The Best High Jump Shoes

High jump as a sport calls for your ability to sprint before lifting yourself upwards for the jump. This needs focus and perfect coordination of your legs and body in general. One best way to enhance your performance is by getting high jump shoes. They’ll provide you with speed, and effective foot protection. Which are the top best high jump shoes in the market you should consider investing in? We shall help you find out. Read on…

shoes for high jump

Your field performance as a jumper is determined by several factors. The weather or the state of the ground is one of them. If the ground is wet and slippery, you may slip and get injured. However, with the right type of jumping shoes also called Spikes Shoes, you’ll have the necessary traction and speeding power for a satisfactory jump. Listed below are the top best high jump shoes that will positively impact on your favorite field and even track sports:

  1. Adidas Adizero HJ Spikes
  2. Asics High Jump Pro
  3. Asics Turbo Jump 2
  4. Nike Zoom HJ Elite
  5. Nike Zoom Rival M 9
  6. New Balance MD500 v6
  7. New Balance MD500 v5
  8. Saucony Uplift HJ 2
  9. Saucony Velocity

Why Do You Need High Jump Shoes?

High jump shoes have a unique design compared to your standard sneakers. These Spike shoes are meant to boost your horizontal speed before you jump. The more horizontal speed you gain, the higher you’ll be able to jump.

Therefore, by wearing spikers or high jump shoes, you’ll be gaining at least 6″ as is the case with many high jumpers.

Using the wrong shoes will adversely affect your performance and can subject you to fetal injuries.

While jumping shoes have the spikes to push your forward, they also provide satisfactory cushioning for the protection of your foot.

Running on shoes that will not provide enough comfort and protection will hence expose you to possible injuries that may be costly to treat or manage.

Investing in the best jumping shoes will go along way in enhancing your high jump performance.

At the same time, the right shoes will provide you with the necessary cushioning support that will allow you to jump under different ground conditions.

What To Consider When Choosing High Jump Shoes

As a high jumper, you’ll be subjecting your body to different types of forces and even impacts as you run. It’s important that the high jump shoes you choose have satisfactorily cushioning with adequate support to your ankles.

To ensure that that you can sprint with ease for successful jumps, you need shoes that are both lightweight and flexible. Their soles should provide enough traction to push you forward without slipping.

Your suitable high jump shoes must also provide you with enhanced heel support for the purpose of padding. This will ensure that you’re free from injuries that may arise from or during the jump such as bone bruises.

For a proper shoe selection, you must fully understand your feet and only choose your most suitable shoe size! You surely don’t want to order the wrong shoe size, do you?

Top Best Shoes for High Jump

1. Adidas Unisex Performance Adizero

Adizero HJ Spike is Adida’s top high jump shoes with a stylish and appealing design. It’s light in weight and will feel like your normal running shoes on your feet.

For effective performance, you’re advised to practice and run with them before your scheduled competition.

If you’re looking for comfortable high jump shoes that come with effective spike support, this is your best choice. It’s light in weight to ensure that you lift yourself with ease.

It’s Pebax spike plate in combination with its sharkskin outsole will provide you with effective traction for your enhanced high jump performance.

For maximum grip, this super collection prides itself with 20 3/8″ pyramid-shaped spikes that you can easily remove using its provide spike wrench.

The shoe comes with 22 replaceable spikes and boasts of molded EVA midsole for improved foot cushioning and comfort during your jumps.

It’s crafted with a synthetic upper with a lockdown strap positioned at the forefoot. This is to ensure that your foot stays in the right position as you speed for your perfect high jump.

Key Features

  • Light in weight hence will not weigh you down
  • Comes with removable high jump spikes for a perfect surface grip
  • Molded Eva for effective midsole cushioning and comfort
  • Pebax spike plate which is light in weight with excellent traction for enhanced performance
  • Synthetic upper for lightweight, perfect fit, and durability
  • Enriched with Forefoot Lock Down Strap to ensure you maintain a secure fit for improved jump performance
  • Mesh lining with special yarn to keep your feet both dry and fresh
  • Available in your regular fitting size

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2. ASICS High Jump Pro Shoes

High Jump Pro is a super collection from ASICS which is well known for its high quality and reliable sports shoes.

Simple in general design, this selection is known for its comfort, high traction, and excellent propulsion capability. Just what you need for your perfect jump.

The shoes come with Solyte midsole allowing you to have a perfectly stable platform during the early stages of your jump. Unlike the other rigid designs, the shoe is very flexible for your comfort and easy moment.

It comes with a traditional 4 spikes arrangement at the back of the sole. This ensures that your slipping changes are effectively minimized for enhanced performance.

Key Features:

  • Has Solyte midsole for lightweight, cushioning, and durability
  • Flexible for comfort and better performance
  • Left Foot Take-off to improve take off if you’re a left foot take-off high jumper.
  • Synthetic leather upper fabric for easy cleaning
  • Traditional design with 4 back spikes to resist slipping
  • SharkDuo® Outsole for superior traction on various ground surfaces

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3. Asics Turbo Jump 2

If you’re looking for jump shoes that are also designed to perform on the track, then Asics Turbo Jump 2 is your ultimate choice.

It’s crafted to meet the demands of high jumpers at all levels. It comes with a strap construction to ensure that your foot remains in perfect position during take-off. Its stability and traction are enhanced by its 11-pin pyramid spikes. It comes with a hook for your easy and convenient fitting.

Key Features:

  • Comes with Shark Duo outsole for improved traction
  • Has Hook and Loop Closure for perfect fitting
  • SharkDuo Outsole for improved traction
  • Outsole solid rubber for durability and enhanced traction
  • Extended Spike for a powerful take-off and better performance

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4. Nike Zoom HJ Elite

Nike Zoom HJ Elite is perfectly designed for true high jump elites! With this top jump shoes, you are assured of superb feet support, stability, and comfort as you focus on perfecting your performance.

Its upper mesh and nano skin design make it unique, stylish, and incredibly comfortable.

It comes with a secure midfoot strap for your perfect fit and locked-down. Now that’s what you need to truly boost your high jump performance.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight mesh & nano skin upper for your ultimate comfort
  • Has a midfoot trap keep your foot in perfect positoin
  • The outsole has New Pebax Plate for desired stiffness
  • Thin Phylon™ midsole design for enhanced foot support and comfort

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5.Nike Zoom Rival M 9 Men’s High Jump Shoes

Nike Zoom Rival M9 Men’s Shoe is an affordable versatile track spike that’s perfectly cushioned and designed for a wide range of field events including the high jump. It comes with an arch band for your midfoot protection and comfort.

On its upper is secured by a wear-resistant overlay for enhanced durability. Its light mesh fabric allows for effective breathability. It features a bootie construction for comfort and enhanced foot protection.

Key Features

  • Enhanced breathability through its upper mesh fabric
  • Adequate protection of the midfoot by the arch band
  • Improved traction by the rubber sole
  • 3/4 length Bootie feature for a sock-like fit and foot protection
  • Midfoot support and protection by the by Spike plate extension

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6. New Balance MD500  Menv6

New Balance MD500 Men V6 is another versatile track spike that can double as both your high jump shoes as well as running shoes. Its traction and responsiveness is enhanced by an extending spike plate under the arch, and the rubber covering its heel

Breathability is enhanced by its upper lightweight mesh while the zoned overlays provide for desired flexibility and secure fit.

If you are looking at shoes designed for both the field and track events, the New Balance will surely keep you in perfect balance!

Key Features

  • Open mesh for enhanced breathability
  • Comes with removable spikes
  • Lace-up option for a perfect fit
  • suitable for running and high jump
  • Synthetic overlays for desired flexibility and secure fit
  • Has Eva Heel Wedge for effective foot cushioning and comfort
  • Has Pebax Plate at the shoe forefront for enhanced propulsion

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7. New Balance MD500  women v5

Are you looking for perfect shoes that are designed for multiple events including high jump, New Balance Md500 Women V5 is your perfect choice. This is a lightweight entry-level spike that’s very versatile and with excellent performance.

This all-around shoe is loved for its supreme traction, durability, and flexibility. It comes with EVA heel wedge for enhanced cushioning and foot protection

With its spike size of 1/ 4 inch, it’s a perfect choice for intermediate high jumps, jumping over hurdles, and for middle-distance running.

Key Features:

  • 6-spike Pebax® plate for superior traction, flexibility, and durability
  • EVA heel wedge for enhanced cushioning and foot protection
  • Suitable for multiple events
  • Removable spikes for enhanced traction
  • Synthetic upper for improved breathability
  • Premium midsole cushioning

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8. Saucony Uplift HJ 2 | High Jump Shoes

Uplift HJ 2 Jumping Shoes is a reputable Saucony brand for dedicated high jumpers. The shoe upper has an ISOFIT structure for enhanced comfort. It comes with an 11-pin Pebax spike plate for superb traction.

With its midfoot cross strap, you can maintain your midfoot in perfect lockdown for improved performance.

If you need a superior jump shoe for any scheduled competition, Saucony Uplift is your perfect choice.

Key Features:

  • Eva midsole for enhanced cushioning and foot protecting
  • The outsole is both stretchable and durable
  • Rubber outsole for better traction and durability
  • Cross Strap for added security
  • Lace-up provision for a perfect fit
  • ISOFIT material that provides a sock-like ultra-soft feel
  • Come with 11 spikes for supreme grip
  • FLEXFIL and upper mesh for lightweight and enhanced support

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9. Saucony Velocity High Jump Shoes

Saucony Velocity Track shoes boast of flamboyant color with stylish design. This is a versatile top quality high jump and track shoes that are lightweight, provide perfect foot support, comfortable to wear, and perfect for an accurate fit. If you plan on engaging in both the field and track events, this is the most suitable and cost-effective shoes to go for.

The shoes rich features make it versatile and highly suitable for a diverse range of multiple fields and track events such as high jump, long jump, Triple Jump, and sprint among others.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight to boost performance
  • Versatile-For both track and field events
  • Synthetic sole for durability
  • Air Mesh design for enhanced breathability
  • EVA foam midsole for cushioning and foot protection
  • 7-pin Pebax spike plate for good traction

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Why You Should not Compete With New High Jump Shoes

The design of high jump shoes differ greatly from other standard shoes. When your high jump shoes are still new, you will experience difficulty in running with them.

It’s important that after you get your new high jump shoes, you should take time to practice with them until you feel comfortable.

Give yourself adequate time to practice with your new shoes before the competition day.

It’s not recommended that you participate in any high jump competition with new shoes before you fully get used to them. Participating in any competition with new shoes will adversely affect your performance.

Tips on Caring for Your High Jump Shoes or Spikes

  1. Having used your shoes on either a grassy or muddy surface, remove the mud trapped on their spikes. You can then place them on a special back as you head home to clean them. This helps in removing excess water trapped in the dirt that can cause the spikes to start rusting.
  2. clean your spikes in warm water with appropriate soap using your hands. To ensure that their breathable materials are not damaged, used a gentle brush or toothbrush to clean their spike plates. Do not machine wash them as this will damage both their spikes and the spike plates.
  3. When well cleaned, get some newspapers and stuff inside them to facilitate drying. Place them in a warm place with adequate air circulation. Do not place them on any spot with direct heat or use tumble drier as this will damage distort and damage your valuable shoes.
  4. To not let the spikes remain on your shoes for long. Remove them regularly so that they’re not attacked by rust and become difficult to remove and replace when desired. After every 2 weeks, you can simply unscrew them and screw them back in.
  5. When the spikes become difficult to remove as a result of rust, consider applying WD40 SPRAY or Vaseline on their threads accordingly. it’s important that you’re always able to screw and unscrew your spikes smoothly.
  6. Always use the right spikes at the right time. For harder ground surfaces, do not use longer spikes. This can cause the spikes to be damaged due to the ground pressure being exerted on them. This can cause the spikes to ‘buckle’
  7. Do not let the spikes become too short like stubs. Removing them may prove difficult, and they will not provide the satisfactory traction you need for enhanced performance.

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