatly help to ease heel pain.

A shoe with arch support reduces overpronation. The arches of your foot should not roll inward when you are walking or standing. When the arches roll, tension occurs in your plantar fascia tissue, causing a lot of pain. A shoe with good arch support is best for relieving pain in your foot.

#2. Good Cushioning.

Do you feel pain when your heel hits the ground? When you stand or walk, your feet absorb your body weight and impact then distribute it in your feet. The weight distribution happens several times in your feet when you are walking or running and sometimes may cause a lot of pressure to a different part of your foot.

Cushioning helps to absorb the impact on your foot. When looking for a shoe for heel pain, you should ensure that it is well-cushioned, preferably with contoured footbed. A shoe with good cushioning greatly helps to reduce heel pain.

#3. Shoe Inserts and Orthotics

There are different orthotics or shoe inserts you can place in your shoe to prevent biomechanical problems when you stand or walk. If you are going to use orthotics in your shoe, you must choose a shoe with removable insoles. Orthotics help to reduce heel pains.

#4. Good Fit

One of the causes of heel pain is ill-fitting shoes. Choose your shoe according to the size of your feet. Ill-fitting shoes are always uncomfortable and will worsen the situation rather than relieving. When choosing a shoe to help relieve heel pain, you always get the correct measurements of your feet. If possible, you can try them out before purchasing them.

#5. Flexibility.

Having a hard shoe is like jumping on a hard surface. A shoe with a flexible but sturdy sole if effective in relieving heel pain.

#6. Lifestyle.

Choose a shoe according to your lifestyle. If you are a runner, then you can go for a running shoe designed to relieve heel pain is. For casual use, you can always find well-cushioned sandals. Shoes designed for heel pain can be used in different work environments. Be sure to get the right for different lifestyles.

Tips for Treating Heel Pain At Home

You can ease your heel pain by using simple home remedies if it not a medical emergency. Sometimes it may not be possible to treat some cases of heel pain. If the condition doesn’t get better within a few weeks, you should consult your doctor.

Heel pain is primarily caused by overusing or injuring your heel. Home treatment for heel pain mainly focuses on reducing pressure and friction on the back of the heel. Follow the tips below to alleviate heel pain at home.

  1. Wear comfortable and supportive shoes.
  2. Wear the recommended shoes.
  3. Take a rest when tired or when your muscles ache.
  4. Always stretch your muscles before exercising.
  5. Avoid too many physical activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it necessary to buy orthotics to relieve heel pain?

A: Not a must. If you have the recommended shoe for heel pain, it should be able to provide the proper support, cushioning, and flexibility required to relieve your heel pain.

Ideally, orthotics can only be used to provide support when you cannot find an appropriate shoe for heel pain.

Q: I just bought a new shoe for heel pain, how long will it take to relieve my the pain in my heel?

A: Heel pain takes a while to get better after using the right shoe. The discomfort may cease after some time, but it may take a few weeks for the damaged tissue to heal.

Make sure your new shoe has the right support and cushioning. You must buy the recommended shoes for heel pain. The sooner you have the right shoe, the sooner your heel pain will go away.

Q: What happens if I don’t use a recommended shoe for heel pain?

A:Your condition may get worse if you don’t take a step to control it. If you continue using the wrong shoe, your foot tissue continue to damage and may lead to a medical condition that may require surgery to correct.

Final Word

The aggravating heel pain should no longer be your worry with this list of recommended shoes for heel pain. The good news is, most of the heel pain causes can be cured at home without ending up in the theatre for surgery.

Be sure to grab any of the recommended shoes above before the heel pain takes a toll on you. Choose one of the blends featured and enjoy the best experience ever.

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