The Best Waterproof Boots for a Farmer

As a dedicated farmer, your farm will always require your attention on both dry or wet weather conditions. Therefore, during the rainy or winter season, it’s important that your feet are well protected from the biting cold, water, and other hazards. You’ll need high-quality farmer boots. In this article, we explore the best waterproof boots for farmers, and guidelines on what to consider before you make a purchase. We shall also share important tips on the best way to clean your farm rubber boots.

Apart from wet farm conditions or cold temperatures, there are several hazards within your farm. You must also protect your feet from injuries that may be caused by hazardous objects or equipment. Here are our top 6 Best waterproof boots you should invest in :

  1. Muck Boot Arctic Sport Rubber | High-Performance Farmer Boots
  2. Justin farmer Boots | Men’s 3001 Ranch 10″ Boot
  3. ARIAT Men’s Workhog Waterproof Farmer Boots
  4. Original MuckBoots | Scrub Farmer Boots
  5. Bog’s Men’s Classics Farmer Boots | Ultra Mid-Insulated Waterproof Winter Snow Boot
  6. Georgia Men’s Farmer Boots | Wedge Wellington Work Shoe

5 Reasons For Wearing Farmer Boots

#1. Farmer Boots Prevent Backache & Related Conditions

Farmer boots are designed to ensure that you get satisfactory support under your heels during your activities at the farm. This helps in preventing possible back pains or other related leg pains. It’s for this reason that you must invest in the boots with well-cushioned soles and well-designed footbeds.

#2. Keeps You Safe From Cold Feet

Do you know that cold feet can adversely affect your blood circulation? This can lead to chilblains and other skin problems. To protect yourself under cold winter conditions, you need to wear well-insulated farmer boots. One such boot that will keep your feet and legs warm is ArcticShield Men’s Waterproof Neoprene Outdoor Boots

#3. Prevent Slip & Accidents

As a farmer, whether you’re in a farm field attending to animals, or operating farm machinery, there will be always hazards. You can slip when you least expect and hurt yourself.

As a preventive measure against slips and possible injuries from accidents, wearing certified slip-resistant farmer boots is necessary.

#4. You’ll Save Money!

As explained earlier, investing in a high-quality and certified pair of farmer boots will free you from feet and back pains. These conditions can be expensive to treat or manage. What a better way to save by wearing suitable farmer boots!

If you opt for cheaper or substandard boots, they’ll not serve you for long. You’ll have to frequently purchase new pairs. Quality farm boots will hence save you money since they are both reliable and long-lasting!

6 Best Waterproof Farmer Boots

Having identified the top best farmer boots, let’s learn more about their designs and key features:

1. Muck Sport Rubber Boots|Arctic High-Performance Farmer Boots

If you live on a farm that experiences extreme snowing and rainfall, Muck Boot will serve you very effectively. You’ll not have to worry about your feet getting mud or snow getting into your feet.

The boots boast of sturdy rubber and synthetic neoprene. The two materials make the boot absolutely waterproof. 

Another outstanding feature with Muck Boot is the design. The boot covers above the ankle, making it safe to walk even in areas with a high risk of getting snakebites or scratches from thorny bushes.

The rubber part of the boot is made into one shell, which mitigates the risk of water or snow getting into your feet.

The sole of the boot has strong treads with a customized design. The treads have traction lugs to make walking in a muddy ground much easier.

The insoles, on the other hand, have a thermal footbed which acts as an insulator against coldness. The contoured midsole provides maximum comfort to your feet.

Key features

  • Contoured midsole with a fleece lining and thermal footbed for optimal comfort.
  • Completely waterproof. Thanks to its rubber and synthetic neoprene materials!
  • It provides full protection of your ankle against scratches or harm from animals.

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2. Justin Farmer Boots | Men’s 3001 Ranch Farmer Boots

Cowboys love leather, and this is what Justin Boots Ranch 10” Boots give to the customers. Its 100% leather material makes it super sturdy and long-lasting!

The boots have high uppers, which protects the feet from getting injuries from plants or animal attacks.

Due to the high uppers, you can trust them when walking in bushy farms. Another outstanding feature with Justin Boots is that they are slip-on.

Therefore, you can easily put them on and take them off without a struggle. The uppers are attached to the soles using a welt stitch. The design of the stitch makes the shoe durable, and also prevents moisture from getting inside.

The design of the treads gives the shoes optimal traction which is crucial in protection against skidding, especially during the rainy season.

Key features

  • Uppers made from pure leather which makes the boot highly durable.
  • Welt stitch to make the shoe more durable and resistant to moisture getting inside.
  • Classic treads to provide optimal traction.
  • Rubber sole for easy movement and super traction
  • Boasts of J-flex technology for enhanced comfort
  • Midsole memory foam for satisfactory feet cushioning and comfort

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3. ARIAT Men’s Boots | Workhog Waterproof Farmer Boots

ARIAT Workhog is revered for being an all-weather boot. Therefore, you don’t have to buy another pair when the weather changes.

The boots incorporate performance and class, making them highly sought after. The uppers of the boots are pure leather, which makes them long-lasting.

The boots also contain high uppers, which makes them suitable for dew-invested areas. The high uppers also come in handy when it gets to walking in thorny bushes or in areas with a large number of dangerous wild animals.

The shoe’s outer sole is oil and slip-resistant. Its thick slugs with waterways ensure that moisture does not get on the soles.

The uppers and soles of the boot are stitched together using a single welt. This makes the shoes resistant to the water from seeping inside. The boots high heels help in increasing stability.

Key features

  • High uppers to protect the feet from injuries or attacks from wild animals.
  • Slip and oil-resistant soles with classy treads which increases traction.
  • Leather uppers which make the boots durable.
  • Full-grain waterproof leather for total protection during wet weather
  • A trendy embroidered shaft that adds a sense of style!

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4. Original MuckBoots | Scrub Farmer Boots

Sometimes all you need as a farmer are boots for light tasks within your farm or garden. Muck Scrub Boots is your perfect choice!

It’s crafted from natural rubber with its upper overlays well vulcanized for supreme comfort.

Its 100% waterproof with a stretch-fit upper section to keep debris away. They boast of air mesh lining for maximum comfort. Your feet will be free from humidity and perspirations!

With a comfort rating of sub-freezing up to 85 degrees, this is no doubt one of the best farmer boots you can consider investing in.

Key features

  • Stretch-fit topline to keep cold away while keeping your feet warm
  • Outsoles are tread-designed for maximum traction
  • Comfortable to wear from sub-freezing conditions up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Waterproof and light in weight for easy wearing within the farm
  • Adequate reinforcement to ensure that your feet are well supported

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5. Bog’s Men’s Classics Ultra Mid-Insulated Waterproof Winter Snow Boot

Bog’s Men’s Snow Boot features a synthetic upper with a liner of neoprene which makes the shoe waterproof. The neoprene liner also makes the boot resistant to moisture.

The farmer boot is highly flexible, and therefore, pretty easy to put on. As a way of adding comfort, the shoe insole is made using EVA footbed. The insole is also treated, which makes it resistant to odor.

The outsole is made using 100% rubber, which makes the boot sturdy, stable, and flexible. The strong nature of the outsole also makes walking on a hard ground very easy.

The sole has highly sophisticated for optimal traction. The shaft is high, which protect your feet from injuries resulting which might occur due to snakebites or getting scratched by thorns.

Key features

  • The upper part made from synthetic and neoprene liner which are waterproof.
  • Insole made from treated EVA footbed for a soft feel and free from odor.
  • High shaft to protect the feet against injuries and moisture.
  • Comfort rated from temperate to -40°F
  • Hand lasted rubber that’s pretty durable

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6. Georgia Farmer Boot | Men’s Wedge Wellington Work Shoe

The Wellington Work Shoe is made up of SPR upper leather, which makes it long-lasting. Compared to other leather boots, it is three times better in terms of quality.

Besides, it is also resistant to some chemicals and acid. the shoe has a protective steel toe that can withstand up to 75 lbs

The outsole is made using pure rubber, with customized threads with anti-slip properties against oil, ice, and mud.

The uppers and outer sole are connected together using welt technology. This prevents water from seeping in, while at the same time allowing for re-sewing. The soft materials that form the shoes’ insole provide the desired comfort to your feet.

Key features

  • 100% full-grain SPR leather making it highly durable and tough.’
  • Non-slip outsole with high traction.
  • Sturdy rubber sole for adequate traction
  • Shaft measures approximately 10.5″ from arch
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Steel shank for enhanced strength and stability

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Things to Consider When Choosing Farmer Boots

Putting on the right boots does not only protect you from injuries but also increases comfort for convenience purposes. Your attention to detail is critical.

The following features are crucial in determining the quality of a farm boot:

#1. Waterproof

A waterproof boot is very crucial in the farm since it provides optimal comfort and protection. Working in boots that allow water to seep in can result in blisters and discomfort. To prevent this from happening, you should choose a boot with sealed beams.

2. Material

The material used to make a boot is crucial since it determines the comfort and protection you experience in them. The upper part of the material should be strong enough to protect you fromfalling objects, while the sole should be sturdy enough to resist getting pricked by sharp objects on the ground. A reliable farm boot should be made by either of the following materials:

3. Rubber

When looking for a waterproof and non-porous boots, rubber should be your first choice. Rubber, in its raw state, does not allow water to penetrate through, hence making it suitable for farm use, especially during the rainy season.

Besides, farmer boots do not contain seams, which are the main cause of leakage in boots. Another outstanding feature with rubber boots is that they are resistant to corrosion by chemicals.

4. Leather

Leather is synonymous with strength, and therefore, the right pick for farm footwear. The strength of leather makes it resistant to punctures, abrasive damage, and cuts, which are prevalent in the farm. An original leather boot for farms lasts for a long time when the right care is taken on it.

Some leather boots can be improvised to become waterproof. Even without the treatment, leather does not allow water to seep in easily, which makes it even to use on the farm. The leather material makes the boots flexible.

4. Comfort

The comfort of a boot is a critical issue that must be addressed deeply since it might affect your health for a long time. The comfort of a farm boot is determined by the following factors:

5. Size of the boot

The size of the boot affects movement and the feel on the feet. When you put on a boot smaller in size than your feet, it causes straining. On the other hand, putting on an oversized boot might increase the risk of tripping. Therefore, when buying boots to use in the farm, you should ensure that they fit in comfortably.

6. Slip-resistant soles

A good farm boot should have slip-resistant soles. It minimizes the risk of falling down and also increases stability. When choosing boots that are slip-resistant, it is advisable to look at the design of the treads.

Good treads should have thick lugs and water channels to prevent water from getting stuck on delicate parts of your feet. The treads should also be big enough for optimal traction.

7. Insoles

Boot insoles protect the feet from discomfort or minor injuries when working in the farm. Some insoles are removable, while others are fixed on the boots.

The removable insoles allow you to clean or replace accordingly. On the other hand, permanent insoles are customized to ensure that you don’t feel uncomfortable walking in them. The insoles should be made using a soft material such as EVA or memory foam.

8. Lining

You can customize boots with the right lining depending on the condition of the farm. For instance, if the farm is located in a warm area, you should buy boots with breathable linings to mitigate sweating.

On the other hand, if your farm is in a cold area, you should buy boots with an insulating lining. Other boots are fixed with micro-bacterial properties to ensure that the boots do not develop odor or fungus. These properties ensure that you are comfortable in the boots.

9. Arch support

Suitable farmer boots must provide the right arch support. Choosing boots that don’t fit in correctly might result in serious health complications.

In order to avoid getting conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, it is advisable to buy a boot with thick midsoles. For your feet to arch in good shape, your boots midsoles should be correctly contoured.

10. Protection form Hazards

Every day is a high-risk day for a farmworker. The risks include cuts, getting pricked by sharp objects, falls, and even ailments. However, you can mitigate the magnitude of the risk by buying the ideal boots. The following factors are important in mitigating injuries:

11. High uppers

When buying a boot for use on the farm, you should choose the one with a high shaft. High uppers are very effective when it comes to protection against several risks on the farm. They can protect you from snakebites, or scratches on the feet when walking in an area with thorny bushes.

12. Puncture Plates and Steel Caps

Puncture plates protect feet soles from injuries resulting from cuts and getting pricked by objects on the ground. The plates are very effective especially if you work in a farm with sharp objects.

On the other hand, if your work involves lifting objects, it is advisable to look for boots with steel caps. The steel caps come in handy in protecting the toes against falling objects. They also protect the toes in case you accidentally hit objects.

13. Barrier to elements

Environmental elements are inevitable in any fame and the only way to mitigate their effect is getting boots that are resistant to these factors. The boot should therefore be:

Tips on Cleaning Natural Rubber Farmer Boots

For your waterproof rubber farm boots to serve you better, it’s important that you take good care of them. Here are the simple steps you can adopt to clean your farm rubber boots:

  1. Using a scraper and pressure washer, remove mud sticking on your boots. You can use a soft brush to remove sticky stains or mud.
  2. Place your boots into a disinfectant bath for approximately 5 minutes to get rid of any harmful bacteria. Use recommended disinfectant to clean both the exterior and interior of your boots.
  3. Use a suitable piece of clean dry cloth to wipe them and let them air dry
  4. Apply recommended spray or lubricant recommended by the manufacturer. Silicon lubricant or spray works well for many rubber boots.

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