Shoes for Delivery Workers

Delivery jobs require quite a lot from the workers. If you are one, you need to look sharp, speak well, and be polite to your daily customers. Aside from these, you need to be on your feet most of the time, driving or walking while carrying a package. What makes it harder is that the pavements or roads that you walk or drive on may be slippery sometimes due to ice or rain. Unfortunately, you cannot control the weather and temperature. What you can control, though, is the efficiency of your hardworking feet by wearing the perfect shoes for delivery workers.

shoes for delivery workers

To obtain the perfect shoes for delivery workers, you need to know which shoe features will work best for you. For instance, you will need the exact fit – neither too tight nor too big. You would also want ample shock-absorbing quality, breathability, protection, as well as superior support and durability. Taking all these as criteria, the following are some of the best footwear for the delivery service providers.

  • Timberland White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot
  • Skechers Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker
  • Wolverine Raider Steel-Toe 6-inch Work Boot
  • Wolverine W02164 Marauder
  • Timberland PRO Direct Attach Soft Toe
  • Bates Delta Side-Zip Uniform Boot
  • Ecco Track II High GORE-TEX Hiking Boot

If you are in the industry, you just cannot afford to experience incidents of tipping over, slipping, or falling. Aside from risking yourself to injury, you may also risk damaging your package, whatever it may be. And one of the factors that lead to these may be uncomfortable and unsupportive shoes. Therefore, you must wear only specially-tailored footwear so that you can have the freedom to run as much as you can. Not only will it provide you safety, but it may also leave a positive impact on your earnings.

Criteria for Selecting Shoes for Delivery Workers

A single UPS (United Parcel Service) driver makes roughly over a hundred deliveries throughout their demanding work schedule. This entails, thus, an enormous amount of physical labor and several hours on your feet per day. To stay functional for a long time in this kind of job, you need the difference, a good pair of footwear makes. Look into the following, so that you will have a rough idea of what shoes will be perfect for you.


Wearing tight footwear is generally just uncomfortable and restricting. Conversely, wearing something a little big on you may cause you to wobble as you walk. So, you must only put on what fits you perfectly to keep your movements smooth.

Shock Absorption

Force of impact is one of the most common causes of an individual’s exhaustion. It is a result of the consistent contact of your body to the ground while you are moving around. In your kind of job, you cannot afford to get tired easily. So, you must select specialized shoes for delivery workers that can absorb shock effectively. This compels you to look mostly at the footwear’s cushioning.


Delivery service workers are prone to heat-related concerns, including a fairly minor but gross sweaty pair of feet. You must make sure that your footwear allows for an efficient airflow to prevent your feet from overheating. This is a crucial concern, particularly in warmer months. However, even in the relatively colder seasons, your feet may also heat up due to excessive walking, standing, and driving.


Because you move around almost excessively every day, your shoes must not wear out quickly. If you get a pair of flimsy ones, you might get unlucky, dealing with a fallen apart comrade during your shift. Thus, go for a high-quality finish and sturdy construction.


Your feet carry all your body weight plus the weight of the multiple packages you carry. Just imagine how much pressure is inflicted on them. To aid, you must examine whether your footwear has great underfoot support to prevent hurting yourself. This includes arch and ankle support, among others.


Accidents are inevitable. You may experience one day dropping a heavy parcel onto your tired feet. Without adequate protection, you may risk yourself for a serious injury. Therefore, you may go for a steel toe-reinforced boot if you can to maintain safety. Alternatively, you may choose the lighter composite toes whose material can be a combination of carbon steel, Kevlar, or plastic.

Best Shoes for Delivery Workers

To help you find the perfect work shoes for delivery workers, here are a few promising models on the market.

Timberland White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Timberland has a reputation for producing the most aesthetic and functional boots for those who do manual labor. The White Ledge, for instance, comes with a solid rubber outsole, made to be slip-resistant and waterproof. It is extremely comfortable as well for its dual-density EVA footbed. The insole is removable, though, in case you want to replace it with a specially-crafted one.

Skechers Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

The Afterburn sneaker model from Skechers is a great example of a combination of comfort, fit, and value. Its construction integrates a slip-resistant wedge sole and a memory foam insole that grant safety and ease of use. Besides, it is also exceptionally lightweight so that you can relieve your feet of the unnecessary heaviness. On top of all that, it is on the more inexpensive footwear models, which is convenient for your modest income.

Wolverine Raider Steel-Toe 6-inch Work Boot

Wolverine is an iconic American brand whose reputation is a result of the blend of its premium materials and classic craftsmanship. Their Raider model, for example, has remarkable performance with its full-grain leather upper. It also comes with a moisture-managing mesh lining, so you are kept cool and dry down there.

Moreover, its exclusive Wolverine MultiShox full-cushion insole is highly comfortable and detachable at the same time. Its midsole is a comfy PU as well, and its outsole, a rubber lug slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant. And in matters of safety, its toe is high-quality steel, so you do not have to worry too much about falling parcels.

Wolverine W02164 Marauder

In a fairly inexpensive cost, the Wolverine Marauder is greatly breathable through its hundred percent leather finish. It prevents possible slippage with its rubber sole and offers ample protection with its 8-inch shaft. Its footbed is a full cushion and is removable in case you want a special insert.

Timberland PRO Direct Attach Soft Toe

True to its brand reputation, the Timberland Pro Direct Attach Soft Toe boot offers superior comfort and functionality. It features waterproof leatherseam-sealed tailoring, and Thermolite insulation to keep your feet relaxed and dry. It also helps reduce fatigue with its supportive arch and cushioning. On top of that, it offers fine coverage with its 7-inch shaft from the arch.

Bates Delta Side-Zip Uniform Boot

Truck drivers especially love the Bates Delta boot for its high-quality, sleek black leather. It looks stylish enough so that you can wear it in your leisure time off your shift. Its interior presents adequate insulation, which is perfect even at the coldest temperatures. Moreover, it comes with a removable and washable insole to keep your options open, and your hygiene level enhanced.

Ecco Track II High GORE-TEX Hiking Boot

As a hiking boot, you can tell that Ecco crafted the Track II boot to withstand rugged conditions. For instance, its leather material is waterproof, and its synthetic sole allows for smooth foot movements. Its GORE-TEX lining adds to the waterproofing quality as well. Its shaft is a standard 7-inch from the arch that provides ample protection from the elements. Additionally, it is distinct for its moc toe, logo-debossed tongue, and its lace-up closure with speed-hook eyelets as well as a D-ring.

Related Questions

What should you avoid in buying shoes for delivery workers?

The design of your shoes can have a huge impact on your work performance and driving. You would want to avoid high and thick heels as they tend to make it difficult to control the pressure you apply on the pedals. Wide shoes, on the other hand, might result in you stepping on a different pedal unwittingly. Additionally, clunky boots may cause your feet to get stuck in between two pedals, so you might just want to avoid them, too.

Are you allowed to drive barefoot in between deliveries?

Long periods of wearing work boots may pose a bit of a challenge while you are driving. Sometimes, you just want to let your feet breathe for a moment even while they are working, stepping on pedals. Fortunately, doing so is not illegal in the US in all fifty states. Some experts even advise driving barefoot rather than wearing heels or other types of footwear that hinder smooth movements. It does not give enough support, though. Still, it is better than getting your feet stuck or applying excessive pressure on the pedals.

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